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AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation Class Reference

Daughter of AliCaloTrackParticle that includes correlation part. More...

#include <AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation:

Public Member Functions

 AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ()
 AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation (Double_t px, Double_t py, Double_t pz, Double_t e)
 AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation (TLorentzVector &p)
 AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation (AliCaloTrackParticle &p)
 AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation (const AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation &p)
virtual ~AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ()
virtual void Clear (const Option_t *)
virtual TObjArrayGetObjArray (TString refname) const
virtual TListGetObjArrayList () const
virtual void AddObjArray (TObjArray *refarray)
virtual Int_t GetLeadingDetector () const
virtual void SetLeadingDetector (Int_t d)
virtual TLorentzVector GetLeading () const
virtual void SetLeading (TLorentzVector lead)
virtual TLorentzVector GetCorrelatedJet () const
virtual void SetCorrelatedJet (TLorentzVector jet)
virtual TLorentzVector GetCorrelatedBackground () const
virtual void SetCorrelatedBackground (TLorentzVector bkg)
virtual void SetRefJet (AliAODJet *jet)
virtual AliAODJet * GetJet () const
virtual TRef GetRefJet () const
virtual void Print (Option_t *) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliCaloTrackParticle
 AliCaloTrackParticle ()
 AliCaloTrackParticle (Double_t px, Double_t py, Double_t pz, Double_t e)
 AliCaloTrackParticle (TLorentzVector &p)
virtual ~AliCaloTrackParticle ()
 AliCaloTrackParticle (const AliCaloTrackParticle &photon)
AliCaloTrackParticleoperator= (const AliCaloTrackParticle &photon)
TLorentzVector * GetMomentum () const
virtual void SetMomentum (TLorentzVector *lv)
Bool_t IsPIDOK (Int_t ipid, Int_t pdgwanted) const
Double_t GetPairMass (AliCaloTrackParticle *p) const
virtual Double_t Px () const
virtual Double_t Py () const
virtual Double_t Pz () const
virtual Double_t Pt () const
virtual Double_t P () const
virtual Bool_t PxPyPz (Double_t p[3]) const
virtual Double_t OneOverPt () const
virtual Double_t Phi () const
virtual Double_t Theta () const
virtual Double_t E () const
virtual Double_t M () const
virtual Double_t Eta () const
virtual Double_t Y () const
virtual Double_t Xv () const
virtual Double_t Yv () const
virtual Double_t Zv () const
virtual Bool_t XvYvZv (Double_t x[3]) const
virtual Short_t Charge () const
virtual const Double_tPID () const
Int_t PdgCode () const
virtual Int_t GetIdentifiedParticleType () const
virtual Int_t GetLabel () const
virtual Int_t GetCaloLabel (Int_t i) const
virtual Int_t GetTrackLabel (Int_t i) const
virtual UInt_t GetDetectorTag () const
virtual Bool_t GetDispBit () const
virtual Bool_t GetTOFBit () const
virtual Bool_t GetChargedBit () const
virtual Int_t DistToBad () const
virtual Int_t GetInputFileIndex () const
virtual Int_t GetFiducialArea () const
virtual Int_t GetTag () const
virtual Bool_t IsTagged () const
virtual Int_t DecayTag () const
virtual Bool_t IsIsolated () const
virtual Bool_t IsLeadingParticle () const
virtual Int_t GetNLM () const
virtual Float_t GetM02 () const
virtual Float_t GetM20 () const
virtual Float_t GetTime () const
virtual Int_t GetNCells () const
virtual Int_t GetSModNumber () const
virtual Float_t GetChargedLeadPtInCone () const
virtual Float_t GetNeutralLeadPtInCone () const
virtual Float_t GetChargedPtSumInCone () const
virtual Float_t GetNeutralPtSumInCone () const
virtual void SetIdentifiedParticleType (Int_t pdg)
virtual void SetLabel (Int_t l)
virtual void SetCaloLabel (Int_t a, Int_t b)
virtual void SetTrackLabel (Int_t a, Int_t b)
virtual void SetTrackLabel (Int_t a, Int_t b, Int_t c, Int_t d)
virtual void SetDetectorTag (UInt_t d)
virtual void SetDispBit (Bool_t disp)
virtual void SetTOFBit (Bool_t tof)
virtual void SetChargedBit (Bool_t ch)
virtual void SetDistToBad (Int_t dist)
virtual void SetInputFileIndex (Int_t i)
virtual void SetFiducialArea (Int_t a)
virtual void SetTag (Int_t tag)
virtual void SetTagged (Bool_t tag)
virtual void SetDecayTag (Int_t tag)
virtual void SetIsolated (Bool_t iso)
virtual void SetLeadingParticle (Bool_t l)
virtual void SetNLM (Int_t nlm)
virtual void SetM02 (Float_t m02)
virtual void SetM20 (Float_t m20)
virtual void SetTime (Float_t tim)
virtual void SetNCells (Int_t nce)
virtual void SetSModNumber (Int_t sm)
virtual void SetChargedLeadPtInCone (Float_t ptl)
virtual void SetNeutralLeadPtInCone (Float_t ptl)
virtual void SetChargedPtSumInCone (Float_t pts)
virtual void SetNeutralPtSumInCone (Float_t pts)
virtual void SetBtag (Int_t tag)
virtual Int_t GetBtag () const
void SetBTagBit (Int_t &tag, UInt_t set) const
 Set bit of type set (btagTypes) in tag. More...
Bool_t CheckBTagBit (Int_t tag, UInt_t test) const
 Check if in fBtag the bit test (btagTypes) is set (not in use). More...

