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EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesMCTriggerMimic::PtBinning Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesMCTriggerMimic::PtBinning:

Public Member Functions

 PtBinning ()
virtual ~PtBinning ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TCustomBinning
 TCustomBinning ()
virtual ~TCustomBinning ()
virtual TBinningMakeCopy () const
void SetMinimum (Double_t min)
void AddStep (Double_t max, Double_t binwidth)
virtual void CreateBinEdges (TArrayD &edges) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TBinning
 TBinning ()
virtual ~TBinning ()

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesMCTriggerMimic::PtBinning::PtBinning ( )

Create \( p_{t} \) binning

Definition at line 680 of file AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesMCTriggerMimic.cxx.

virtual EMCalTriggerPtAnalysis::AliAnalysisTaskChargedParticlesMCTriggerMimic::PtBinning::~PtBinning ( )

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