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AliCaloTrackESDReader Class Reference

Class for event, clusters and tracks filtering and preparation for the ESD analysis. More...

#include <AliCaloTrackESDReader.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliCaloTrackESDReader:

Public Member Functions

 AliCaloTrackESDReader ()
 Default constructor. Initialize parameters. More...
virtual ~AliCaloTrackESDReader ()
 Default destructor. More...
Bool_t CheckForPrimaryVertex () const
void Init ()
 Init reader. Method to be called in AliAnaCaloTrackCorrMaker. More...
AliGenEventHeader * GetGenEventHeader () const
Bool_t SelectTrack (AliVTrack *track, Double_t *pTrack)
AliESDtrackCuts * GetTrackCuts () const
void SetTrackCuts (AliESDtrackCuts *cuts)
 Set Track cuts. More...
AliESDtrackCuts * GetTrackComplementaryCuts () const
void SetTrackComplementaryCuts (AliESDtrackCuts *cuts)
 Set Track cuts for complementary tracks (hybrids). More...
void SwitchOnConstrainTrackToVertex ()
void SwitchOffConstrainTrackToVertex ()
void SetInputOutputMCEvent (AliVEvent *esd, AliAODEvent *aod, AliMCEvent *mc)
 Connect the data pointers. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliCaloTrackReader
 AliCaloTrackReader ()
 Constructor. Initialize parameters. More...
virtual ~AliCaloTrackReader ()
 Destructor. More...
void DeletePointers ()
virtual void InitParameters ()
 Initialize the parameters with default. More...
virtual void Print (const Option_t *opt) const
 Print some relevant parameters set for the analysis. More...
virtual void ResetLists ()
 Reset lists, called in AliAnaCaloTrackCorrMaker. More...
virtual Int_t GetDebug () const
virtual void SetDebug (Int_t d)
virtual Int_t GetDataType () const
virtual void SetDataType (Int_t data)
virtual Int_t GetEventNumber () const
virtual TObjString * GetListOfParameters ()
 Save parameters used for analysis in a string. More...
TString GetTaskName () const
void SetTaskName (TString name)
virtual void SetInputEvent (AliVEvent *input)
virtual void SetOutputEvent (AliAODEvent *aod)
virtual void SetMC (AliMCEvent *const mc)
virtual TListGetAODBranchList () const
void SetDeltaAODFileName (TString name)
TString GetDeltaAODFileName () const
void SwitchOnWriteDeltaAOD ()
void SwitchOffWriteDeltaAOD ()
Bool_t WriteDeltaAODToFile () const
virtual TListGetCreateControlHistograms ()
void SetControlHistogramEnergyBinning (Int_t nBins, Float_t emin, Float_t emax)
Float_t GetEMCALPtMin () const
Float_t GetPHOSPtMin () const
Float_t GetCTSPtMin () const
Float_t GetEMCALPtMax () const
Float_t GetPHOSPtMax () const
Float_t GetCTSPtMax () const
void SetEMCALPtMin (Float_t pt)
void SetPHOSPtMin (Float_t pt)
void SetCTSPtMin (Float_t pt)
void SetEMCALPtMax (Float_t pt)
void SetPHOSPtMax (Float_t pt)
void SetCTSPtMax (Float_t pt)
Float_t GetEMCALEMin () const
Float_t GetPHOSEMin () const
Float_t GetEMCALEMax () const
Float_t GetPHOSEMax () const
void SetEMCALEMin (Float_t en)
void SetPHOSEMin (Float_t en)
void SetEMCALEMax (Float_t en)
void SetPHOSEMax (Float_t en)
virtual Int_t GetTrackID (AliVTrack *track)
Float_t GetEMCALBadChannelMinDist () const
Float_t GetPHOSBadChannelMinDist () const
void SetEMCALBadChannelMinDist (Float_t di)
void SetPHOSBadChannelMinDist (Float_t di)
Int_t GetEMCALNCellsCut () const
Int_t GetPHOSNCellsCut () const
void SetEMCALNCellsCut (Int_t nc)
void SetPHOSNCellsCut (Int_t nc)
Bool_t AcceptDCA (Float_t pt, Float_t dca)
Double_t GetTrackDCACut (Int_t i) const
void SetTrackDCACut (Int_t i, Float_t cut)
void SwitchOnUseTrackDCACut ()
void SwitchOffUseTrackDCACut ()
Bool_t IsDCACutOn () const
Double_t GetTrackTimeCutMin () const
Double_t GetTrackTimeCutMax () const
void SetTrackTimeCut (Double_t a, Double_t b)
void SwitchOnUseTrackTimeCut ()
void SwitchOffUseTrackTimeCut ()
void SwitchOnAccessTrackTimeCut ()
void SwitchOffAccessTrackTimeCut ()
Bool_t IsAccessToTrackTimeOn () const
Double_t GetEMCALTimeCutMin () const
Double_t GetEMCALTimeCutMax () const
Bool_t IsInTimeWindow (Double_t tof, Float_t energy) const
void SetEMCALTimeCut (Double_t a, Double_t b)
void SetEMCALParametrizedMinTimeCut (Int_t i, Float_t par)
void SetEMCALParametrizedMaxTimeCut (Int_t i, Float_t par)
void SwitchOnUseEMCALTimeCut ()
void SwitchOffUseEMCALTimeCut ()
void SwitchOnUseParametrizedTimeCut ()
void SwitchOffUseParametrizedTimeCut ()
virtual AliFiducialCutGetFiducialCut ()
virtual void SetFiducialCut (AliFiducialCut *fc)
virtual Bool_t IsFiducialCutOn () const
virtual void SwitchOnFiducialCut ()
virtual void SwitchOffFiducialCut ()