Private Member Functions

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelationoperator= (const AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation &p)
 Assignment operator not implemented. More...

Private Attributes

Int_t fLeadingDetector
 Detector where leading particle was measured. More...
TLorentzVector fLeading
 Leading Particle 4-momentum vector on opposite side of trigger particle. More...
TLorentzVector fCorrJet
 Jet 4-momentum vector. More...
TLorentzVector fCorrBkg
 Background 4-momentum vector. More...
TRef fRefJet
 Reference to jet found with JETAN and correlated with particle. More...
 List with correlation reference arrays. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AliCaloTrackParticle
enum  btagTypes {
  kDVMTag0, kDVMTag1, kDVMTag2, kTransverseIPTag,

Detailed Description

Daughter of AliCaloTrackParticle that includes correlation part.

AOD objects class in use in the CaloTrackCorrelations analysis pacackge ($ALICE_PHYSICS/PWGGA/CaloTrackCorrelations). Common format for selected tracks or calorimeter clusters to give as input for different analysis. Basically it contains the particle kinematics and some detailed parameters of the calorimeter cluster and of the intermediate steps of the analysis.

Daughter of AliCaloTrackParticle, it includes correlations with respect this (trigger) object: jets, tracks.

First version in use before september 2017 in $ALICE_ROOT/STEEER/AOD/AliAODPWG4Particle

More information can be found in this twiki.

Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, LPSC-IN2P3-CNRS

Definition at line 35 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 27 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ( Double_t  px,
Double_t  py,
Double_t  pz,
Double_t  e 


pxparticle momentum in x
pyparticle momentum in y
pzparticle momentum in z
eparticle energy

particle: cluster or track

Definition at line 45 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ( TLorentzVector &  p)


pTLorentzVector of particle kinematics.

particle: cluster or track

Definition at line 63 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ( AliCaloTrackParticle p)


pAliCaloTrackParticle of particle kinematics and detector other inputs.

particle: cluster or track

Definition at line 78 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ( const AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation part)

Copy constructor

Definition at line 118 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::~AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation ( )


Definition at line 89 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::Clear ( const Option_t )

Clear object.

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackParticle.

Definition at line 102 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

virtual TLorentzVector AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::GetCorrelatedBackground ( ) const
virtual TLorentzVector AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::GetCorrelatedJet ( ) const
virtual AliAODJet* AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::GetJet ( ) const
virtual TLorentzVector AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::GetLeading ( ) const
virtual Int_t AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::GetLeadingDetector ( ) const
virtual TList* AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::GetObjArrayList ( ) const

Definition at line 53 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

virtual TRef AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::GetRefJet ( ) const

Definition at line 72 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation& AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::operator= ( const AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation p)

Assignment operator not implemented.

void AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::Print ( Option_t ) const

Assignment operator Print information of all data members.

Reimplemented from AliCaloTrackParticle.

Definition at line 146 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.cxx.

virtual void AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::SetCorrelatedBackground ( TLorentzVector  bkg)
virtual void AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::SetCorrelatedJet ( TLorentzVector  jet)
virtual void AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::SetLeading ( TLorentzVector  lead)
virtual void AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::SetLeadingDetector ( Int_t  d)
virtual void AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::SetRefJet ( AliAODJet *  jet)

Member Data Documentation

TLorentzVector AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::fCorrBkg

Background 4-momentum vector.

Definition at line 81 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

Referenced by GetCorrelatedBackground(), and SetCorrelatedBackground().

TLorentzVector AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::fCorrJet

Jet 4-momentum vector.

Definition at line 80 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

Referenced by GetCorrelatedJet(), and SetCorrelatedJet().

TLorentzVector AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::fLeading

Leading Particle 4-momentum vector on opposite side of trigger particle.

Definition at line 79 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

Referenced by GetLeading(), Print(), and SetLeading().

Int_t AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::fLeadingDetector

Detector where leading particle was measured.

Definition at line 78 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

Referenced by GetLeadingDetector(), Print(), and SetLeadingDetector().

TList* AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::fListOfObjArrays
TRef AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation::fRefJet

Reference to jet found with JETAN and correlated with particle.

Definition at line 82 of file AliCaloTrackParticleCorrelation.h.

Referenced by GetJet(), GetRefJet(), and SetRefJet().

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