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20 class TH1;
21 class TH2;
22 class TH3F;
23 class THnSparse;
24 class TF1;
25 class TArrayI;
26 class TTree;
27 class TLorentzVector;
28 class AliAnalysisManager;
29 class AliVParticle;
30 class AliJetContainer;
35  public:
37  kMass = 0, //jet mass
38  kRatMPt = 1 //ratio mass/pt jet
39  };
41  kDet = 0, //detector level
42  kPart = 1 //particle level
43  };
46  AliAnalysisTaskJetShapeBase(const char *name);
50  void Terminate(Option_t *option);
52  //Setters
53  void SetCreateTree(Bool_t b) { fCreateTree = b ; }
59  void SetSingleTrackEmbedding(Bool_t b, Int_t min = 99999, Int_t max = 999999) { fSingleTrackEmb = b; fMinLabelEmb = min; fMaxLabelEmb = max; }
60  void SetRemoveOverlapTrackJet(Bool_t b, Double_t r) { fOverlap = b; fRadius = r; if(!fSingleTrackEmb) Printf("No effect, since fSingleTrackEmb is false"); }
63  void SetUseSumw2(Bool_t b) { fUseSumw2 = b ; }
64  void SetSmallSystRanges(Bool_t small = kTRUE) { fSmallSyst = small; }
65  void SetNamesForTree(TString path, TString treename, TString branchnameD, TString branchnameP) { fPathTreeinputFile = path; fTreeinputName = treename; fBranchJDetName = branchnameD; fBranchJParName = branchnameP;}
67  protected:
69  Bool_t Run();
70  //Bool_t FillHistograms();
72  AliVParticle* GetEmbeddedConstituent(AliEmcalJet *jet);
73  void SetTree(TTree *tree);
74  void SetTreeFromFile(TString filenameM, TString treename);
92  TLorentzVector *fJet1Vec;
93  TLorentzVector *fJet2Vec;
94  TLorentzVector *fJetSubVec;
112  THnSparse **fhnMassResponse;
113  //THnSparse **fhnDeltaMass; //!<! deltaM vs deltapT
115  THnSparse *fhnResolution;
116  TH1F *fhNJetsSelEv;
132  TLorentzVector *fVecD;
133  TLorentzVector *fVecP;
135  private:
137  AliAnalysisTaskJetShapeBase(const AliAnalysisTaskJetShapeBase&); // not implemented
141  ClassDef(AliAnalysisTaskJetShapeBase, 5);
143 };
144 #endif
TString fBranchJDetName
name of the detector level jet branch in the TTree
TTree * fTreeEmb
! tree with the TLorentzVector of the jet detector and particle level
TH3F ** fh3PtTrueDeltaMLeadPt
! true jet pT vs (Msub - Mtrue) vs LeadPt for matched jets
double Double_t
Definition: External.C:58
Definition: External.C:260
Definition: External.C:236
Bool_t fSmallSyst
flag for the axes ranges in pPb
Bool_t fUseSumw2
activate sumw2 for output histograms
void SetRemoveOverlapTrackJet(Bool_t b, Double_t r)
THnSparse * fhnDeltaMassAndBkgInfo
! DeltaM, DeltapT bkg-unsubtracted M and pT, rho and rhom
TCanvas * c
Definition: TestFitELoss.C:172
Int_t fThisEntry
current entry in the embedded TTree
TH3F * fhJetSubMatchEtaPhiPt
! eta, phi, pt distribution of jet subtracted and matched
TH3F ** fh3MSubPtTrueLeadPt
! subtracted jet mass vs true jet pT vs LeadPt for matched jets for matched jets
TH2F * fhJetEtaPhiOvl
! eta-phi distribution of the selected signal jets
Int_t fContainerOverlap
jets (jetO) with a pT cut selection to reject overlapping embedded single track (used only in single ...
