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tracklets3 Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for tracklets3:


file  AliAODSimpleHeader.C [code]
 A simplified AOD header.
file  AliAODTracklet.C [code]
 Tracklet AOD object.
file  AliSimpleHeaderTask.C [code]
 A task to make a simplified AOD header.
file  AliTrackletAODdNdeta.C [code]
 AOD tasks to do final dN/deta in midrapidity.
file  AliTrackletAODTask.C [code]
 Tasks to make tracklet AOD output.
file  AliTrackletAODUtils.C [code]
 Utilities for midrapidity analysis.
file  AliTrackletdNdeta.C [code]
 Post processing.
file  AliTrackletdNdeta2.C [code]
 To post processing 2nd version.
file  AliTrackletWeights.C [code]
 Encode simulation weights for 2nd pass.
file  BackOfTheEnvelope.C [code]
 Do back of the envelope calculation of effect of reweighing.
file  CompareResults.C [code]
 Compare different results.
file  DetailsCompare.C [code]
file  Expectations.C [code]
file  ExtractGSE.C [code]
 Extract GraphSysErr from results.
file  ExtractGSE2.C [code]
 Extract GraphSysErr from results.
file  ExtractMCWeights.C [code]
file  FixPaths.C [code]
file  MakeDeltas.C [code]
file  MakeDeltaWeights.C [code]
 Make weight based on delta, eta, ipz.
file  MakeEposWeight.C [code]
file  MakeK0S.C [code]
file  MakeRealistic.C [code]
file  MakeRuben.C [code]
file  MakeStrange.C [code]
file  MakeWeight.C [code]
file  Post.C [code]
 Do the post processing - steering macro.
file  PureMCWeights.C [code]
file  ReadWeights.C [code]
file  TrackletAODdNdeta.C [code]
 A tracklet dNdeta train.
file  TrackletAODTrain.C [code]
 Tracklet AOD train.
file  TryBuild.C [code]