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runAnalysisBC.C File Reference

Main function to run the bad channel analysis. More...

#include <TStopwatch.h>
#include <TROOT.h>
#include "BadChannelAna.h"
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void runAnalysisBC (Int_t nversion=-1, TString period="LHC15n", TString train="Train_603", TString trigger="INT7", Int_t runNum=245683, TString externalFile="", TString listName="runList.txt", TString workDir=".")

Detailed Description

Main function to run the bad channel analysis.

See for general documentation

Running the macro

use root -b to speed up (no canvas drawn)
root [1] .L runAnalysisBC.C++
root [2] runAnalysisBC(1,"LHC15o","Train_771","INT7",244918,"","GloballyGood.txt") //for merging to one runblock
root [2] runAnalysisBC(-1,"LHC15o","Train_771","INT7",244918,"244918_INT7Filtered.root","") //for single files

Eliane Epple, Yale University
June 29, 2017

Definition in file runAnalysisBC.C.

Function Documentation

void runAnalysisBC ( Int_t  nversion = -1,
TString  period = "LHC15n",
TString  train = "Train_603",
TString  trigger = "INT7",
Int_t  runNum = 245683,
TString  externalFile = "",
TString  listName = "runList.txt",
TString  workDir = "." 

definition of methods

Definition at line 30 of file runAnalysisBC.C.