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Collaboration diagram for dN/deta:


file  AliBasedNdetaTask.h
file  AliCentraldNdetaTask.h
file  AliForwarddNdetaTask.h
file  AliMCTruthdNdetaTask.h
file  DrawdNdeta.C
 Script to visualise the dN/deta for pp and PbPb.


class  AliBasedNdetaTask
class  AliCentraldNdetaTask
class  AliForwarddNdetaTask
class  AliMCTruthdNdetaTask
struct  dNdetaDrawer
class  BothdNdetaTrain
class  MakedNdetaTrain
class  TrackletdNdetaTrain


AliAnalysisTaskAddTaskdNdeta (const char *which="Forward", const char *config="dNdetaConfig.C")
AliAnalysisTaskAddTaskForwardMultDists (const char *trig="V0AND", Double_t vzMin=-4, Double_t vzMax=+4, Bool_t usePhiAcc=true, Bool_t useAsymm=false)
void DrawdNdeta (const char *filename="forward_dndeta.root", const char *title="", UShort_t rebin=5, UShort_t others=0x7, UInt_t flags=dNdetaDrawer::kDefaultOptions, Double_t meanIpX=-1, Double_t meanIpY=-1, Float_t eff=0, const char *base="", UShort_t outflg=dNdetaDrawer::kAllFormats)

Detailed Description

\( dN/d\eta\) code

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTask* AddTaskdNdeta ( const char *  which = "Forward",
const char *  config = "dNdetaConfig.C" 

Create a \( dN/d\eta\) analysis task

configConfiguration script
whichWhich type of task to add (Forward, Central, or MCTruth)
Newly created and configured task

Definition at line 24 of file AddTaskdNdeta.C.

AliAnalysisTask* AddTaskForwardMultDists ( const char *  trig = "V0AND",
Double_t  vzMin = -4,
Double_t  vzMax = +4,
Bool_t  usePhiAcc = true,
Bool_t  useAsymm = false 

Create the Forward \( dN/d\eta\) analysis task. Christian's sketch of a task

trigTrigger to use
vzMinSmallest \( v_z\)
vzMaxBiggest \( v_z\)
usePhiAccUse stored phi acceptance
useAsymmMake asymmetric bins
Newly created and configured task

Definition at line 28 of file AddTaskForwardMultDists.C.

void DrawdNdeta ( const char *  filename = "forward_dndeta.root",
const char *  title = "",
UShort_t  rebin = 5,
UShort_t  others = 0x7,
UInt_t  flags = dNdetaDrawer::kDefaultOptions,
Double_t  meanIpX = -1,
Double_t  meanIpY = -1,
Float_t  eff = 0,
const char *  base = "",
UShort_t  outflg = dNdetaDrawer::kAllFormats 

Draw \( dN/d\eta\)

filenameFile name
rebinRebinning factor
othersWhat other data to show
meanIpXMean off-set in X direction of IP
meanIpYMean off-set in Y direction of IP
eff(optional) Trigger efficiency
baseBase name
outflgOutput flags
Use new GSE based drawing

Definition at line 3514 of file DrawdNdeta.C.