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AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary Class Reference

Lightweight class that encapsulates D0. More...

#include <AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary:

Public Member Functions

 AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary ()
 AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary (const AliDmesonJetInfo &source)
virtual ~AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary ()
virtual void Reset ()
 Reset the object. More...
virtual void Set (const AliDmesonJetInfo &source)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0InfoSummary
 AliD0InfoSummary ()
 AliD0InfoSummary (const AliDmesonJetInfo &source)
virtual ~AliD0InfoSummary ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliDmesonInfoSummary
 AliDmesonInfoSummary ()
 AliDmesonInfoSummary (const AliDmesonJetInfo &source)
virtual ~AliDmesonInfoSummary ()

Public Attributes

Double32_t fDCA
 Distance of closest approach. More...
Double32_t fCosThetaStar
 Cosine of theta star. More...
Double32_t fPtK
 Transverse momentum of the kaon. More...
Double32_t fPtPi
 Transverse momentum of the pion. More...
Double32_t fd0K
 D0K. More...
Double32_t fd0Pi
 D0Pi. More...
Double32_t fd0d0
 D0K * D0Pi. More...
Double32_t fCosPointing
 Cosine of the pointing angle. More...
Double32_t fMaxNormd0
 max norm d0 More...
- Public Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0InfoSummary
Double32_t fInvMass
 Invariant mass of the D0 meson candidate in GeV/c2. More...
Double32_t fSelectionType
 Selection type: D0, D0bar, both. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliDmesonInfoSummary
Double32_t fPt
 Transverse momentum of the D meson in GeV/c. More...
Double32_t fEta
 Eta of the D meson. More...
Double32_t fPhi
 Phi of the D meson. More...

Detailed Description

Lightweight class that encapsulates D0.

This class encapsulates D0 jet information in a very compact data structure (143 bits) This is an extended version with additional variables used to implement topological cuts

Definition at line 345 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary ( )

Definition at line 347 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary ( const AliDmesonJetInfo source)

Constructor that uses an AliDmesonJetInfo as its source

sourceA const reference to a valid AliDmesonJetInfo object

Definition at line 564 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.cxx.

virtual AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::~AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary ( )

Definition at line 349 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Member Function Documentation

void AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::Reset ( )

Reset the object.

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0InfoSummary.

Definition at line 636 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.cxx.

void AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::Set ( const AliDmesonJetInfo source)

Set the current object using an instance of AliDmesonJetInfo as its source

sourceA const reference to a valid AliDmesonJetInfo object

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0InfoSummary.

Definition at line 580 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.cxx.

Referenced by AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary().

Member Data Documentation

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fCosPointing

Cosine of the pointing angle.

Definition at line 369 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fCosThetaStar

Cosine of theta star.

Definition at line 357 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fd0d0

D0K * D0Pi.

Definition at line 367 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fd0K


Definition at line 363 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fd0Pi


Definition at line 365 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fDCA

Distance of closest approach.

Definition at line 355 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fMaxNormd0

max norm d0

Definition at line 371 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fPtK

Transverse momentum of the kaon.

Definition at line 359 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

Double32_t AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets::AliD0ExtendedInfoSummary::fPtPi

Transverse momentum of the pion.

Definition at line 361 of file AliAnalysisTaskDmesonJets.h.

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