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MidNch::Base Struct Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for MidNch::Base:

Public Member Functions

 Base (Bool_t verbose=false, Int_t monitor=0)
virtual Bool_t SetupEstimator ()
virtual TProfile * CreateOutput ()=0
virtual void SlaveBegin (TTree *)
virtual void Clear (Option_t *option="")
virtual Bool_t ProcessHeader ()
virtual Bool_t ProcessParticle (const TParticle *p)
virtual Bool_t Process (Long64_t entry)
virtual void Terminate ()
virtual TListGetMonitorObjects ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FastAnalysis
 FastAnalysis (Bool_t verb=false, Int_t monitor=0)
virtual ~FastAnalysis ()
void SetTrigger (UInt_t mask)
void SetTrigger (UInt_t mask, Bool_t isAnd)
void SetTrigger (const char *what)
Bool_t CheckTrigger () const
void SetVerbose (Bool_t verb)
void SetupMonitor ()
Bool_t SetupBranches ()
void Init (TTree *tree)
virtual void Begin (TTree *)
Bool_t Notify ()
virtual void SlaveTerminate ()
Int_t Version () const
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const
Double_t GetCentrality () const
Long_t GetEventCount ()
TObjectGetOutputObject (const char *name, TClass *cls)
void CopyEgHistogram ()
virtual void ProcessParticles ()
virtual Bool_t AcceptSecondaries () const
virtual Bool_t AcceptNeutrals () const

Public Attributes

FastCentHelper fHelper
TProfile * fNpartVsNch
TProfile * fNpartB
TProfile * fMeanNpart
TProfile * fMeanNch
Int_t fNch
Int_t fNpart
Double_t fCent
- Public Attributes inherited from FastAnalysis
TClonesArray * fParticles
Bool_t fVerbose
TStopwatch fTimer
TString fName
ULong64_t fEventMult
TString fCentMethod
ULong_t fOK
Int_t fMonitor
Bool_t fCompatB
UInt_t fTrigMask

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FastAnalysis
static Long_t ProofExec (const char *cmd=0)
static Bool_t ProofLoad (const char *file, const char *opt)
static Bool_t Str2KeyVal (const TString &in, TString &key, TString &val, const char sep='=')
static Bool_t SetupProof (TUrl &url, const char *opt, const char *extra)
static Bool_t Run (const char *url, const char *output, FastAnalysis *a, const char *script, Long64_t nev=-1, Long64_t offset=0, Int_t monitor=-1, Bool_t verbose=false, const char *opt="")
static Bool_t Run (const char *url, const char *output, const char *opt="g")

Detailed Description

Base class

Definition at line 26 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MidNch::Base::Base ( Bool_t  verbose = false,
Int_t  monitor = 0 



Definition at line 43 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MidNch::Base::Clear ( Option_t option = "")

Clear internal caches. Called at start of each event. Can be overloaded to do some more stuff if needed.

Reimplemented from FastAnalysis.

Definition at line 139 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

virtual TProfile* MidNch::Base::CreateOutput ( )
pure virtual

Create output object

Output object

Implemented in MidNch::XeXe.

Referenced by SetupEstimator(), and SlaveBegin().

virtual TList* MidNch::Base::GetMonitorObjects ( )

Get the list of monitored objects

The list of monitored objects

Reimplemented from FastAnalysis.

Definition at line 300 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

virtual Bool_t MidNch::Base::Process ( Long64_t  entry)

Called on each event

entryEntry in chain
true on success, false otherwise

Reimplemented from FastAnalysis.

Definition at line 187 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

virtual Bool_t MidNch::Base::ProcessHeader ( )

Process the header. Shall return true if the event is accepted, false otherwise. Must be overloaded by derived class.

True if the event is to be taken.

Reimplemented from FastAnalysis.

Definition at line 151 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

virtual Bool_t MidNch::Base::ProcessParticle ( const TParticle *  p)

Process a single particle.

pPointer to TParticle object
true if the particle was accepted.

Implements FastAnalysis.

Definition at line 170 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

virtual Bool_t MidNch::Base::SetupEstimator ( )

Set-up centrality estimator

true on success

Reimplemented from FastAnalysis.

Definition at line 61 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

virtual void MidNch::Base::SlaveBegin ( TTree )

Called on each slave before execution

Definition at line 78 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

virtual void MidNch::Base::Terminate ( )

Final processing. Scales the histogram to the nubmer of events and the bin width.

Definition at line 201 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

Member Data Documentation

Double_t MidNch::Base::fCent

Definition at line 36 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

FastCentHelper MidNch::Base::fHelper

Definition at line 28 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

TProfile* MidNch::Base::fMeanNch

Definition at line 32 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

TProfile* MidNch::Base::fMeanNpart

Definition at line 31 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

Int_t MidNch::Base::fNch

Definition at line 34 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

Int_t MidNch::Base::fNpart

Definition at line 35 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

TProfile* MidNch::Base::fNpartB

Definition at line 30 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

TProfile* MidNch::Base::fNpartVsNch

Definition at line 29 of file MidNchAnalysis.C.

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