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AddTaskMuonResolution.C File Reference
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AliAnalysisTaskMuonResolutionAddTaskMuonResolution (Double_t minMomentum=0., Double_t minPt=0., Bool_t correctForSystematics=kTRUE, Int_t extrapMode=1)

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskMuonResolution* AddTaskMuonResolution ( Double_t  minMomentum = 0.,
Double_t  minPt = 0.,
Bool_t  correctForSystematics = kTRUE,
Int_t  extrapMode = 1 

Add AliAnalysisTaskMuonResolution to the train (Philippe Pillot)

Definition at line 1 of file AddTaskMuonResolution.C.

Referenced by CreateAnalysisTrain().