Bool_t IsCTSSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnCTS ()
void SwitchOffCTS ()
Bool_t IsEMCALSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnEMCAL ()
void SwitchOffEMCAL ()
Bool_t IsDCALSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnDCAL ()
void SwitchOffDCAL ()
Bool_t IsPHOSSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnPHOS ()
void SwitchOffPHOS ()
Bool_t IsEMCALCellsSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnEMCALCells ()
void SwitchOffEMCALCells ()
Bool_t IsPHOSCellsSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnPHOSCells ()
void SwitchOffPHOSCells ()
Bool_t AreClustersRecalculated () const
void SwitchOnClusterRecalculation ()
void SwitchOffClusterRecalculation ()
void SwitchOnClusterELinearityCorrection ()
void SwitchOffClusterELinearityCorrection ()
Bool_t IsEmbeddedClusterSelectionOn () const
void SwitchOnEmbeddedClustersSelection ()
void SwitchOffEmbeddedClustersSelection ()
void SetSmearingFunction (Int_t smfu)
Int_t GetSmearingFunction () const
Bool_t IsShowerShapeSmeared () const
void SwitchOnShowerShapeSmearing ()
void SwitchOffShowerShapeSmearing ()
void SetShowerShapeSmearWidth (Float_t w)
void SetSmearingNLMRange (Int_t mi, Int_t ma)
virtual Bool_t FillInputEvent (Int_t iEntry, const char *currentFileName)
virtual void FillInputCTS ()
virtual void FillInputEMCAL ()
virtual void FillInputEMCALAlgorithm (AliVCluster *clus, Int_t iclus)
virtual void FillInputPHOS ()
 Fill the array with PHOS filtered clusters. More...
virtual void FillInputEMCALCells ()
 Connects the array with EMCAL cells and the pointer. More...
virtual void FillInputPHOSCells ()
 Connects the array with PHOS cells and the pointer. More...
virtual void FillInputVZERO ()
Int_t GetV0Signal (Int_t i) const
Int_t GetV0Multiplicity (Int_t i) const
void SetEMCALClusterListName (TString &name)
TString GetEMCALClusterListName () const
void SetEMCALCellsListName (TString &name)
TString GetEMCALCellsListName () const
virtual TObjArrayGetCTSTracks () const
virtual TObjArrayGetEMCALClusters () const
virtual TObjArrayGetDCALClusters () const
virtual TObjArrayGetPHOSClusters () const
virtual AliVCaloCells * GetEMCALCells () const
virtual AliVCaloCells * GetPHOSCells () const
void AcceptFastClusterEvents ()
void RejectFastClusterEvents ()
Bool_t IsFastClusterAccepted () const
Bool_t AcceptEventWithTriggerBit ()
Bool_t RejectEventWithTriggerBit ()
void SetAcceptEventsWithBit (UInt_t bit)
void SetRejectEventsWithBit (UInt_t bit)
void SwitchOnLEDEventsRemoval (Int_t opt=1)
void SwitchOffLEDEventsRemoval ()
Bool_t IsLEDEventRemoved () const
Bool_t RejectLEDEvents ()
void SetFiredTriggerClassName (TString name)
TString GetFiredTriggerClassName () const
TString GetFiredTriggerClasses () const
UInt_t GetEventTriggerMask () const
void SetEventTriggerMask (UInt_t evtTrig=AliVEvent::kAny)
UInt_t GetMixEventTriggerMask () const
void SetMixEventTriggerMask (UInt_t evtTrig=AliVEvent::kAnyINT)
Bool_t IsEventTriggerAtSEOn () const
void SwitchOnEventTriggerAtSE ()
void SwitchOffEventTriggerAtSE ()
TArrayI GetTriggerPatches (Int_t tmin, Int_t tmax)
void MatchTriggerCluster (TArrayI patches)
void SetEMCALTriggerThresholds ()
Bool_t CheckEventTriggers ()
Bool_t IsExoticEvent () const
Bool_t IsBadCellTriggerEvent () const
Bool_t IsBadMaxCellTriggerEvent () const
Bool_t IsTriggerMatched () const
Bool_t IsTriggerMatchedOpenCuts (Int_t i) const
Int_t GetTriggerClusterBC () const
Int_t GetTriggerClusterIndex () const
Int_t GetTriggerClusterId () const
Float_t GetEventTriggerL0Threshold () const
void SetEventTriggerL0Threshold (Float_t tr)
Float_t GetEventTriggerL1Threshold () const
void SetEventTriggerL1Threshold (Float_t tr)
void SetEventTriggerL1Bit (Int_t ega, Int_t eje)
void SetTriggerPatchTimeWindow (Int_t min, Int_t max)
Bool_t AreBadTriggerEventsRemoved () const
void SwitchOffBadTriggerEventsRemoval ()
void SwitchOnBadTriggerEventsRemoval ()
Bool_t AreUnMatchedTriggerEventsRemoved () const
void SwitchOffUnMatchedTriggerEventsRemoval ()
void SwitchOnUnMatchedTriggerEventsRemoval ()
Bool_t IsTriggerPatchMatchedToCluster () const
void SwitchOffTriggerPatchMatching ()
void SwitchOnTriggerPatchMatching ()
Bool_t IsTriggerClusterTimeRecal () const
void SwitchOnTriggerClusterTimeRecal ()
void SwitchOffTriggerClusterTimeRecal ()
void SetEventTriggerBit ()
Bool_t IsEventMinimumBias () const
Bool_t IsEventCentral () const
