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UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C File Reference

Update OADB file with energy recalibration factors. More...

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void UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib (const char *fileNameOADB="EMCALRecalib_input4test.root", const char *fileNameRecalibFactors="/cebaf/cebaf/EMCAL/calibPi0_run2/createOCDB_4_with2015data_Nov2016finalCalib/multiplyPi0CalibrationFactors_TextToHisto_Final.root")
void test (int runnumber=195345)


const int kNbSMEMCAL =10
const int kNbSMEMCALthird =2
const int kNbSMDCAL =6
const int kNbSMDCALthird =2
const int kNbSMtot =kNbSMEMCAL+kNbSMEMCALthird+kNbSMDCAL+kNbSMDCALthird

Detailed Description

Update OADB file with energy recalibration factors.

The histograms with energy recalibraton Factors are loaded and some TObjarrays are filled with these histograms. At the end, a OADB container is created receiving these arrays. This UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib updates the information of a original OADB file and writes the output to BetaRecalib.root///

Similar macro can be found in $ALICE_ROOT/EMCAL/macros/OADB

Gustavo Conesa Balbastre,, LPSC-CNRS ???
Marcel Figueredo,, Sao Paulo
Julien Faivre,, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C.

Function Documentation

void UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib ( const char *  fileNameOADB = "EMCALRecalib_input4test.root",
const char *  fileNameRecalibFactors = "/cebaf/cebaf/EMCAL/calibPi0_run2/createOCDB_4_with2015data_Nov2016finalCalib/multiplyPi0CalibrationFactors_TextToHisto_Final.root" 

Update OADB Container for EMCal energy recalibration factors from external file.

fileNameOADBOADB file name and path
fileNameRecalibFactorsname and path of input file with new factors

Definition at line 33 of file UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C.

Variable Documentation

const int kNbSMDCAL =6

Definition at line 4 of file UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C.

const int kNbSMDCALthird =2

Definition at line 5 of file UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C.

const int kNbSMEMCAL =10

Definition at line 2 of file UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C.

const int kNbSMEMCALthird =2

Definition at line 3 of file UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C.

Definition at line 6 of file UpdateEMCAL_OADB_Recalib.C.

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