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EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC Class Reference

Test class for charged particle distributions (MC case) More...

#include <AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h>

Inheritance diagram for EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC:

Public Types

enum  BeamDirection_t { kpPb = 1, kPbp = -1 }
 Direction of the beams. More...
- Public Types inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
enum  EDataType_t { kUnknownDataType, kESD, kAOD }
 Switch for the data type. More...
enum  BeamType { kNA = -1, kpp = 0, kAA = 1, kpA = 2 }
 Switch for the beam type. More...
enum  TriggerType {
  kND = -1, kJ1 = 0, kJ2 = 1, kG1 = 2,
  kG2 = 3, kL0 = 4
 Switch for EMCAL trigger types. More...
enum  TriggerCategory {
  kTriggerLevel0 = 0, kTriggerLevel1Jet = 1, kTriggerLevel1Gamma = 2, kTriggerRecalcJet = 3,
  kTriggerRecalcGamma = 4
 Online trigger categories. More...
enum  EMCalTriggerMode_t { kNoSpecialTreatment, kOverlapWithLowThreshold }
 Handling of the EMCAL trigger thresholds. More...

Public Member Functions

 AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC ()
 Dummy constructor. More...
 AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC (const char *name)
 Main constructor. More...
virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC ()
 Destuctor. More...
void EnableSumw2 (Bool_t doEnable)
 Enable Sumw2 when creating the histograms. More...
void SetRapidityShift (Double_t yshift)
 Set rapidity shift originating from the asymmetric collision system. More...
void SetBeamDirection (BeamDirection_t beamdir)
void SetAnalysisUtil (AliAnalysisUtils *util)
void SetEMCALTrackSelection (AliEmcalTrackSelection *sel)
 Set the virtual track selection. More...
void SetEtaLabCut (double etamin, double etamax)
void SetEtaCMSCut (double etamin, double etamax)
void SetTrackPhiCut (double phimin, double phimax)
void SetMinPtTracks (Double_t minpt)
 Set minimum \( p_{t}\) used to select track candidate. More...
void SetOfflineTriggerSelection (AliEmcalTriggerOfflineSelection *sel)
 Set offline trigger selection. More...
void SetRequireTOFBunchCrossing (Bool_t doRequire)
 Require bunch crossing information of track obtained from TOF (if available) matches the bunch crossing ID of the event. More...
AliEmcalTriggerOfflineSelectionGetOfflineTriggerSelection () const
 Get the trigger offline selection. More...
void SetPlotPID (Bool_t plotPID)
 Enable PID-related plots. More...
void InitializeTrackCuts (TString cutname, bool isAOD)
void SetWeightHandler (const AliEMCalTriggerWeightHandler *wh)
void SetTriggerAcceptanceOADB (const TString &name)
void SetStudyEMCALgeo (Bool_t doStudy)
 Add histograms for tracks pointing to EMCAL supermodules. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcal ()
 Default constructor. More...
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcal (const char *name, Bool_t histo=kFALSE)
 Standard constructor. Should be used by the user. More...
virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskEmcal ()
 Destructor. More...
AliParticleContainerAddParticleContainer (const char *n)
 Create new particle container and attach it to the task. More...
AliTrackContainerAddTrackContainer (const char *n)
 Create new track container and attach it to the task. More...
AliMCParticleContainerAddMCParticleContainer (const char *n)
 Create new container for MC particles and attach it to the task. More...
AliClusterContainerAddClusterContainer (const char *n)
 Create new cluster container and attach it to the task. More...
void AdoptParticleContainer (AliParticleContainer *cont)
void AdoptTrackContainer (AliTrackContainer *cont)
void AdoptMCParticleContainer (AliMCParticleContainer *cont)
void AdoptClusterContainer (AliClusterContainer *cont)
AliParticleContainerGetParticleContainer (Int_t i=0) const
 Get \( i^{th} \) particle container attached to this task. More...
AliParticleContainerGetParticleContainer (const char *name) const
 Find particle container attached to this task according to its name. More...
AliClusterContainerGetClusterContainer (Int_t i=0) const
 Get \( i^{th} \) cluster container attached to this task. More...
AliClusterContainerGetClusterContainer (const char *name) const
 Find cluster container attached to this task according to its name. More...
AliMCParticleContainerGetMCParticleContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliMCParticleContainerGetMCParticleContainer (const char *name) const
AliTrackContainerGetTrackContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliTrackContainerGetTrackContainer (const char *name) const
void RemoveParticleContainer (Int_t i=0)
void RemoveClusterContainer (Int_t i=0)
void SetCaloCellsName (const char *n)
void SetCaloTriggerPatchInfoName (const char *n)
void SetCaloTriggersName (const char *n)
void SetCentRange (Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetCentralityEstimator (const char *c)
void SetClusPtCut (Double_t cut, Int_t c=0)
 Apply cut on \( p_{t} \) for all clusters in container with index c. More...
void SetClusTimeCut (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
 Apply cut on cluster time for clusters in container with index c. More...
void SetEventPlaneVsEmcal (Double_t ep)
void SetForceBeamType (BeamType f)
void SetHistoBins (Int_t nbins, Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetIsEmbedded (Bool_t i)
void SetIsPythia (Bool_t i)
void SetIsHerwig (Bool_t i)
void SetMakeGeneralHistograms (Bool_t g)
void SetGetPtHardBinFromPath (Bool_t docheck)
 Switch on/off getting \( p_{t,hard}\) bin from the file path. More...
void SetNumberOfPtHardBins (Int_t nbins)
 Set the number of \( p_{t}\)-hard bins. More...
void SetUserPtHardBinning (const TArrayI &binning)
 Set a non-standard \( p_{t}\)-hard binning. More...
void SetMCLabelShift (Int_t s)
void SetMinMCLabel (Int_t s)
void SetMinNTrack (Int_t min)
void SetZvertexDiffValue (Double_t cut)
void SetMinPtTrackInEmcal (Double_t min)
virtual void SetNCentBins (Int_t n)
void SetNeedEmcalGeom (Bool_t n)
void SetCountDownscaleCorrectedEvents (Bool_t d)
void SetOffTrigger (UInt_t t)
void SetTrackEtaLimits (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
 Apply cut on the pseudorapidity \( \eta \) of the all tracks in the track container with index c. More...
void SetTrackPhiLimits (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
 Apply cut on azimuthal angle \( \phi \) of the all tracks in the track container with index c. More...
void SetTrackPtCut (Double_t cut, Int_t c=0)
 Apply cut on the transverse momentum \( p_{t} \) of all tracks in the track container with index c. More...
void SetTrigClass (const char *n)
void SetMinBiasTriggerClassName (const char *n)
void SetTriggerTypeSel (TriggerType t)
void SetUseAliAnaUtils (Bool_t b, Bool_t bRejPilup=kTRUE)
void SetVzRange (Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetUseSPDTrackletVsClusterBG (Bool_t b)
void SetEMCalTriggerMode (EMCalTriggerMode_t m)
void SetUseNewCentralityEstimation (Bool_t b)
void SetGeneratePythiaInfoObject (Bool_t b)
void SetPythiaInfoName (const char *n)
const TStringGetPythiaInfoName () const
const AliEmcalPythiaInfoGetPythiaInfo () const
void SetUsePtHardBinScaling (Bool_t b)
void SetMCFilter ()
void ResetMCFilter ()
void SetJetPtFactor (Float_t f)
Float_t JetPtFactor ()
void SetClusterPtFactor (Float_t f)
Float_t ClusterPtFactor ()
void SetTrackPtFactor (Float_t f)
Float_t TrackPtFactor ()

