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SPDComparison.C File Reference

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void SPDComparison (const char *esddir, Int_t nEvents=-1)
void DrawSPDComparison (const char *filename="spd_comps.root")

Function Documentation

void DrawSPDComparison ( const char *  filename = "spd_comps.root")

Draw results


Definition at line 520 of file SPDComparison.C.

Referenced by SPDComparison().

void SPDComparison ( const char *  esddir,
Int_t  nEvents = -1 

A task to do a comparison between tracklets and clusers in the SPD

Since the class SPDComparisonTask derives from a compiled class (AliAnalysisTaskSE) we need to compile that code. The script will, when executed in the AliROOT prompt load it self again and byte compile it with the preprocessor flag BUILD defined. \

The preprocessor define BUILD is not defined at first, when the script is loaded using

*   Root> .x SPDComparison.C 

which means that CINT will only see the function SPDComparison. In that function, we define the BUILD preprocessor symbol

gSystem->AddIncludePath("-DBUILD=1 ...");

and then ACLic compile ourselves


But since BUILD is now defined, it means that ACLic will only see the class and not the function SPDComparison.

This trick hinges on that when you initially load the script and when it is done inside the script it is done using two distinct paths - otherwise ROOT will try to unload the script first, and that fails. Run the analysis

esddirInput directory
nEventsNumber of events, negative means all

Definition at line 452 of file SPDComparison.C.