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SimpledNdeta.C File Reference
#include <TStyle.h>
#include <TFile.h>
#include <TList.h>
#include <TH1.h>
#include <THStack.h>
#include <TLegend.h>
#include <TLegendEntry.h>
#include <TLatex.h>
#include <TLine.h>
#include <TString.h>
#include <TCanvas.h>
#include <TError.h>
#include <TColor.h>
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THStack * GetStack (const TList *list, const char *name, Int_t rebin)
TH1GetHist (const TList *list, const char *name, Int_t rebin)
THStack * AddStack (THStack *p, const TList *list, const char *name, Int_t rebin)
void BuildCentLegend (const TAxis *c)
void BuildLegend (const THStack *stack, const TAxis *c)
void AddInformation (TList *forward, bool prelim=true)
Double_t myFunc (Double_t *xp, Double_t *pp)
TH1MakeSysError (const TH1 *cen, const TH1 *fwd, Double_t sysErr=0.7)
void SimpledNdeta (Int_t what=0x5, Int_t rebin=5, const char *filename="forward_dndeta.root")

Function Documentation

void AddInformation ( TList forward,
bool  prelim = true 

Add additional information

forwardList of info
prelimPreliminary mark

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