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Here is a list of all modules:
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|oTrainSetup Examples
|oUtilities for Train setups
|\Analysis helpers
oGraphs with systematic errors
oInvestigation of time-between-events
oExternal code
|oExternal ROOT code
|\External AliROOT code
oPWGLF Forward analysis
|oScripts used in the analysis
||oAdd tasks to manager
|||\Valentina's code
||oMaker scripts
||oCorrection scripts
||oQuality Assurance scripts
||oFlow scripts
||\Test scripts
|oMonte-carlo code
|oMid-rapidity tracklet code for dN/deta
||odN/deta tasks
||\Flow tasks
| oEnergy Loss Fits
| oFlow
| oQuality Assurance
| odN/deta
| oMultiplicity Distributions
| |oSketch of @f$ P(N_{ch})@f$ analysis
| |\UnfoldMult stuff
| \AOD
oGammaConvPhoton conversion analysis package
oEMCALPerformanceAnalysis package for EMCal performance, calibrations tasks
|oEMCALPerfAddTaskMacrosAnalysis task configuration macros for EMCal performance package
|\EMCALOfflineMacrosMacros used for data analysis of train outputs for EMCal calibration
oPWGGA calorimeter photon/neutral mesons ID and Track/Jet CorrelationsAnalysis package for calorimeter PID and correlation with tracks or jets
|oCaloTrackCorr Analysis TasksAnalysis package for calorimeter PID and correlation with tracks, main analysis classes
|oCaloTrackCorr Analysis Configuration MacrosAnalysis task configuration macros for CaloTrackCorr package
|oCaloTrackCorr QA Configuration and Postprocessing MacrosAnalysis task configuration and postprocessing macros for CaloTrackCorr package devoted to QA
|\CaloTrackCorr Base ClassesAnalysis package for calorimeter PID and correlation with tracks, base classes
oThe EMCAL analysis frameworkAn analysis framework for EMCAL related studies
|oThe core EMCAL frameworkThe core EMCAL framework
|oEMCAL trigger frameworkThe EMCAL trigger framework
|oEMCAL framework tasksEMCAL framework tasks
|\Jet finding frameworkFramework for jet finding and analysis of jet-related observables
| \PWG-JE user tasksUser tasks using the EMCal jet framework
\HistmanagerHistogram manager and components needed to make it work