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1 #ifndef AliAnalysisTaskEmcalDijetImbalance_H
2 #define AliAnalysisTaskEmcalDijetImbalance_H
14 /* Copyright(c) 1998-2016, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
15  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
17 class AliPHOSGeometry;
19 #include "THistManager.h"
21 #include "AliEventCuts.h"
25  public:
27  // Struct to store all relevant info of a di-jet pair
28  struct Dijet_t {
30  assJet(0), assJetPt(0), assJetPhi(0), assJetEta(0), isAccepted(kFALSE), deltaPhi(0), deltaEta(0), AJ(0), xJ(0), kTy(0) {}
53  assJet=0; assJetPt=0; assJetPhi=0; assJetEta=0; isAccepted=kFALSE; deltaPhi=0; deltaEta=0; AJ=0; xJ=0; kTy=0;}
54  };
56  enum ClusterType {
57  kNA = -1,
58  kEMCal = 0,
59  kDCal = 1,
60  kPHOS = 2
61  };
64  AliAnalysisTaskEmcalDijetImbalance(const char *name) ;
68  void LoadBackgroundScalingHistogram(const char* path = "alien:///alice/", const char* name = "hBackgroundScalingWeights");
70  // Setters
72  void SetMaxPt(Double_t d) { fMaxPt = d; }
78  void SetDoGeometricalMatching(Bool_t b, Double_t r, Double_t trackThresh, Double_t clusThresh)
89  void SetNEtaBins(Int_t n) { fNEtaBins = n; }
90  void SetNPhiBins(Int_t n) { fNPhiBins = n; }
97  protected:
98  void ExecOnce() ;
100  Bool_t Run() ;
102  void RunChanged(Int_t run) ;
104  // Analysis and plotting functions
105  void GenerateHistoBins() ;
106  void AllocateJetHistograms() ;
111  void AllocateCaloHistograms() ;
113  void FindDijet(AliJetContainer* jetCont, Int_t leadingHadronCutBin);
114  void ComputeBackground(AliJetContainer* jetCont) ;
115  void DoMomentumBalance(TString histname) ;
116  void DoGeometricalMatching() ;
117  void DoTriggerSimulation() ;
118  void FindMatchingDijet(AliJetContainer* jetCont) ;
119  void FillJetHistograms() ;
122  void FillMomentumBalanceHistograms(TString histname, Double_t deltaPhi, Double_t trackPt, Double_t balancePt);
124  void FillCaloHistograms() ;
125  void FillTriggerSimHistograms() ;
127  // Utility functions
131  Double_t GetDeltaR(AliTLorentzVector* part, Double_t etaRef, Double_t phiRef);
133  Double_t GetFcross(AliVCluster *cluster, AliVCaloCells *cells);
135  // Analysis parameters
150  // Analysis configuration and plotting options
167  // Plotting parameters
174  // Event selection
176  AliEventCuts fEventCuts;
180  // Trigger parameters
186  // Phos geometry (only needed for cluster studies)
187  AliPHOSGeometry* fPHOSGeo;
189  // Hist manager
192  private:
199 };
200 #endif
AliEmcalJet * GetLeadingJet(AliJetContainer *jetCont)
TH1D * fGapJetScalingWeights
Histogram storing eta-phi weights scaling jets near the gap region.
Int_t fNPhiBins
Number of phi bins in DCal region (for background/correction)
Int_t fNPtHistBins
! number of variable pt bins
double Double_t
Definition: External.C:58
Bool_t fUseManualEventCuts
Flag to use manual event cuts.
Bool_t fUseAliEventCuts
Flag to use AliEventCuts (otherwise AliAnalysisTaskEmcal will be used)
Int_t fNEtaBins
Number of eta bins in DCal region (for background/correction)
Bool_t fPlotJetHistograms
Set whether to enable inclusive jet histograms.
TList * fEventCutList
! Output list for event cut histograms
Double_t fDijetLeadingHadronPt
leading hadron pT threshold for leading jet in dijet
void SetDoGeometricalMatching(Bool_t b, Double_t r, Double_t trackThresh, Double_t clusThresh)
Bool_t fkEMCEJE
! flag telling whether the event is "triggered" or not in "simulation"
Double_t fMedianEMCal
! median patch energy in EMCal, per event
Double_t fMedianDCal
! median patch energy in DCal, per event
Double_t fMinAssJetPt
subleading jet min pT in a dijet pair, for it to be accepted
Bool_t fDoMomentumBalance
Set whether to enable momentum balance study.
void FindDijet(AliJetContainer *jetCont, Int_t leadingHadronCutBin)
Bool_t fPlotDijetImbalanceHistograms
Set whether to enable dijet imbalance histograms.
AliEventCuts fEventCuts
event selection utility
Bool_t fPlotClusWithoutNonLinCorr
If true, use pre-nonlincorr energy in cluster thnsparse.
Dijet_t fDijet
! dijet candidate (per event)
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
Double_t GetDeltaR(AliEmcalJet *jet1, AliEmcalJet *jet2)
float Float_t
Definition: External.C:68
Double_t fClusterConstituentThreshold
constituent threshold for matching study
Bool_t fDoTriggerSimulation
Set whether to perform a simple trigger simulation.
Definition: External.C:212
Double_t fDeltaPhiMin
minimum delta phi between di-jets
Double_t fMBUpscaleFactor
! inverse of downscale factor, for MB trigger
Bool_t fComputeBackground
Set whether to enable study of background.
Double_t GetJetPt(AliJetContainer *jetCont, AliEmcalJet *jet)
Double_t GetFcross(AliVCluster *cluster, AliVCaloCells *cells)
void FillMomentumBalanceHistograms(TString histname, Double_t deltaPhi, Double_t trackPt, Double_t balancePt)
Bool_t fComputeMBDownscaling
Set whether to compute and plot MB downscaling factors.
AliAnalysisTaskEmcalDijetImbalance & operator=(const AliAnalysisTaskEmcalDijetImbalance &)
Bool_t fLoadBackgroundScalingWeights
Flag to load eta-phi weights for full-jet background scale factors.
Bool_t fPlotClusterTHnSparse
Set whether to plot cluster thnsparse in calo studies.
Base task in the EMCAL jet framework.
Bool_t fDoGeometricalMatching
Set whether to enable constituent study with geometrical matching.
Represent a jet reconstructed using the EMCal jet framework.
Definition: AliEmcalJet.h:44
Container class for histograms.
Definition: THistManager.h:99
Bool_t fPlotClustersInJets
Set whether to plot histogram of clusters within jets.
Dijet_t fMatchingDijet
! low-threshold matching dijet, for matching study
bool Bool_t
Definition: External.C:53
Bool_t fPlotExotics
Set whether to plot exotic cluster study.
Double_t fTrackConstituentThreshold
constituent threshold for matching study
TH1D * fBackgroundScalingWeights
Histogram storing eta-phi weights for full-jet background scale factors.
Double_t fMinTrigJetPt
leading jet min pT in a dijet pair
Bool_t fPlotNeutralJets
Set whether to plot neutral jet histo.
Container for jet within the EMCAL jet framework.
Bool_t fPlotDijetCandHistograms
Set whether to enable dijet pair histograms.
void LoadBackgroundScalingHistogram(const char *path="alien:///alice/", const char *name="hBackgroundScalingWeights")
Bool_t fDoCaloStudy
Set whether to perform calorimeter detector study.