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AliDJetTTreeReader.h File Reference

Declaration of class AliDJetTTreeReader. More...

#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <TString.h>
#include "AliDJetVReader.h"
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class  AliDJetTTreeReader
 Implementation of an abstract class to read the invariant mass histograms used to extract the raw yield. More...

Detailed Description

Declaration of class AliDJetTTreeReader.

In this header file the class AliDJetTTreeReader is declared. Class to extract the invariant mass plots used to extract the raw yield. This implementation takes a TTree as input. This is the output obtained from the task AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets

Fabio Colamaria, INFN Bari
Salvatore Aiola, Yale University
Mar 7, 2017

Definition in file AliDJetTTreeReader.h.