Bool_t IsEventSemiCentral () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL0 () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL1Gamma1 () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL1Gamma2 () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL1Jet1 () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL1Jet2 () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL1Gamma () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL1Jet () const
Bool_t IsEventEMCALL1 () const
void SwitchOnEMCALEventRejectionWith2Thresholds ()
void SwitchOffEMCALEventRejectionWith2Thresholds ()
void SwitchOnPileUpEventRejection ()
void SwitchOffPileUpEventRejection ()
Bool_t IsPileUpEventRejectionDone () const
void SwitchOnV0ANDSelection ()
void SwitchOffV0ANDSelection ()
Bool_t IsV0ANDEventSelectionDone () const
void SwitchOnVertexBCEventSelection ()
void SwitchOffVertexBCEventSelection ()
Bool_t IsVertexBCEventSelectionDone () const
void SwitchOnPrimaryVertexSelection ()
void SwitchOffPrimaryVertexSelection ()
Bool_t IsPrimaryVertexSelectionDone () const
void SwitchOnRejectNoTrackEvents ()
void SwitchOffRejectNoTrackEvents ()
Bool_t IsEventWithNoTrackRejectionDone () const
Double_t GetRunTimeStampMin () const
Double_t GetRunTimeStampMax () const
void SetRunTimeStamp (Double_t a, Double_t b)
Float_t GetEventTimeStampFractionMin () const
Float_t GetEventTimeStampFractionMax () const
void SetEventTimeStampFraction (Float_t a, Float_t b)
void SwitchOnSelectEventTimeStamp ()
void SwitchOffSelectEventTimeStamp ()
Bool_t IsSelectEventTimeStampOn ()
Double_t GetTimeStampEventCTPBCCorrMin () const
Double_t GetTimeStampEventCTPBCCorrMax () const
void SetTimeStampEventCTPBCCorrRange (Double_t a, Double_t b)
void SwitchOnExcludeEventTimeCTPBCCorrStamp ()
void SwitchOffExcludeEventTimeCTPBCCorrStamp ()
Bool_t IsExcludeEventTimeStampCTPBCCorrOn ()
Bool_t IsPileUpFromSPD () const
Bool_t IsPileUpFromEMCal () const
 Check if event is from pile-up determined by EMCal. More...
Bool_t IsPileUpFromSPDAndEMCal () const
 Check if event is from pile-up determined by SPD and EMCal. More...
Bool_t IsPileUpFromSPDOrEMCal () const
 Check if event is from pile-up determined by SPD or EMCal. More...
Bool_t IsPileUpFromSPDAndNotEMCal () const
 Check if event is from pile-up determined by SPD and not by EMCal. More...
Bool_t IsPileUpFromEMCalAndNotSPD () const
 Check if event is from pile-up determined by EMCal, not by SPD. More...
Bool_t IsPileUpFromNotSPDAndNotEMCal () const
 Check if event not from pile-up determined neither by SPD nor by EMCal. More...
void SetPileUpParamForSPD (Int_t i, Double_t param)
void SetPileUpParamForEMCal (Int_t param)
Int_t GetNPileUpClusters ()
Int_t GetNNonPileUpClusters ()
Int_t GetEMCalEventBC (Int_t bc) const
Int_t GetTrackEventBC (Int_t bc) const
Int_t GetEMCalEventBCcut (Int_t bc) const
Int_t GetTrackEventBCcut (Int_t bc) const
void SetEMCalEventBC (Int_t bc)
void SetTrackEventBC (Int_t bc)
void SetEMCalEventBCcut (Int_t bc)
void SetTrackEventBCcut (Int_t bc)
Int_t GetVertexBC (const AliVVertex *vtx)
Int_t GetVertexBC () const
void SwitchOnRecalculateVertexBC ()
void SwitchOffRecalculateVertexBC ()
ULong_t GetTrackStatus () const
void SetTrackStatus (ULong_t bit)
void SwitchOnTrackHitSPDSelection ()
void SwitchOffTrackHitSPDSelection ()
Int_t GetTrackMultiplicity (Int_t cut=0) const
Float_t GetTrackSumPt (Int_t cut=0) const
void SetTrackMultiplicityNPtCut (Float_t ncut)
Int_t GetTrackMultiplicityNPtCut () const
void SetTrackMultiplicityPtCut (Int_t cut, Float_t pt)
Float_t GetTrackMultiplicityPtCut (Int_t cut=0) const
Float_t GetTrackMultiplicityEtaCut () const
void SetTrackMultiplicityEtaCut (Float_t eta)
virtual ULong_t GetTrackFilterMask () const
virtual void SetTrackFilterMask (ULong_t)
virtual ULong_t GetTrackFilterMaskComplementary () const
virtual void SetTrackFilterMaskComplementary (ULong_t)
virtual void SwitchOnAODHybridTrackSelection ()
virtual void SwitchOffAODHybridTrackSelection ()
virtual void SwitchOnAODPrimaryTrackSelection ()
virtual void SwitchOffAODPrimaryTrackSelection ()
virtual void SwitchOnAODTrackSharedClusterSelection ()
virtual void SwitchOffAODTrackSharedClusterSelection ()
virtual void SetTPCSharedClusterFraction (Float_t)
virtual Float_t GetTPCSharedClusterFraction () const
void AnalyzeOnlyLEDEvents ()
void AnalyzeOnlyPhysicsEvents ()
void AnalyzeOnlyEventsOfType (Int_t specie)
virtual void GetVertex (Double_t v[3]) const
virtual Double_tGetVertex (Int_t evtIndex) const
virtual void GetVertex (Double_t vertex[3], const Int_t evtIndex) const
virtual void FillVertexArray ()
virtual Float_t GetZvertexCut () const
