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RunFileQA.C File Reference

Script to run a run QA. More...

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void RunFileQA (const char *input, const char *output=0, Int_t prodYear=0, const char *prodLetter="")

Detailed Description

Script to run a run QA.

Christian Holm Christensen cholm.nosp@m.@mas.nosp@m.ter.h.nosp@m.ehi..nosp@m.nbi.d.nosp@m.k
Fri Jan 6 11:43:37 2012

Definition in file RunFileQA.C.

Function Documentation

void RunFileQA ( const char *  input,
const char *  output = 0,
Int_t  prodYear = 0,
const char *  prodLetter = "" 

script to run a run QA. Note, on errors, the ROOT session is terminated

inputInput file
outputOutput tree file (optional)
prodYearProduction year
prodLetterProduction letter

Definition at line 21 of file RunFileQA.C.