AliPhysics  781b168 (781b168)
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 TrainSetup Examples
 Utilities for Train setups
 Analysis helpers
 Graphs with systematic errors
 Investigation of time-between-events
 External code
 External ROOT code
 External AliROOT code
 PWGLF Forward analysis
 Scripts used in the analysis
 Add tasks to manager
 Valentina's code
 Maker scripts
 Correction scripts
 Quality Assurance scripts
 Flow scripts
 Test scripts
 Monte-carlo code
 Mid-rapidity tracklet code for dN/deta
 dN/deta tasks
 Flow tasks
 Energy Loss Fits
 Quality Assurance
 Multiplicity Distributions
 Sketch of @f$ P(N_{ch})@f$ analysis
 UnfoldMult stuff
 GammaConvPhoton conversion analysis package
 EMCALPerformanceAnalysis package for EMCal performance, calibrations tasks
 EMCALPerfAddTaskMacrosAnalysis task configuration macros for EMCal performance package
 EMCALOfflineMacrosMacros used for data analysis of train outputs for EMCal calibration
 EMCALOfflineMacrosCalibPi0Macros for EMCal energy calibration with Pi0
 PWGGA calorimeter photon/neutral mesons ID and Track/Jet CorrelationsAnalysis package for calorimeter PID and correlation with tracks or jets
 CaloTrackCorr Analysis TasksAnalysis package for calorimeter PID and correlation with tracks, main analysis classes
 CaloTrackCorr Analysis Configuration MacrosAnalysis task configuration macros for CaloTrackCorr package
 CaloTrackCorr QA Configuration and Postprocessing MacrosAnalysis task configuration and postprocessing macros for CaloTrackCorr package devoted to QA
 Postprocessing files for Pt hard binned productionsPostprocessing files for EMCal analysis QA wagon for Pt hard binned productions
 CaloTrackCorr Base ClassesAnalysis package for calorimeter PID and correlation with tracks, base classes
 The EMCAL analysis frameworkAn analysis framework for EMCAL related studies
 The core EMCAL frameworkThe core EMCAL framework
 EMCAL trigger frameworkThe EMCAL trigger framework
 EMCAL framework tasksEMCAL framework tasks
 Jet finding frameworkFramework for jet finding and analysis of jet-related observables
 PWG-JE user tasksUser tasks using the EMCal jet framework
 The ALICE jet analysis frameworkAn analysis framework for jet related studies
 HistmanagerHistogram manager and components needed to make it work