TLorentzVector * fVecD
! vector with detector level jet
Int_t fMaxLabelEmb
max label of embedded particles
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
AliAnalysisTaskJetShapeBase & operator=(const AliAnalysisTaskJetShapeBase &)
void SetTreeFromFile(TString filenameM, TString treename)
float Float_t
Definition: External.C:68
Double_t fRadius
Radius that define overlap.
TLorentzVector * fJet1Vec
jet1(AA) vector
TString fBranchJParName
name of the detector level jet branch in the TTree
ResponseReference fResponseReference
true axis of response matrix
void SetNamesForTree(TString path, TString treename, TString branchnameD, TString branchnameP)
TH3F ** fh3MSubPtRawDRMatch
! subtracted jet mass vs subtracted jet pT vs distance to leading Pb-Pb jet
THnSparse ** fhnMassResponse
! Msub vs Mtrue vs PtCorr vs PtTrue vs DR
Double_t fMinFractionShared
only fill histos for jets if shared fraction larger than X
TH1F * fhNJetsSelEv
! number of selected signal jets per event
Bool_t fOverlap
activate the check on overlap between single particle embedded and jetO (jet with a pT of at least 5 ...
Bool_t Run()
Run function. This is the core function of the analysis and contains the user code. Therefore users have to implement this function.
TH3F ** fh3MTruePtTrueLeadPt
! true jet mass vs true jet pT vs LeadPt for matched jets for matched jets
void SetSmallSystRanges(Bool_t small=kTRUE)
JetMassVarType fJetMassVarType
observable to use
TH2F ** fh2MSubMatch
! subtracted jet mass vs match index (0: no match; 1:match)
THnSparse * fhnResolution
! Contains mass and pT resolution
Int_t fMatch
1: matched to MC jet; 0: no match
void SetJetMassVarType(JetMassVarType t)
TTree * fTreeJetBkg
! tree with jet and bkg variables
Definition: External.C:220
TH2F ** fh2MSubPtRawAll
! subtracted jet mass vs subtracted jet pT
Int_t fMaxTreeEntries
number of entries in the TTree
Int_t fMinLabelEmb
min label of embedded particles
Base task in the EMCAL jet framework.
Represent a jet reconstructed using the EMCal jet framework.
Definition: AliEmcalJet.h:51
AliVParticle * GetEmbeddedConstituent(AliEmcalJet *jet)
Int_t fNConst
N constituents in jet1.
TH2F * fhRjetTrvspTj
! distance in R between each jetO and embedded single track (those below fRadius are rejected) ...
const char Option_t
Definition: External.C:48
void SetSingleTrackEmbedding(Bool_t b, Int_t min=99999, Int_t max=999999)
bool Bool_t
Definition: External.C:53
TString fPathTreeinputFile
path to the file where the external input Tree is (can be from alien)
Int_t fContainerSub
subtracted jets to be analyzed
Bool_t RetrieveEventObjects()
Retrieve common objects from event.
Bool_t fFromTree
Input embedding from tree.
TLorentzVector * fJetSubVec
subtracted AA jet vector
void SetResponseReference(ResponseReference r)
TLorentzVector * fJet2Vec
jet2(probe) vector
TLorentzVector * fVecP
! vector with particle level jet
Bool_t fCreateTree
create output tree
TString fTreeinputName
name of the external input Tree
Int_t fContainerNoEmb
subtracted jets from Pb-Pb only events
Bool_t fSingleTrackEmb
single track embedding
Background fluctuation studies: dMdpT spectrum for PYTHIA and single track embedding.
Container for jet within the EMCAL jet framework.
Int_t fContainerBase
jets to be analyzed
Definition: External.C:196
TH3F ** fh3PtTrueDeltaMRelLeadPt
! true jet pT vs (Msub - Mtrue)/Mtrue vs LeadPt for matched jets
TH1F * fhptjetSMinusSingleTrack
! pT distribution of jets subtracting the pT of the embedded track