Static Public Member Functions

AddTaskChargedParticlesRefMC (const TString &suffix)
AddTaskChargedParticlesRefMCDefault (const TString &cutname="standard")
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
static AliAODInputHandler * AddAODHandler ()
 Add an AOD handler to the analysis manager. More...
static AliESDInputHandler * AddESDHandler ()
 Add a ESD handler to the analysis manager. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
 Create the output histograms. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
void LoadPythiaInfo (AliVEvent *event)
 Load parton info. More...
void SetRejectionReasonLabels (TAxis *axis)
Bool_t AcceptCluster (AliVCluster *clus, Int_t c=0) const
 Cluster selection. More...
Bool_t AcceptTrack (AliVParticle *track, Int_t c=0) const
void AddObjectToEvent (TObject *obj, Bool_t attempt=kFALSE)
 Add object to event. More...
AliVParticle * GetAcceptParticleFromArray (Int_t p, Int_t c=0) const
 Get particle p if accepted from container with index c If particle not accepted return 0. More...
AliVCluster * GetAcceptClusterFromArray (Int_t cl, Int_t c=0) const
 Get cluster cl if accepted from container c If particle not accepted return 0. More...
TClonesArray * GetArrayFromEvent (const char *name, const char *clname=0)
 Read a TClonesArray from event. More...
BeamType GetBeamType () const
 Get beam type. More...
TClonesArray * GetParticleArray (Int_t i=0) const
 Get \( i^{th} \) TClonesArray with particles. More...
TClonesArray * GetClusterArray (Int_t i=0) const
 Get \( i^{th} \) TClonesArray with EMCAL clusters. More...
Int_t GetNParticles (Int_t i=0) const
 Get number of particles in container attached to this task with index i. More...
Int_t GetNClusters (Int_t i=0) const
 Get number of clusters in the cluster container attached to this task with index i. More...
AliEMCALTriggerPatchInfo * GetMainTriggerPatch (TriggerCategory triggersel=kTriggerLevel1Jet, Bool_t doSimpleOffline=kFALSE)
 Get main trigger match. More...
Bool_t HasTriggerType (TriggerType triggersel)
 Check if event has a given trigger type. More...
ULong_t GetTriggerList ()
 Get list of selected triggers of the given event. More...
Bool_t PythiaInfoFromFile (const char *currFile, Float_t &fXsec, Float_t &fTrials, Int_t &pthard)
 Loading PYTHIA information from external cross section file into the task. More...
Bool_t IsTrackInEmcalAcceptance (AliVParticle *part, Double_t edges=0.9) const
 Determines if a track is inside the EMCal acceptance. More...
void GeneratePythiaInfoObject (AliMCEvent *mcEvent)
 Copy some information about the Pythia event in a PythaInfo object. More...
Bool_t CheckMCOutliers ()
 Filter the mc tails in pt-hard distributions. More...
void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
 Main initialization function on the worker. More...
void UserExec (Option_t *option)
 Event loop, called for each event. More...
Bool_t UserNotify ()
 Notifying the user that the input data file has changed and performing steps needed to be done. More...
Bool_t FileChanged ()
 Steps to be executed when a few file is loaded into the input handler. More...
virtual void ExecOnce ()
 Perform steps needed to initialize the analysis. More...
virtual Bool_t FillGeneralHistograms ()
 Filling general histograms. More...
virtual Bool_t IsEventSelected ()
 Performing event selection. More...
virtual Bool_t RetrieveEventObjects ()
 Retrieve common objects from event. More...
virtual void RunChanged (Int_t)
 Process tasks relevant when a file with a different run number is processed. More...
virtual void UserExecOnce ()
 Task initializations handled in user tasks. More...
virtual void UserFileChanged ()
 Virtual method for user code to be executed when a file changed. More...
virtual Bool_t FillHistograms ()
 Function filling histograms. More...
virtual Bool_t Run ()
 Run function. This is the core function of the analysis and contains the user code. Therefore users have to implement this function. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
