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AliFlowEventStar Class Reference

#include <AliFlowEventStar.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliFlowEventStar:

Public Member Functions

 AliFlowEventStar ()
 AliFlowEventStar (const AliFlowEventStar &event)
 AliFlowEventStar (const AliStarEvent *event, const AliStarTrackCuts *rpCuts=NULL, const AliStarTrackCuts *poiCuts=NULL)
AliFlowEventStaroperator= (const AliFlowEventStar &event)
virtual ~AliFlowEventStar ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliFlowEventSimple
 AliFlowEventSimple ()
 AliFlowEventSimple (Int_t nParticles, ConstructionMethod m=kEmpty, TF1 *ptDist=NULL, Double_t phiMin=0.0, Double_t phiMax=TMath::TwoPi(), Double_t etaMin=-1.0, Double_t etaMax=1.0)
 AliFlowEventSimple (TTree *anInput, const AliFlowTrackSimpleCuts *rpCuts, const AliFlowTrackSimpleCuts *poiCuts)
 AliFlowEventSimple (const AliFlowEventSimple &anEvent)
AliFlowEventSimpleoperator= (const AliFlowEventSimple &anEvent)
virtual ~AliFlowEventSimple ()
Bool_t IsFolder () const
void Browse (TBrowser *b)
void Print (Option_t *option="") const
Int_t NumberOfTracks () const
Int_t GetReferenceMultiplicity () const
void SetReferenceMultiplicity (Int_t m)
Int_t GetEventNSelTracksRP () const
void SetEventNSelTracksRP (Int_t nr)
Int_t GetEventNSelTracksPOI () const
void SetEventNSelTracksPOI (Int_t np)
Int_t GetNumberOfRPs () const
void SetNumberOfRPs (Int_t nr)
Int_t GetNumberOfPOIs (Int_t i=1) const
void SetNumberOfPOIs (Int_t nubmerOfPOIs, Int_t poiType=1)
void IncrementNumberOfPOIs (Int_t poiType=1)
void SetUseGlauberMCSymmetryPlanes ()
void SetUseExternalSymmetryPlanes (TF1 *gPsi1Psi3=0x0, TF1 *gPsi2Psi4=0x0, TF1 *gPsi3Psi5=0x0)
void SetPsi1 (Double_t gPsi1)
void SetPsi2 (Double_t gPsi2)
void SetPsi3 (Double_t gPsi3)
void SetPsi4 (Double_t gPsi4)
void SetPsi5 (Double_t gPsi5)
Double_t GetPsi1 () const
Double_t GetPsi2 () const
Double_t GetPsi3 () const
Double_t GetPsi4 () const
Double_t GetPsi5 () const
Double_t GetMCReactionPlaneAngle () const
void SetMCReactionPlaneAngle (Double_t fPhiRP)
Bool_t IsSetMCReactionPlaneAngle () const
void SetAfterBurnerPrecision (Double_t p)
Double_t GetAfterBurnerPrecision () const
void SetUserModified (Bool_t s=kTRUE)
Bool_t IsUserModified () const
void SetShuffleTracks (Bool_t b)
void ShuffleTracks ()
void ResolutionPt (Double_t res)
void TagSubeventsInEta (Double_t etaMinA, Double_t etaMaxA, Double_t etaMinB, Double_t etaMaxB)
void TagSubeventsByCharge ()
void TagRP (const AliFlowTrackSimpleCuts *cuts)
void TagPOI (const AliFlowTrackSimpleCuts *cuts, Int_t poiType=1)
void TagTracks (const AliFlowTrackSimpleCuts *cutsRP, const AliFlowTrackSimpleCuts *cutsPOI)
void CloneTracks (Int_t n)
void AddV1 (Double_t v1)
void AddV2 (Double_t v2)
void AddV3 (Double_t v3)
void AddV4 (Double_t v4)
void AddV5 (Double_t v5)
void AddFlow (Double_t v1, Double_t v2, Double_t v3, Double_t v4, Double_t v5)
void AddFlow (Double_t v1, Double_t v2, Double_t v3, Double_t v4, Double_t v5, Double_t rp1, Double_t rp2, Double_t rp3, Double_t rp4, Double_t rp5)
void AddV2 (TF1 *ptDepV2)
void AddV2 (TF2 *ptEtaDepV2)
void DefineDeadZone (Double_t etaMin, Double_t etaMax, Double_t phiMin, Double_t phiMax)
Int_t CleanUpDeadTracks ()
virtual void ClearFast ()
AliFlowTrackSimpleGetTrack (Int_t i)
void AddTrack (AliFlowTrackSimple *track)
void TrackAdded ()
AliFlowTrackSimpleMakeNewTrack ()
virtual AliFlowVector GetQ (Int_t n=2, TList *weightsList=NULL, Bool_t usePhiWeights=kFALSE, Bool_t usePtWeights=kFALSE, Bool_t useEtaWeights=kFALSE)
virtual void Get2Qsub (AliFlowVector *Qarray, Int_t n=2, TList *weightsList=NULL, Bool_t usePhiWeights=kFALSE, Bool_t usePtWeights=kFALSE, Bool_t useEtaWeights=kFALSE)
