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AddTaskDstoK0sK.C File Reference
#include <algorithm>
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AliAnalysisTaskSEDstoK0sKAddTaskDstoK0sK (TString cutFileName, Bool_t fReadMC, Bool_t fFillNtuple, Bool_t fUseSelectionBit, Int_t AODProtection=0, TString suffixName="")

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskSEDstoK0sK* AddTaskDstoK0sK ( TString  cutFileName,
Bool_t  fReadMC,
Bool_t  fFillNtuple,
Bool_t  fUseSelectionBit,
Int_t  AODProtection = 0,
TString  suffixName = "" 

Definition at line 4 of file AddTaskDstoK0sK.C.