static void GetEtaPhiDiff (const AliVTrack *t, const AliVCluster *v, Double_t &phidiff, Double_t &etadiff)
 Calculate \(\phi\) and \(\eta\) difference between a track (t) and a cluster (c). More...
static Byte_t GetTrackType (const AliVTrack *t)
 Get track type encoded from bits 20 and 21. More...
static Byte_t GetTrackType (const AliAODTrack *aodTrack, UInt_t filterBit1, UInt_t filterBit2)
 Decode track type. More...
static Double_t DeltaPhi (Double_t phia, Double_t phib, Double_t rMin=-TMath::Pi()/2, Double_t rMax=3 *TMath::Pi()/2)
static Double_tGenerateFixedBinArray (Int_t n, Double_t min, Double_t max)
static void GenerateFixedBinArray (Int_t n, Double_t min, Double_t max, Double_t *array)
static Double_t GetParallelFraction (AliVParticle *part1, AliVParticle *part2)
 Calculates the fraction of momentum z of part 1 w.r.t. part 2 in the direction of part 2. More...
static Double_t GetParallelFraction (const TVector3 &vect1, AliVParticle *part2)
 Calculates the fraction of momentum z of vect 1 w.r.t. part 2 in the direction of part 2. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
TString fPythiaInfoName
 name of pythia info object More...
BeamType fForceBeamType
 forced beam type More...
Bool_t fGeneralHistograms
 whether or not it should fill some general histograms More...
Bool_t fLocalInitialized
 whether or not the task has been already initialized More...
Bool_t fFileChanged
 ! Signal triggered when the file has changed More...
Bool_t fCreateHisto
 whether or not create histograms More...
TString fCaloCellsName
 name of calo cell collection More...
TString fCaloTriggersName
 name of calo triggers collection More...
TString fCaloTriggerPatchInfoName
 trigger patch info array name More...
Double_t fMinCent
 min centrality for event selection More...
Double_t fMaxCent
 max centrality for event selection More...
Double_t fMinVz
 min vertex for event selection More...
Double_t fMaxVz
 max vertex for event selection More...
Double_t fTrackPtCut
 cut on track pt in event selection More...
Int_t fMinNTrack
 minimum nr of tracks in event with pT>fTrackPtCut More...
Double_t fZvertexDiff
 upper limit for distance between primary and SPD vertex More...
Bool_t fUseAliAnaUtils
 used for LHC13* data: z-vtx, Ncontributors, z-vtx resolution cuts More...
Bool_t fRejectPileup
 Reject pilup using function AliAnalysisUtils::IsPileUpEvent() More...
Bool_t fTklVsClusSPDCut
 Apply tracklet-vs-cluster SPD cut to reject background events in pp. More...
UInt_t fOffTrigger
 offline trigger for event selection More...
TString fTrigClass
 trigger class name for event selection More...
TString fMinBiasRefTrigger
 Name of the minmum bias reference trigger, used in the calculation of downscale-corrected event numbers. More...
TriggerType fTriggerTypeSel
 trigger type to select based on trigger patches More...
Int_t fNbins
 no. of pt bins More...
Double_t fMinBinPt
 min pt in histograms More...
Double_t fMaxBinPt
 max pt in histograms More...
Double_t fMinPtTrackInEmcal
 min pt track in emcal More...
Double_t fEventPlaneVsEmcal
 select events which have a certain event plane wrt the emcal More...
Double_t fMinEventPlane
 minimum event plane value More...
Double_t fMaxEventPlane
 maximum event plane value More...
TString fCentEst
 name of V0 centrality estimator More...
Bool_t fIsEmbedded
 trigger, embedded signal More...
Bool_t fIsPythia
 trigger, if it is a PYTHIA production More...
Bool_t fIsHerwig
 trigger, if it is a HERWIG production More...
Bool_t fGetPtHardBinFromName
 Obtain pt-hard bin from file path. More...
Int_t fSelectPtHardBin
 select one pt hard bin for analysis More...
Int_t fMinMCLabel
 minimum MC label value for the tracks/clusters being considered MC particles More...
Int_t fMCLabelShift
 if MC label > fMCLabelShift, MC label -= fMCLabelShift More...
Int_t fNcentBins
