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Combiner Member List

This is the complete list of members for Combiner, including all inherited members.

Calculate(const_iterator &begin, const_iterator &end, unsigned short nIter=50)Combinerinline
const_iterator typedefCombiner
F(double guess, double chi2, const_iterator &begin, const_iterator &end) const Combinerinline
FindError(unsigned short nIter, const_iterator &begin, const_iterator &end, int sign, double best, double chi2, double s)Combinerinline
FindX(unsigned short nIter, const_iterator &begin, const_iterator &end, double lowest, double highest)Combinerinline
iterator typedefCombiner
StepOffset(double guess, const Result &r) const =0Combinerpure virtual
StepW(double guess, const Result &r) const =0Combinerpure virtual
Term(double guess, const Result &r) const Combinerinline
TermVar(double guess, const Result &r) const =0Combinerpure virtual
W(const Result &r) const =0Combinerpure virtual