virtual void SetZvertexCut (Float_t zcut=10.)
virtual AliCentrality * GetCentrality () const
virtual AliMultSelection * GetMultSelCen () const
virtual void SwitchOnAliCentrality ()
virtual void SwitchOffAliCentrality ()
virtual void SetCentralityClass (TString name)
virtual void SetCentralityOpt (Int_t opt)
virtual TString GetCentralityClass () const
virtual Int_t GetCentralityOpt () const
virtual Int_t GetEventCentrality () const
virtual void SetCentralityBin (Int_t min, Int_t max)
virtual Float_t GetCentralityBin (Int_t i) const
virtual AliEventplane * GetEventPlane () const
virtual Double_t GetEventPlaneAngle () const
virtual void SetEventPlaneMethod (TString m)
virtual TString GetEventPlaneMethod () const
Int_t GetLastCaloMixedEvent () const
Int_t GetLastTracksMixedEvent () const
TListGetListWithMixedEventsForCalo (Int_t bi) const
TListGetListWithMixedEventsForTracks (Int_t bi) const
Bool_t ListWithMixedEventsForCaloExists () const
Bool_t ListWithMixedEventsForTracksExists () const
void SetLastCaloMixedEvent (Int_t e)
void SetLastTracksMixedEvent (Int_t e)
void SetListWithMixedEventsForCalo (TList **l)
void SetListWithMixedEventsForTracks (TList **l)
AliCalorimeterUtilsGetCaloUtils () const
void SetCaloUtils (AliCalorimeterUtils *caloutils)
Double_t GetEventWeight () const
AliAnaWeightsGetWeightUtils ()
virtual Double_t GetBField () const
Float_t GetPhi (Float_t phi) const
 Shift phi angle in case of negative value 360 degrees. Example TLorenzVector::Phi defined in -pi to pi. More...
Float_t DegToRad (Float_t deg) const
Float_t RadToDeg (Float_t rad) const
virtual AliHeader * GetHeader () const
virtual TClonesArray * GetAODMCParticles () const
virtual AliAODMCHeader * GetAODMCHeader () const
virtual AliVEvent * GetInputEvent () const
virtual AliVEvent * GetOriginalInputEvent () const
virtual AliAODEventGetOutputEvent () const
virtual AliMCEvent * GetMC () const
virtual AliMixedEvent * GetMixedEvent () const
virtual Int_t GetNMixedEvent () const
void SwitchOnStack ()
void SwitchOffStack ()
void SwitchOnAODMCParticles ()
void SwitchOffAODMCParticles ()
void RemapMCLabelForAODs (Int_t &label)
virtual Bool_t ComparePtHardAndJetPt ()
virtual Bool_t IsPtHardAndJetPtComparisonSet () const
virtual void SetPtHardAndJetPtComparison (Bool_t compare)
virtual Float_t GetPtHardAndJetFactor () const
virtual void SetPtHardAndJetPtFactor (Float_t factor)
virtual Bool_t ComparePtHardAndClusterPt ()
virtual Bool_t IsPtHardAndClusterPtComparisonSet () const
virtual void SetPtHardAndClusterPtComparison (Bool_t compare)
virtual Float_t GetPtHardAndClusterFactor () const
virtual void SetPtHardAndClusterPtFactor (Float_t factor)
virtual void SetNumberOfMCGeneratorsToAccept (Int_t nGen)
virtual Int_t GetNumberOfMCGeneratorsToAccept () const
virtual void SetNameOfMCGeneratorsToAccept (Int_t ig, TString name)
virtual void SetIndexOfMCGeneratorsToAccept (Int_t ig, Int_t index)
virtual TString GetNameOfMCGeneratorsToAccept (Int_t ig) const
virtual Int_t GetIndexOfMCGeneratorsToAccept (Int_t ig) const
Bool_t AcceptParticleMCLabel (Int_t mcLabel) const
Int_t GetCocktailGeneratorAndIndex (Int_t index, TString &nameGen) const
TString GetGeneratorNameAndIndex (Int_t index, Int_t &genIndex) const
virtual void SetNameOfMCEventHederGeneratorToAccept (TString name)
virtual TString GetNameOfMCEventHederGeneratorToAccept () const
virtual void AddNeutralParticlesArray (TArrayI &)
virtual void AddChargedParticlesArray (TArrayI &)
virtual void AddStatusArray (TArrayI &)
virtual void SwitchOnPi0Decay ()
virtual void SwitchOffPi0Decay ()
virtual void SwitchOnStatusSelection ()
virtual void SwitchOffStatusSelection ()
virtual void SwitchOnOverlapCheck ()
virtual void SwitchOffOverlapCheck ()
virtual void SwitchOnOnlyGeneratorParticles ()
virtual void SwitchOffOnlyGeneratorParticles ()
virtual void SetEMCALOverlapAngle (Float_t)
virtual void SetPHOSOverlapAngle (Float_t)
Bool_t IsNonStandardJetsSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnNonStandardJets ()
void SwitchOffNonStandardJets ()
Bool_t IsBackgroundJetsSwitchedOn () const
void SwitchOnBackgroundJets ()
void SwitchOffBackgroundJets ()
virtual void FillInputNonStandardJets ()
virtual TClonesArray * GetNonStandardJets () const
virtual void SetInputNonStandardJetBranchName (TString name)
virtual TString GetInputNonStandardJetBranchName ()
virtual void FillInputBackgroundJets ()
virtual AliAODJetEventBackground * GetBackgroundJets () const
virtual void SetInputBackgroundJetBranchName (TString name)
virtual TString GetInputBackgroundJetBranchName ()