 how many centrality bins More...
Bool_t fNeedEmcalGeom
 whether or not the task needs the emcal geometry More...
TObjArray fParticleCollArray
 particle/track collection array More...
TObjArray fClusterCollArray
 cluster collection array More...
ULong_t fTriggers
 list of fired triggers More...
EMCalTriggerMode_t fEMCalTriggerMode
 EMCal trigger selection mode. More...
Bool_t fUseNewCentralityEstimation
 Use new centrality estimation (for 2015 data) More...
Bool_t fGeneratePythiaInfoObject
 Generate Pythia info object. More...
Bool_t fUsePtHardBinScaling
 Use \( p_{t}\)-hard bin scaling in merging. More...
Bool_t fUseXsecFromHeader
 ! Use cross section from header instead of pyxsec.root (purely transient) More...
Bool_t fMCRejectFilter
 enable the filtering of events by tail rejection More...
Bool_t fCountDownscaleCorrectedEvents
 Count event number corrected for downscaling. More...
Float_t fPtHardAndJetPtFactor
 Factor between ptHard and jet pT to reject/accept event. More...
Float_t fPtHardAndClusterPtFactor
 Factor between ptHard and cluster pT to reject/accept event. More...
Float_t fPtHardAndTrackPtFactor
 Factor between ptHard and track pT to reject/accept event. More...
Int_t fRunNumber
 !run number (triggering RunChanged() More...
AliAnalysisUtils * fAliAnalysisUtils
 !vertex selection (optional) More...
Bool_t fIsEsd
 !whether it's an ESD analysis More...
AliEMCALGeometry * fGeom
 !emcal geometry More...
TClonesArray * fTracks
 !tracks More...
TClonesArray * fCaloClusters
 !clusters More...
AliVCaloCells * fCaloCells
 !cells More...
AliVCaloTrigger * fCaloTriggers
 !calo triggers More...
TClonesArray * fTriggerPatchInfo
 !trigger patch info array More...
Double_t fCent
 !event centrality More...
Int_t fCentBin
 !event centrality bin More...
Double_t fEPV0
 !event plane V0 More...
Double_t fEPV0A
 !event plane V0A More...
Double_t fEPV0C
 !event plane V0C More...
Double_t fVertex [3]
 !event vertex More...
Double_t fVertexSPD [3]
 !event Svertex More...
Int_t fNVertCont
 !event vertex number of contributors More...
Int_t fNVertSPDCont
 !event SPD vertex number of contributors More...
BeamType fBeamType
 !event beam type More...
AliGenPythiaEventHeader * fPythiaHeader
 !event Pythia header More...
AliGenHerwigEventHeader * fHerwigHeader
 !event Herwig header More...
Float_t fPtHard
 !event \( p_{t}\)-hard More...
Int_t fPtHardBin
 !event \( p_{t}\)-hard bin More...
Int_t fPtHardBinGlobal
 !event \( p_{t}\)-hard bin, detected from filename More...
Bool_t fPtHardInitialized
 !flag whether the \( p_{t}\)-hard bin was initialized, purely for internal processing More...
Int_t fNPtHardBins
 Number of \( p_{t}\)-hard bins in the dataset. More...
TArrayI fPtHardBinning
 \( p_{t}\)-hard binning More...
Int_t fNTrials
 !event trials More...
Float_t fXsection
 !x-section from pythia header More...
 !event parton info More...
 !output list More...
 !incoming and selected events More...
 !total number of trials per pt hard bin after selection More...
 !total number of events per pt hard bin after selection More...
TProfile * fHistXsectionAfterSel
 !x section from pythia header More...
 !trials from pyxsec.root More...
 !total number of events per pt hard bin More...
TProfile * fHistXsection
 !x section from pyxsec.root More...
 ! \( p_{t}\)-hard distribution More...
 !Correlation between \( p_{t}\)-hard value and bin More...
 !Correlation between \( p_{t}\)-hard value and global bin More...
 !Correlation between global and local (per-event) \( p_{t}\)-hard bin More...
 !event centrality distribution More...
 !z vertex position More...
 !event plane distribution More...
 !book keep reasons for rejecting event More...
 !number of events in each trigger class More...
 !corrected number of events in each trigger class More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
static Double_t fgkEMCalDCalPhiDivide = 4.
 phi value used to distinguish between DCal and EMCal More...

