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EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::PatchHandlerMissingException Class Reference

Exception class for events where the trigger patch handler is not set. More...

#include <AliEMCalTriggerAnaTriggerClass.h>

Inheritance diagram for EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::PatchHandlerMissingException:

Public Member Functions

 PatchHandlerMissingException (std::string triggerclass)
virtual ~PatchHandlerMissingException () throw ()
const char * what () const throw ()

Private Attributes

std::string fMessage
 The error message. More...

Detailed Description

Exception class for events where the trigger patch handler is not set.

Definition at line 187 of file AliEMCalTriggerAnaTriggerClass.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::PatchHandlerMissingException::PatchHandlerMissingException ( std::string  triggerclass)

Constructor, creating error message

triggerclassTrigger class throwing the exception

Definition at line 193 of file AliEMCalTriggerAnaTriggerClass.h.

virtual EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::PatchHandlerMissingException::~PatchHandlerMissingException ( )
throw (


Definition at line 201 of file AliEMCalTriggerAnaTriggerClass.h.

Member Function Documentation

const char* EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::PatchHandlerMissingException::what ( ) const
throw (

Returns the error message

The error message

Definition at line 207 of file AliEMCalTriggerAnaTriggerClass.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::string EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::PatchHandlerMissingException::fMessage

The error message.

Definition at line 211 of file AliEMCalTriggerAnaTriggerClass.h.

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