Private Member Functions

 AliCaloTrackESDReader (const AliCaloTrackESDReader &r)
 Copy constructor not implemented. More...
AliCaloTrackESDReaderoperator= (const AliCaloTrackESDReader &r)
 Assignment operator not implemented. More...

Private Attributes

Bool_t fConstrainTrack
 Constrain Track to vertex. More...
AliESDtrackCuts * fESDtrackCuts
 Track cut machinery. More...
AliESDtrackCuts * fESDtrackComplementaryCuts
 Track cut machinery for complementary cuts for hybrids. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AliCaloTrackReader
enum  inputDataType { kESD, kAOD, kMC }
enum  detector {
  kEMCAL = AliFiducialCut::kEMCAL, kPHOS = AliFiducialCut::kPHOS, kCTS = AliFiducialCut::kCTS, kDCAL = AliFiducialCut::kDCAL,
  kDCALPHOS = AliFiducialCut::kDCALPHOS
enum  smearingFunction { kNoSmearing, kSmearingLandau, kSmearingLandauShift }
 Smearing function enum. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliCaloTrackReader
 AliCaloTrackReader (const AliCaloTrackReader &r)
 Copy constructor not implemented. More...
AliCaloTrackReaderoperator= (const AliCaloTrackReader &r)
 Assignment operator not implemented. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliCaloTrackReader
Int_t fEventNumber
 Event number. More...
Int_t fDataType
 Select MC: Kinematics, Data: ESD/AOD, MCData: Both. More...
Int_t fDebug
 Debugging level. More...
 Acceptance cuts. More...
Bool_t fCheckFidCut
 Do analysis for clusters in defined region. More...
Bool_t fComparePtHardAndJetPt
 In MonteCarlo, jet events, reject fake events with wrong jet energy. More...
Float_t fPtHardAndJetPtFactor
 Factor between ptHard and jet pT to reject/accept event. More...
Bool_t fComparePtHardAndClusterPt
 In MonteCarlo, jet events, reject events with too large cluster energy. More...
Float_t fPtHardAndClusterPtFactor
 Factor between ptHard and cluster pT to reject/accept event. More...
Float_t fCTSPtMin
 pT Threshold on charged particles. More...
Float_t fEMCALPtMin
 pT Threshold on emcal clusters. More...
Float_t fPHOSPtMin
 pT Threshold on phos clusters. More...
Float_t fCTSPtMax
 pT Threshold on charged particles. More...
Float_t fEMCALPtMax
 pT Threshold on emcal clusters. More...
Float_t fPHOSPtMax
 pT Threshold on phos clusters. More...
Float_t fEMCALBadChMinDist
 Minimal distance to bad channel to accept cluster in EMCal, cell units. More...
Float_t fPHOSBadChMinDist
 Minimal distance to bad channel to accept cluster in PHOS, cm. More...
Int_t fEMCALNCellsCut
 Accept for the analysis EMCAL clusters with more than fNCellsCut cells. More...
Int_t fPHOSNCellsCut
 Accept for the analysis PHOS clusters with more than fNCellsCut cells. More...
Bool_t fUseEMCALTimeCut
 Do time cut selection. More...
Bool_t fUseParamTimeCut
 Use simple or parametrized time cut. More...
Bool_t fUseTrackTimeCut
 Do time cut selection. More...
Bool_t fAccessTrackTOF
 Access the track TOF, in case of problems when accessing GetTOFBunchCrossing. More...
Double_t fEMCALTimeCutMin
 Remove clusters/cells with time smaller than this value, in ns. More...
Double_t fEMCALTimeCutMax
 Remove clusters/cells with time larger than this value, in ns. More...
Float_t fEMCALParamTimeCutMin [4]
 Remove clusters/cells with time smaller than parametrized value, in ns. More...
Double_t fEMCALParamTimeCutMax [4]
 Remove clusters/cells with time larger than parametrized value, in ns. More...
Double_t fTrackTimeCutMin
 Remove tracks with time smaller than this value, in ns. More...
Double_t fTrackTimeCutMax
 Remove tracks with time larger than this value, in ns. More...
Bool_t fUseTrackDCACut
 Do DCA selection. More...
Double_t fTrackDCACut [3]
 Remove tracks with DCA larger than cut, parameters of function stored here. More...
 List with AOD branches created and needed in analysis. More...
 Temporal array with tracks. More...
 Temporal array with EMCAL CaloClusters. More...
 Temporal array with DCAL CaloClusters, not needed in the normal case, use just EMCal array with DCal limits. More...
 Temporal array with PHOS CaloClusters. More...
AliVCaloCells * fEMCALCells
 ! Temporal array with EMCAL AliVCaloCells. More...
AliVCaloCells * fPHOSCells
 ! Temporal array with PHOS AliVCaloCells. More...
AliVEvent * fInputEvent
 ! pointer to esd or aod input. More...
 ! pointer to aod output. More...
AliMCEvent * fMC
 ! Monte Carlo Event Handler. More...
Bool_t fFillCTS
 Use data from CTS. More...
Bool_t fFillEMCAL
 Use data from EMCAL. More...
Bool_t fFillDCAL
 Use data from DCAL, not needed in the normal case, use just EMCal array with DCal limits. More...
Bool_t fFillPHOS
 Use data from PHOS. More...
Bool_t fFillEMCALCells
 Use data from EMCAL. More...
Bool_t fFillPHOSCells
 Use data from PHOS. More...
Bool_t fRecalculateClusters
 Correct clusters, recalculate them if recalibration parameters is given. More...
Bool_t fCorrectELinearity
 Correct cluster linearity, always on. More...
Bool_t fSelectEmbeddedClusters
 Use only simulated clusters that come from embedding. More...
Bool_t fSmearShowerShape
 Smear shower shape (use in MC). More...
Float_t fSmearShowerShapeWidth
 Smear shower shape landau function "width" (use in MC). More...
TRandom3 fRandom