Detailed Description

Test class for charged particle distributions (MC case)

Markus Fasel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
July 13, 2015

As generator of reference distributions this task is written as "must work", meaning as simple as possible and as independent as possible. Using only well-tested components. Objects responsible for further problems, i.e. the usage of THnSparse due to memory problems in several places, are forbidden.

Definition at line 42 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Direction of the beams.

In asymmetric collision systems the beam direction matters when calculating the rapidity in the cms-frame. The sign will be used to correct the rapidity shift.





Definition at line 52 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC ( )
EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC ( const char *  name)

Main constructor.

[in]nameName of the task

Definition at line 88 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.cxx.

EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::~AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC ( )


Definition at line 114 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC * EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::AddTaskChargedParticlesRefMC ( const TString suffix)

Preconfigure task. Intended for subwagon configuration inside the train.

[in]suffixSuffix of the subwagon
Preconfigured task

Definition at line 499 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.cxx.

AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC * EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::AddTaskChargedParticlesRefMCDefault ( const TString cutname = "standard")

Configure task fully with a default configuration. Not intended for subwagons

[in]cutnameName of the cut configuration
Fully-configured task

Definition at line 518 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.cxx.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::EnableSumw2 ( Bool_t  doEnable)

Enable Sumw2 when creating the histograms.

Attention: Enabling Sumw2 will increase memory consumption significantly. Option should only be used in case histograms are filled with a weight.

[in]doEnableIf true Sumw2 is enabled for all histograms

Definition at line 80 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

AliEmcalTriggerOfflineSelection* EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::GetOfflineTriggerSelection ( ) const

Get the trigger offline selection.

Providing access to the trigger offline selection. Note that it must be initialized from outside the task.

