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AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts Class Reference

Implementation of the AOD filter bit selection as virtual cut class. More...

#include <AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts:

Public Types

enum  SelectionMode_t { kSelAny = 0, kSelAll = 1 }
 Definition of the mode how multiple filter bits are selected. More...

Public Member Functions

 AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts ()
 AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts (const char *name, const char *title)
virtual ~AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts ()
void AddFilterBitNumber (ULong_t bitnumber)
void SetFilterBits (ULong_t filterbits)
virtual Bool_t IsSelected (TObject *o)

Protected Attributes

ULong_t fAODfilterBits
 Requested filter bits. More...
SelectionMode_t fSelectionMode
 Mode of the filter bit selection (any or all) More...

Detailed Description

Implementation of the AOD filter bit selection as virtual cut class.

Markus Fasel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
July 1st, 2016

AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts implements the track filter bit selection of AOD tracks within the framework of virtual cuts. This means that in filters it can be used as any virtual cut class. Like this no special treatment is for AOD filter bit selection.

The cut is applied in the function

which needs to be called in any filter with the AOD track as argument.

The filter allows two selection modes:

  • Any: at least one of the bits needs to be found
  • All: all bits need to be found.

Definition at line 31 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Definition of the mode how multiple filter bits are selected.


Any (either of the bits set)


All (all bits must be found in the AOD track)

Definition at line 37 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts ( )

Dummy constructor

Definition at line 22 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.cxx.

AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts ( const char *  name,
const char *  title 

Constructor, defining also name and title

[in]nameName of the cut object
[in]titleTitle of the cut object
virtual AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::~AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts ( )

Definition at line 54 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h.

Member Function Documentation

void AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::AddFilterBitNumber ( ULong_t  bitnumber)

Request filter bit at a given bit number (not bit representation).

[in]bitnumberNumber of the bit to be set (integer number)

Definition at line 60 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h.

Bool_t AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::IsSelected ( TObject o)

Select AOD tracks according which contain any of the bits. The way of the selection is determined by the selection mode (default: any):

  • Any: At least one bit needs to be found
  • All: All bits must be found
[in]oObject to be checked: Must be an AliAODTrack
True if object is selected. Always false in case object is not an AliAODTrack

Definition at line 29 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.cxx.

void AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::SetFilterBits ( ULong_t  filterbits)

Set the filter bits to be checked. Function using the bit representation, not the number of then bit.

[in]filterbitsFilter bits requested

Definition at line 67 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h.

Member Data Documentation

ULong_t AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::fAODfilterBits

Requested filter bits.

Definition at line 81 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h.

Referenced by AddFilterBitNumber(), IsSelected(), and SetFilterBits().

SelectionMode_t AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts::fSelectionMode

Mode of the filter bit selection (any or all)

Definition at line 82 of file AliEmcalAODFilterBitCuts.h.

Referenced by IsSelected().

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