 ! Random generator. More...
Int_t fSmearingFunction
 Choice of smearing function. 0 no smearing. 1 smearing from Gustavo (Landau center at 0). 2 smearing from Astrid (Landau center at 0.05). See enum smearingFunction. More...
Int_t fSmearNLMMin
 Do smearing for clusters with at least this value. More...
Int_t fSmearNLMMax
 Do smearing for clusters with at maximum this value. More...
ULong_t fTrackStatus
 Track selection bit, select tracks refitted in TPC, ITS ... More...
Bool_t fSelectSPDHitTracks
 Ensure that track hits SPD layers. More...
Int_t fTrackMult [10]
 Track multiplicity, count for different pT cuts. More...
Float_t fTrackSumPt [10]
 Track sum pT, count for different pT cuts. More...
Int_t fTrackMultNPtCut
 Track multiplicty, number of pt cuts. More...
Float_t fTrackMultPtCut [10]
 Track multiplicity and sum pt cuts list. More...
Float_t fTrackMultEtaCut
 Track multiplicity eta cut. More...
TString fDeltaAODFileName
 Delta AOD file name. More...
TString fFiredTriggerClassName
 Name of trigger event type used to do the analysis. More...
UInt_t fEventTriggerMask
 Select this triggerered event. More...
UInt_t fMixEventTriggerMask
 Select this triggerered event for mixing, tipically kMB or kAnyINT. More...
Bool_t fEventTriggerAtSE
 Select triggered event at SE base task or here. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigMinBias
 Event is min bias on its name, it should correspond to AliVEvent::kMB, AliVEvent::kAnyInt. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigCentral
 Event is AliVEvent::kCentral on its name, it should correspond to PbPb. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigSemiCentral
 Event is AliVEvent::kSemiCentral on its name, it should correspond to PbPb. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigEMCALL0
 Event is EMCal L0 on its name, it should correspond to AliVEvent::kEMC7, AliVEvent::kEMC1. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigEMCALL1Gamma1
 Event is L1-Gamma, threshold 1 on its name, it should correspond kEMCEGA. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigEMCALL1Gamma2
 Event is L1-Gamma, threshold 2 on its name, it should correspond kEMCEGA. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigEMCALL1Jet1
 Event is L1-Gamma, threshold 1 on its name, it should correspond kEMCEGA. More...
Bool_t fEventTrigEMCALL1Jet2
 Event is L1-Gamma, threshold 2 on its name, it should correspond kEMCEGA. More...
Int_t fBitEGA
 Trigger bit on VCaloTrigger for EGA. More...
Int_t fBitEJE
 Trigger bit on VCaloTrigger for EJE. More...
Int_t fEventType
 Set the event species: 7 physics, 0 MC, 8 LED (not useful now) More...
TString fTaskName
 Name of task that executes the analysis. More...
 Pointer to AliCalorimeterUtils. More...
 Pointer to AliAnaWeights. More...
Double_t fEventWeight
 Weight assigned to the event when filling histograms. More...
AliMixedEvent * fMixedEvent
 ! Mixed event object. This class is not the owner. More...
Int_t fNMixedEvent
 Number of events in mixed event buffer. More...
Double_t ** fVertex
 ! Vertex array 3 dim for each mixed event buffer. More...
TList ** fListMixedTracksEvents
 ! Container for tracks stored for different events, used in case of own mixing, set in analysis class. More...
TList ** fListMixedCaloEvents
 ! Container for photon stored for different events, used in case of own mixing, set in analysis class. More...
Int_t fLastMixedTracksEvent
 Temporary container with the last event added to the mixing list for tracks. More...
Int_t fLastMixedCaloEvent
 Temporary container with the last event added to the mixing list for photons. More...
Bool_t fWriteOutputDeltaAOD
 Write the created delta AOD objects into file. More...
Int_t fV0ADC [2]
 Integrated V0 signal. More...
Int_t fV0Mul [2]
 Integrated V0 Multiplicity. More...
TString fEMCALClustersListName
 Alternative list of clusters produced elsewhere and not from InputEvent. More...
TString fEMCALCellsListName
 Alternative list of cells produced elsewhere and not from InputEvent. More...
Float_t fZvtxCut
 Cut on vertex position. More...
Bool_t fAcceptFastCluster
 Accept events from fast cluster, exclude these events for LHC11a. More...
Int_t fRemoveLEDEvents
 Remove events where LED was wrongly firing - only EMCAL LHC11a for this equal to 1, generalized to any SM for larger. More...
Bool_t fRemoveBadTriggerEvents
 Remove triggered events because trigger was exotic, bad, or out of BC. More...
Bool_t fTriggerPatchClusterMatch
 Search for the trigger patch and check if associated cluster was the trigger. More...
Int_t fTriggerPatchTimeWindow [2]
 Trigger patch selection window. More...
Float_t fTriggerL0EventThreshold
 L0 Threshold to look for triggered events, set outside. More...
Float_t fTriggerL1EventThreshold
 L1 Threshold to look for triggered events, set in data. More...
Bool_t fTriggerL1EventThresholdFix
 L1 Threshold is fix and set outside. More...
Int_t fTriggerClusterBC
 Event triggered by a cluster in BC -5 0 to 5. More...
Int_t fTriggerClusterIndex
 Index in clusters array of trigger cluster. More...
Int_t fTriggerClusterId
 Id of trigger cluster (cluster->GetID()). More...
Bool_t fIsExoticEvent
