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AliTHnBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for AliTHnBase, including all inherited members.

AliTHnBase(const Char_t *name, const Char_t *title, const Int_t nSelStep, const Int_t nVarIn, const Int_t *nBinIn)AliTHnBaseinline
DeleteContainers()=0AliTHnBasepure virtual
Fill(const Double_t *var, Int_t istep, Double_t weight=1.)=0AliTHnBasepure virtual
FillContainer(AliCFContainer *cont)=0AliTHnBasepure virtual
FillParent()=0AliTHnBasepure virtual
GetSumw2(Int_t step)=0AliTHnBasepure virtual
GetValues(Int_t step)=0AliTHnBasepure virtual
ReduceAxis()=0AliTHnBasepure virtual