virtual void GetZDC2Qsub (AliFlowVector *Qarray)
virtual void SetZDC2Qsub (Double_t *QVC, Double_t MC, Double_t *QVA, Double_t MA)
virtual void GetV02Qsub (AliFlowVector *Qarray, Int_t har)
virtual void SetV02Qsub (Double_t QVCx, Double_t QVCy, Double_t MC, Double_t QVAx, Double_t QVAy, Double_t MA, Int_t har)
virtual void SetVertexPosition (Double_t *pos)
virtual void GetVertexPosition (Double_t *pos)
void SetCentrality (Double_t c)
Double_t GetCentrality () const
void SetCentralityCL1 (Double_t c)
Double_t GetCentralityCL1 () const
void SetNITSCL1 (Double_t c)
Double_t GetNITSCL1 () const
void SetCentralityTRK (Double_t c)
Double_t GetCentralityTRK () const
void SetRun (Int_t const run)
Int_t GetRun () const
void SetZNCQ0 (Double_t const en)
Double_t GetZNCQ0 () const
void SetZNAQ0 (Double_t const en)
Double_t GetZNAQ0 () const
void SetZNCEnergy (Double_t const en)
Double_t GetZNCEnergy () const
void SetZNAEnergy (Double_t const en)
Double_t GetZNAEnergy () const
void SetAbsOrbit (UInt_t const en)
UInt_t GetAbsOrbit () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AliFlowEventSimple
enum  ConstructionMethod { kEmpty, kGenerate }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliFlowEventSimple
static TF1 * SimplePtSpectrum ()
static TF1 * SimplePtDepV2 ()
static TF2 * SimplePtEtaDepV2 ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliFlowEventSimple
virtual void Generate (Int_t nParticles, TF1 *ptDist=NULL, Double_t phiMin=0.0, Double_t phiMax=TMath::TwoPi(), Double_t etaMin=-1.0, Double_t etaMax=1.0)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliFlowEventSimple
Int_t fReferenceMultiplicity
Int_t fNumberOfTracks
Bool_t fUseGlauberMCSymmetryPlanes
Bool_t fUseExternalSymmetryPlanes
Double_t fPsi1
Double_t fPsi2
Double_t fPsi3
Double_t fPsi4
Double_t fPsi5
TF1 * fPsi1Psi3
TF1 * fPsi2Psi4
TF1 * fPsi3Psi5
Double_t fMCReactionPlaneAngle
Bool_t fMCReactionPlaneAngleIsSet
Double_t fAfterBurnerPrecision
Bool_t fUserModified
TParameter< Int_t > * fNumberOfTracksWrap
TParameter< Int_t > * fNumberOfRPsWrap
 number of tracks in TBrowser More...
TParameter< Int_t > * fNumberOfPOIsWrap
 number of tracks that have passed the RP selection in TBrowser More...
TParameter< Double_t > * fMCReactionPlaneAngleWrap
 number of tracks that have passed the POI selection in TBrowser More...
 the angle of the reaction plane from the MC truth in TBrowser More...
Bool_t fShuffleTracks
 placeholder for randomized indexes More...
Double_t fCentrality
 cache the particles with daughters More...
Double_t fCentralityCL1
Double_t fNITSCL1
Double_t fCentralityTRK
Int_t fRun
AliFlowVector fZNCQ
AliFlowVector fZNAQ
AliFlowVector fV0C [4]
AliFlowVector fV0A [4]
Double_t fZNCQ0
Double_t fZNAQ0
Double_t fZNCM
Double_t fZNAM
Double_t fVtxPos [3]
UInt_t fAbsOrbit

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file AliFlowEventStar.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliFlowEventStar::AliFlowEventStar ( )
AliFlowEventStar::AliFlowEventStar ( const AliFlowEventStar event)

Definition at line 44 of file AliFlowEventStar.cxx.

AliFlowEventStar::AliFlowEventStar ( const AliStarEvent event,
const AliStarTrackCuts rpCuts = NULL,
const AliStarTrackCuts poiCuts = NULL 

Definition at line 59 of file AliFlowEventStar.cxx.

virtual AliFlowEventStar::~AliFlowEventStar ( )

Definition at line 28 of file AliFlowEventStar.h.

Member Function Documentation

AliFlowEventStar & AliFlowEventStar::operator= ( const AliFlowEventStar event)

Definition at line 51 of file AliFlowEventStar.cxx.

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