 Exotic trigger event flag. More...
Bool_t fIsBadCellEvent
 Bad cell triggered event flag, any cell in cluster is bad. More...
Bool_t fIsBadMaxCellEvent
 Bad cell triggered event flag, only max energy cell is bad. More...
Bool_t fIsTriggerMatch
 Could match the event to a trigger patch? More...
Bool_t fIsTriggerMatchOpenCut [3]
 Could not match the event to a trigger patch?, retry opening cuts. More...
Bool_t fTriggerClusterTimeRecal
 In case cluster already calibrated, do not try to recalibrate even if recalib on in AliEMCALRecoUtils. More...
Bool_t fRemoveUnMatchedTriggers
 Analyze events where trigger patch and cluster where found or not. More...
Bool_t fDoPileUpEventRejection
 Select pile-up events by SPD. More...
Bool_t fDoV0ANDEventSelection
 Select events depending on V0AND. More...
Bool_t fDoVertexBCEventSelection
 Select events with vertex on BC=0 or -100. More...
Bool_t fDoRejectNoTrackEvents
 Reject events with no selected tracks in event. More...
Bool_t fUseEventsWithPrimaryVertex
 Select events with primary vertex. More...
Bool_t fTimeStampEventSelect
 Select events within a fraction of data taking time. More...
Float_t fTimeStampEventFracMin
 Minimum value of time stamp fraction event. More...
Float_t fTimeStampEventFracMax
 Maximum value of time stamp fraction event. More...
Double_t fTimeStampRunMin
 Minimum value of time stamp in run. More...
Double_t fTimeStampRunMax
 Maximum value of time stamp in run. More...
Bool_t fTimeStampEventCTPBCCorrExclude
 Activate event selection within a range of data taking time CTP corrected. ESD only. More...
Double_t fTimeStampEventCTPBCCorrMin
 Minimum value of time stamp corrected by CTP in run. More...
Double_t fTimeStampEventCTPBCCorrMax
 Maximum value of time stamp corrected by CTP in run. More...
Double_t fPileUpParamSPD [5]
Int_t fNPileUpClusters
 Number of clusters with time avobe 20 ns. More...
Int_t fNNonPileUpClusters
 Number of clusters with time below 20 ns. More...
Int_t fNPileUpClustersCut
 Cut to select event as pile-up. More...
Int_t fEMCalBCEvent [19]
 Fill one entry per event if there is a cluster in a given BC. More...
Int_t fEMCalBCEventCut [19]
 Fill one entry per event if there is a cluster in a given BC, depend on cluster E, acceptance cut. More...
Int_t fTrackBCEvent [19]
 Fill one entry per event if there is a track in a given BC. More...
Int_t fTrackBCEventCut [19]
 Fill one entry per event if there is a track in a given BC, depend on track pT, acceptance cut. More...
Int_t fVertexBC
 Vertex BC. More...
Bool_t fRecalculateVertexBC
 Recalculate vertex BC from tracks pointing to vertex. More...
Bool_t fUseAliCentrality
 Select as centrality estimator AliCentrality (Run1) or AliMultSelection (Run1 and Run2) More...
TString fCentralityClass
 Name of selected centrality class. More...
Int_t fCentralityOpt
 Option for the returned value of the centrality, possible options 5, 10, 100. More...
Int_t fCentralityBin [2]
 Minimum and maximum value of the centrality for the analysis. More...
TString fEventPlaneMethod
 Name of event plane method, by default "Q". More...
Bool_t fFillInputNonStandardJetBranch
 Flag to use data from non standard jets. More...
TClonesArray * fNonStandardJets
 ! Temporal array with jets. More...
TString fInputNonStandardJetBranchName
 Name of non standard jet branch. More...
Bool_t fFillInputBackgroundJetBranch
 Flag to use data from background jets. More...
AliAODJetEventBackground * fBackgroundJets
 ! Background jets. More...
TString fInputBackgroundJetBranchName
 Name of background jet branch. More...
TArrayI fAcceptEventsWithBit
 Accept events if trigger bit is on. More...
TArrayI fRejectEventsWithBit
 Reject events if trigger bit is on. More...
Bool_t fRejectEMCalTriggerEventsWith2Tresholds
 Reject events EG2 also triggered by EG1 or EJ2 also triggered by EJ1. More...
TLorentzVector fMomentum
 ! Temporal TLorentzVector container, avoid declaration of TLorentzVectors per event. More...
 ! Output container with cut control histograms. More...
 ! Control histogram on EMCAL clusters acceptance, before fiducial cuts More...
 ! Control histogram on EMCAL timing More...
TH1F * fhEMCALClusterCutsE [8]
 ! Control histogram on the different EMCal cluster selection cuts, E More...
TH1F * fhPHOSClusterCutsE [7]
 ! Control histogram on the different PHOS cluster selection cuts, E More...
TH1F * fhCTSTrackCutsPt [6]
 ! Control histogram on the different CTS tracks selection cuts, pT More...
Float_t fEnergyHistogramLimit [2]
 Binning of the control histograms, number of bins. More...
Int_t fEnergyHistogramNbins
 Binning of the control histograms, min and max window. More...
 ! Each bin represents number of events resulting after a given selection cut: vertex, trigger, ... More...
Int_t fNMCGenerToAccept
 Number of MC generators that should not be included in analysis. More...
TString fMCGenerToAccept [5]
 List with name of generators that should not be included. More...
Int_t fMCGenerIndexToAccept [5]
 List with index of generators that should not be included. More...
TString fMCGenerEventHeaderToAccept
 Accept events that contain at least this event header name. More...