Trigger offline selection of this instance (nullptr if not defined)

Definition at line 170 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::InitializeTrackCuts ( TString  cutname,
bool  isAOD 

Initializing pre-defined track cuts based on a track cuts name. The virtual track selection is handled for ESDs or AODs according to whether isAOD is false or true

[in]cutnameName of the track cut configuration
[in]isAODSwitch distinguishing between ESD and AOD

Definition at line 451 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.cxx.

Referenced by UserCreateOutputObjects().

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetAnalysisUtil ( AliAnalysisUtils *  util)

Set AliAnalysisUtils object. It will be used in the event selection.

[in]utilAnalysis Utils object used in the event selection

Definition at line 102 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetBeamDirection ( BeamDirection_t  beamdir)

Define direction of the beams in the asymmetric collision system (p-Pb or Pb-p)

[in]beamdirDirection of the beams

Definition at line 96 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetEMCALTrackSelection ( AliEmcalTrackSelection sel)

Set the virtual track selection.

Assumes that the track selection object is already fully configured

[in]selVirtual track selection

Definition at line 110 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

Referenced by AddTaskChargedParticlesRefMCDefault(), and InitializeTrackCuts().

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetEtaCMSCut ( double  etamin,
double  etamax 

Define kinematic cut to particles and tracks on \( \eta \) in the cms frame. By default no cut is applied.

[in]etaminMin. allowed \( \eta \)
[in]etamaxMax. allowed \( \eta \)

Definition at line 126 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetEtaLabCut ( double  etamin,
double  etamax 

Define kinematic cut to particles and tracks on \( \eta \) in the lab frame. By default the accepted range is defined to be within [-0.8, 0.8].

[in]etaminMin. allowed \( \eta \)
[in]etamaxMax. allowed \( \eta \)

Definition at line 118 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetMinPtTracks ( Double_t  minpt)

Set minimum \( p_{t}\) used to select track candidate.

[in]minptMinimum \( p_{t}\)

Definition at line 139 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetOfflineTriggerSelection ( AliEmcalTriggerOfflineSelection sel)

Set offline trigger selection.

The trigger selection will be used to select events for the given trigger class given the presence of a patch with energy above threshold.

[in]selTrigger offline selection

Definition at line 149 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

Referenced by AddTaskChargedParticlesRefMCDefault().

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetPlotPID ( Bool_t  plotPID)

Enable PID-related plots.

Monitoring track counts for different particle species. Attention: PID plots are stored as THnSparses, therefore they might be big.

[in]plotPIDIf true then PID-related plots are enabled

Definition at line 181 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetRapidityShift ( Double_t  yshift)

Set rapidity shift originating from the asymmetric collision system.

The rapidity shift is applied to tracks in order to get the rapidity in the cms system.

[in]yshiftRapidity shift applied to tracks

Definition at line 90 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetRequireTOFBunchCrossing ( Bool_t  doRequire)

Require bunch crossing information of track obtained from TOF (if available) matches the bunch crossing ID of the event.

Pileup is not simulated in ALICE. This means on simulation level only the TOF matching is required in order to check the efficiency of the TOF matching

[in]doRequireIf true the track is only selected if it has a TOF match

Definition at line 160 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetStudyEMCALgeo ( Bool_t  doStudy)

Add histograms for tracks pointing to EMCAL supermodules.

[in]doStudyIf true histograms are added

Definition at line 209 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetTrackPhiCut ( double  phimin,
double  phimax 

Define kinematic cut the particles and tracks on \( \phi \) . By default no cut is applied.

[in]phiminMin. allowed \( \phi \)
[in]phimaxMax. allowed \( \phi \)

Definition at line 133 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetTriggerAcceptanceOADB ( const TString name)

Set the name of the OADB container with the trigger acceptance maps. It will be used in the trigger offline selection to mimic the acceptance profile observed in data.

[in]nameName of the OADB container with the trigger acceptance map

Definition at line 203 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::SetWeightHandler ( const AliEMCalTriggerWeightHandler wh)

Set external weight handler. The weight handler is used to handle cross section weights for different \( p_{t} \)-hard bins

[in]whWeight handler for \( p_{t} \)-hard bins

Definition at line 196 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.h.

void EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC::UserCreateOutputObjects ( )

Create the output histograms.

Histograms are available for three different categories

  1. Events
  2. Tracks
  3. Trigger jets Histograms are internally handled by a THistManager, and appended to the common output container.

Definition at line 120 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesRefMC.cxx.

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