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AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor Class Reference

For Lc->V0 bachelor. More...

#include <AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor:

Public Types

enum  ELctoV0Sel { kCountK0Sp =0, kCountLambdapi =1 }
- Public Types inherited from AliCFVertexingHF
enum  DecayChannel {
  kD0toKpi = 2, kDStartoKpipi = 21, kLctoV0bachelor = 22, kDplustoKpipi = 31,
  kLctopKpi = 32, kDstoKKpi = 33, kD0toKpipipi = 4

Public Member Functions

 AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor ()
 AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor (TClonesArray *mcArray, UShort_t originDselection, Int_t lcDecay=0)
virtual ~AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor ()
Bool_t GetGeneratedValuesFromMCParticle (Double_t *)
Bool_t GetRecoValuesFromCandidate (Double_t *) const
Bool_t CheckMCChannelDecay () const
Bool_t SetRecoCandidateParam (AliAODRecoDecayHF *recoCand)
Double_t GetEtaProng (Int_t iProng) const
Double_t GetPtProng (Int_t iProng) const
virtual Bool_t SetLabelArray ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliCFVertexingHF
 AliCFVertexingHF ()
 AliCFVertexingHF (TClonesArray *mcArray, UShort_t originDselection)
 AliCFVertexingHF (const AliCFVertexingHF &c)
AliCFVertexingHFoperator= (const AliCFVertexingHF &c)
virtual ~AliCFVertexingHF ()
virtual void SetDecay3Prong (Int_t)
void SetFillFromGenerated (Bool_t flag)
Bool_t GetFillFromGenerated () const
void SetNVar (Int_t nVar)
void SetRecoPrimVertex (Double_t zPrimVertex)
void SetMCPrimaryVertex (Double_t zMCVertex)
void SetMCLabel (Int_t mcLabel)
Int_t GetMCLabel () const
void SetMCCandidateParam (Int_t label)
Int_t MCcquarkCounting (AliAODMCParticle *mcPart) const
Bool_t CheckMCPartFamily (AliAODMCParticle *, TClonesArray *) const
Int_t CheckOrigin () const
Bool_t CheckMCDaughters () const
Bool_t FillMCContainer (Double_t *containerInputMC)
Bool_t FillRecoContainer (Double_t *containerInput)
Bool_t MCAcceptanceStep () const
Bool_t MCRefitStep (AliAODEvent *aodEvent, AliESDtrackCuts **trackCuts) const
Bool_t RecoStep ()
Double_t GetPtCand () const
Double_t GetYCand (UInt_t pdg) const
Bool_t RecoAcceptStep (AliESDtrackCuts **trackCuts) const
Bool_t FillUnfoldingMatrix (UInt_t pdg, Double_t fill[4]) const
void SetNProngs (Int_t nProngs)
Int_t GetNProngs () const
void SetDselection (UShort_t originDselection)
UShort_t GetDselection ()
Int_t CheckReflexion (Char_t isSign)
void SetCentralityValue (Float_t centValue)
virtual void SetPtAccCut (Float_t *ptAccCut)
virtual void SetEtaAccCut (Float_t *etaAccCut)
virtual void SetAccCut (Float_t *ptAccCut, Float_t *etaAccCut)
virtual void SetAccCut ()
virtual void SetGeneratedDsOption (Int_t)
void SetFakeSelection (Int_t fakeSel)
Int_t GetFakeSelection ()
void SetRejectCandidateIfNotFromQuark (Bool_t opt)
void SetMultiplicity (Double_t multiplicity)
void SetConfiguration (Int_t configuration)

Protected Member Functions

Double_t Ctau (AliAODMCParticle *mcPartCandidate)
Bool_t FillVectorFromMCarray (AliAODMCParticle *mcPartDaughterBachelor, AliAODMCParticle *mcPartDaughterK0, Double_t *vectorMC)

Private Member Functions

 AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor (const AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor &c)
AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bacheloroperator= (const AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor &other)

Private Attributes

Int_t fGenLcOption

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from AliCFVertexingHF
TClonesArray * fmcArray
 mcArray candidate More...
AliAODMCParticle * fmcPartCandidate
 Reconstructed HF candidate. More...
Int_t fNDaughters
Int_t fNVar
Double_t fzPrimVertex
 get Number of variables for the container from the channel decay More...
Double_t fzMCVertex
 Reco z primary vertex. More...
Bool_t fFillFromGenerated
 MC z primary vertex. More...
UShort_t fOriginDselection
 flag to indicate whether data container should be filled More...
Bool_t fKeepDfromB
 flag to select D0 origins. 0 Only from charm 1 only from beauty 2 both from charm and beauty More...
Bool_t fKeepDfromBOnly
 flag for the feed down from b quark decay. More...
Int_t fmcLabel
 flag to keep only the charm particles that comes from beauty decays More...
Int_t fProngs
 results of the MatchToMC() More...
 n. of prongs More...
Float_t fCentValue
 centrality value More...
Int_t fFakeSelection
Float_t fFake
 fakes selection: 0 –> all, 1 –> non-fake, 2 –> fake More...
Bool_t fRejectIfNoQuark
 variable to indicate whether the D0 was a fake or not: 0 –> fake, 1 –> MC, 2 –> non-fake More...
Double_t fMultiplicity
 flag to remove events not geenrated with PYTHIA More...
Int_t fConfiguration
 multiplicity of the event More...

Detailed Description

For Lc->V0 bachelor.

Class for HF corrections as a function of many variables and steps

Author : A. De Caro

Definition at line 41 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.h.

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Definition at line 44 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor ( )

Definition at line 51 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor ( TClonesArray *  mcArray,
UShort_t  originDselection,
Int_t  lcDecay = 0 

Definition at line 58 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

virtual AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::~AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor ( )

Definition at line 52 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.h.

AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor ( const AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor c)

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::CheckMCChannelDecay ( ) const

Reimplemented from AliCFVertexingHF.

Definition at line 422 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Double_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::Ctau ( AliAODMCParticle *  mcPartCandidate)

Definition at line 674 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Bool_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::FillVectorFromMCarray ( AliAODMCParticle *  mcPartDaughterBachelor,
AliAODMCParticle *  mcPartDaughterK0,
Double_t vectorMC 
Double_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::GetEtaProng ( Int_t  iProng) const

Reimplemented from AliCFVertexingHF.

Definition at line 606 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Bool_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::GetGeneratedValuesFromMCParticle ( Double_t vectorMC)

Reimplemented from AliCFVertexingHF.

Definition at line 228 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Double_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::GetPtProng ( Int_t  iProng) const

Reimplemented from AliCFVertexingHF.

Definition at line 640 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Bool_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::GetRecoValuesFromCandidate ( Double_t vectorReco) const

Reimplemented from AliCFVertexingHF.

Definition at line 286 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor & AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::operator= ( const AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor other)

Definition at line 76 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Bool_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::SetLabelArray ( )

Reimplemented from AliCFVertexingHF.

Definition at line 726 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Bool_t AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor::SetRecoCandidateParam ( AliAODRecoDecayHF recoCand)

Reimplemented from AliCFVertexingHF.

Definition at line 89 of file AliCFVertexingHFLctoV0bachelor.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

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