Detailed Description

Class for event, clusters and tracks filtering and preparation for the ESD analysis.

Class for accessing/filtering ESD data. Most of the job is done in the mother class here only very specific methods of the ESD format are implemented.

More information can be found in this twiki.

Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, LPSC-IN2P3-CNRS

Definition at line 24 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliCaloTrackESDReader::AliCaloTrackESDReader ( )

Default constructor. Initialize parameters.

Definition at line 37 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

AliCaloTrackESDReader::~AliCaloTrackESDReader ( )

Default destructor.

Definition at line 48 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

AliCaloTrackESDReader::AliCaloTrackESDReader ( const AliCaloTrackESDReader r)

Copy constructor not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t AliCaloTrackESDReader::CheckForPrimaryVertex ( ) const

Check if the vertex was well reconstructed. Copy method of PCM group.

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 60 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

AliGenEventHeader * AliCaloTrackESDReader::GetGenEventHeader ( ) const
pointer to Generated event header (AliGenEventHeader)

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 92 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

AliESDtrackCuts* AliCaloTrackESDReader::GetTrackComplementaryCuts ( ) const

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 43 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

AliESDtrackCuts* AliCaloTrackESDReader::GetTrackCuts ( ) const

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 40 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

void AliCaloTrackESDReader::Init ( )

Init reader. Method to be called in AliAnaCaloTrackCorrMaker.

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 125 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

AliCaloTrackESDReader& AliCaloTrackESDReader::operator= ( const AliCaloTrackESDReader r)

Assignment operator not implemented.

Bool_t AliCaloTrackESDReader::SelectTrack ( AliVTrack *  track,
Double_t pTrack 

Select ESD track using the cuts declared in fESDtrackCuts. In case of hybrid tracks, 2 different sets of cuts defined.

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 137 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

void AliCaloTrackESDReader::SetInputOutputMCEvent ( AliVEvent *  esd,
AliAODEvent aod,
AliMCEvent *  mc 

Connect the data pointers.

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 200 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

void AliCaloTrackESDReader::SetTrackComplementaryCuts ( AliESDtrackCuts *  cuts)

Set Track cuts for complementary tracks (hybrids).

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 190 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

void AliCaloTrackESDReader::SetTrackCuts ( AliESDtrackCuts *  cuts)

Set Track cuts.

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 180 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.cxx.

void AliCaloTrackESDReader::SwitchOffConstrainTrackToVertex ( )

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 47 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

void AliCaloTrackESDReader::SwitchOnConstrainTrackToVertex ( )

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackReader.

Definition at line 46 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t AliCaloTrackESDReader::fConstrainTrack

Constrain Track to vertex.

Definition at line 53 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

Referenced by AliCaloTrackESDReader(), SelectTrack(), SwitchOffConstrainTrackToVertex(), and SwitchOnConstrainTrackToVertex().

AliESDtrackCuts* AliCaloTrackESDReader::fESDtrackComplementaryCuts

Track cut machinery for complementary cuts for hybrids.

Definition at line 55 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

Referenced by GetTrackComplementaryCuts(), SelectTrack(), SetTrackComplementaryCuts(), and ~AliCaloTrackESDReader().

AliESDtrackCuts* AliCaloTrackESDReader::fESDtrackCuts

Track cut machinery.

Definition at line 54 of file AliCaloTrackESDReader.h.

Referenced by GetTrackCuts(), Init(), SelectTrack(), SetTrackCuts(), and ~AliCaloTrackESDReader().

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