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PWG::EMCAL Namespace Reference


class  AliAnalysisTaskEmcalTriggerSelection
 Task providing an event selection for EMCAL-triggered events based on the reconstructed EMCAL trigger patches. More...
class  AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts
 Implementation of the AOD filter bit selection as virtual cut class. More...
class  AliEmcalAODHybridTrackCuts
 Cut class selecting hybrid tracks using the IsHybrid function. More...
class  AliEmcalAODTPCOnlyTrackCuts
 Virtual track selection for TPC-only tracks at AOD level. More...
class  AliEmcalCellMonitorTask
 Simple monitoring task for cell related quantities. More...
class  AliEmcalCutBase
 Interface for a cut class returning selection status and user information. More...
class  AliEmcalESDtrackCutsWrapper
class  AliEmcalFastOrMonitorTask
 Simlple monitoring of EMCAL FastOr quantities. More...
class  AliEmcalTrackSelResultCombined
class  AliEmcalTrackSelResultHybrid
class  AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr
 Structure containing the result of a given track selection step. More...
class  AliEmcalTrackSelResultUserPtr
 Handler for user objects attached to the track selection result ptr. More...
class  AliEmcalTrackSelResultUserStorage
 Helper class handling the lifetime of the user object handled by AliEmcalTrackSelResultUserPtr. More...
class  AliEmcalTriggerDecision
 Container for trigger decision. More...
class  AliEmcalTriggerDecisionContainer
 Container for trigger decision object. More...
class  AliEmcalTriggerRejectionMaker
 Simple task monitoring the energy spectrum of the maximum patch in the event. More...
class  AliEmcalTriggerSelection
 Object performing offline EMCAL trigger selection. More...
class  AliEmcalTriggerSelectionCuts
 Class for the selection of trigger patches in the EMCAL triggered event selection. More...
class  AliEmcalVCutsWrapper
 Wrapper class handling AliVCuts as AliEmcalCutBase. More...
class  TestAliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts
 Unit test for AOD hybrid track cuts. More...
class  TestAliEmcalAODHybridTrackCuts
class  TestAliEmcalTrackSelection
class  TestAliEmcalTrackSelectionAOD
 Unit test for the class AliEmcalTrackSelectionAOD. More...
class  TestAliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr
 Unit test for class AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr. More...
class  TestImplAliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts
class  TestImplAliEmcalAODFilterBitCutsHybrid
class  TestImplAliEmcalAODFilterBitCutsTPCconstrained
class  TestImplAliEmcalTrackSelection
class  TestImplAliEmcalTrackSelectionHybrid
class  TestImplAliEmcalTrackSelectionITSpure
class  TestImplAliEmcalTrackSelectionTPConly


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr &ref)

Function Documentation

std::ostream & PWG::EMCAL::operator<< ( std::ostream &  stream,
const AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr ref 

Streaming operator, print content of the track selection result to the stream

streamStream for the printing
refObject to be streamed
Reference to the original stream after printing the object

Definition at line 137 of file AliEmcalTrackSelResultPtr.cxx.