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RunFinalQA.C File Reference

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Bool_t ScanDirectory (TSystemDirectory *dir, TList *list, const char *pattern, bool recursive=false)
TListGetListOfFiles (const char *input=".")
void RunFinalQA (const char *dir, Int_t prodYear=0, const char *prodLetter="", Bool_t useVar=false)

Detailed Description

Christian Holm Christensen cholm.nosp@m.@mas.nosp@m.ter.h.nosp@m.ehi..nosp@m.nbi.d.nosp@m.k
Fri Jan 6 11:46:30 2012

Definition in file RunFinalQA.C.

Function Documentation

TList* GetListOfFiles ( const char *  input = ".")

Get the list of trending files

inputStart directory
List of files

Definition at line 114 of file RunFinalQA.C.

Referenced by FastAnalysis::Run(), EPosSim::Run(), and RunFinalQA().

void RunFinalQA ( const char *  dir,
Int_t  prodYear = 0,
const char *  prodLetter = "",
Bool_t  useVar = false 
dirInput directory
prodYearProduction year
prodLetterProduction letter
useVarUse variance for errors (rather than min/max)

Definition at line 143 of file RunFinalQA.C.

Bool_t ScanDirectory ( TSystemDirectory *  dir,
TList list,
const char *  pattern,
bool  recursive = false 

Scan directory (and possibly sub-directories) for trending files

dirStart directory
listList to add file names to
recursiveWhether to scan recursively
patternPattern filenames must match
true on success

Definition at line 23 of file RunFinalQA.C.

Referenced by ChainBuilder::CreateFromDirectory(), TupleSelector::DoMakeChain(), GetListOfFiles(), ChainBuilder::ScanDirectory(), and TupleSelector::ScanDirectory().