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1 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
2 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
3 /* $Id$ */
5 /*****************************************************************
6  AliStarTrack: Track container for a star track
8  origin: Mikolaj Krzewicki (
9 *****************************************************************/
14 #include <TObject.h>
16 class AliStarTrack : public TObject {
18  public:
19  AliStarTrack();
20  AliStarTrack( const Float_t* params );
21  AliStarTrack( const AliStarTrack& track );
22  AliStarTrack& operator=( const AliStarTrack& track );
23  virtual ~AliStarTrack() {}
24  virtual AliStarTrack* Clone( const char* option="" ) const;
25  virtual void Print( Option_t* option = "" ) const;
27  Int_t GetID() const {return (Int_t)fParams[0];}
28  Int_t GetCharge() const {return (Int_t)fParams[1];}
29  Float_t GetEta() const {return fParams[2];}
30  Float_t GetPhi() const {return fParams[3];}
31  Float_t GetPt() const {return fParams[4];}
32  Int_t Charge() const {return (Int_t)fParams[1];}
33  Float_t Eta() const {return fParams[2];}
34  Float_t Phi() const {return fParams[3];}
35  Float_t Pt() const {return fParams[4];}
36  Float_t GetDCA() const {return fParams[5];}
37  Int_t GetNHits() const {return (Int_t)fParams[6];}
38  Int_t GetNHitsFit() const {return (Int_t)fParams[7];}
39  Int_t GetNHitsPoss() const {return (Int_t)fParams[8];}
40  Int_t GetNHitsDedx() const {return (Int_t)fParams[9];}
41  Float_t GetdEdx() const {return fParams[10];}
42  Float_t GetNSigElect() const {return fParams[11];}
43  Float_t GetNSigPi() const {return fParams[12];}
44  Float_t GetNSigK() const {return fParams[13];}
45  Float_t GetNSigProton() const {return fParams[14];}
46  const Float_t* GetParams() const {return fParams;}
47  Int_t PID() const;
49  void SetID( const Int_t p) { fParams[0]=(Float_t)p;}
50  void SetCharge( const Int_t p) { fParams[1]=(Float_t)p;}
51  void SetEta( const Float_t p) { fParams[2]=p;}
52  void SetPhi( const Float_t p) { fParams[3]=p;}
53  void SetPt( const Float_t p) { fParams[4]=p;}
54  void SetDCA( const Float_t p) { fParams[5]=p;}
55  void SetNHits( const Int_t p) { fParams[6]=(Float_t)p;}
56  void SetNHitsFit( const Int_t p) { fParams[7]=(Float_t)p;}
57  void SetNHitsPoss( const Int_t p) { fParams[8]=(Float_t)p;}
58  void SetNHitsDedx( const Int_t p) { fParams[9]=(Float_t)p;}
59  void SetdEdx( const Float_t p) { fParams[10]=p;}
60  void SetNSigElect( const Float_t p) { fParams[11]=p;}
61  void SetNSigPi( const Float_t p) { fParams[12]=p;}
62  void SetNSigK( const Float_t p) { fParams[13]=p;}
63  void SetNSigProton( const Float_t p) { fParams[14]=p;}
64  void SetParams( const Float_t* params );
66  private:
67  static const Int_t fgkNparams = 15; //number of params
70  ClassDef(AliStarTrack,1) // Base class
72 };
74 #endif
virtual ~AliStarTrack()
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:23
void SetNHitsPoss(const Int_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:57
Float_t GetPt() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:31
Int_t GetCharge() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:28
Float_t Phi() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:34
void SetNHitsFit(const Int_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:56
Float_t GetNSigPi() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:43
Float_t Pt() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:35
void SetCharge(const Int_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:50
Float_t GetPhi() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:30
Float_t GetDCA() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:36
Int_t Charge() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:32
Float_t GetNSigProton() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:45
static const Int_t fgkNparams
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:67
void SetNSigPi(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:61
void SetPhi(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:52
Int_t GetNHitsFit() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:38
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
void SetNSigK(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:62
float Float_t
Definition: External.C:68
Float_t GetNSigK() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:44
void SetPt(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:53
Int_t GetNHits() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:37
Int_t PID() const
void SetParams(const Float_t *params)
void SetNSigElect(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:60
virtual void Print(Option_t *option="") const
Float_t Eta() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:33
const Float_t * GetParams() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:46
Int_t GetNHitsPoss() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:39
void SetNSigProton(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:63
virtual AliStarTrack * Clone(const char *option="") const
AliStarTrack & operator=(const AliStarTrack &track)
Int_t GetID() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:27
void SetNHits(const Int_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:55
void SetID(const Int_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:49
Int_t GetNHitsDedx() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:40
void SetNHitsDedx(const Int_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:58
Float_t fParams[fgkNparams]
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:68
Float_t GetNSigElect() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:42
Float_t GetEta() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:29
Float_t GetdEdx() const
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:41
const char Option_t
Definition: External.C:48
void SetDCA(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:54
void SetdEdx(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:59
void SetEta(const Float_t p)
Definition: AliStarTrack.h:51