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AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin Class Reference

#include <AliForwarddNdetaTask.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin:

Public Member Functions

 CentralityBin ()
 CentralityBin (const char *name, Float_t low, Float_t high)
 CentralityBin (const CentralityBin &other)
virtual ~CentralityBin ()
CentralityBinoperator= (const CentralityBin &)
virtual void End (TList *sums, TList *results, UShort_t scheme, Double_t trigEff, Double_t trigEff0, Bool_t rootProj, Bool_t corrEmpty, Int_t triggerMask, Int_t marker, Int_t color, TList *mclist, TList *truthlist)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask::CentralityBin
 CentralityBin ()
 CentralityBin (const char *name, Float_t low, Float_t high)
 CentralityBin (const CentralityBin &other)
CentralityBinoperator= (const CentralityBin &other)
Bool_t IsAllBin () const
const char * GetListName () const
virtual void CreateOutputObjects (TList *dir, Int_t mask)
virtual Bool_t ProcessEvent (const AliAODForwardMult *forward, UInt_t triggerMask, Bool_t isZero, Double_t vzMin, Double_t vzMax, const TH2D *data, const TH2D *mc, UInt_t filter, Double_t weight)
virtual Double_t Normalization (const TH1I &t, UShort_t scheme, Double_t trgEff, Double_t &ntotal, TString *text) const
virtual void MakeResult (const TH2D *sum, const char *postfix, bool rootProj, bool corrEmpty, Double_t scaler, Int_t marker, Int_t color, TList *mclist, TList *truthlist)
Int_t GetColor (Int_t fallback=kRed+2) const
void SetColor (Color_t colour)
TListGetResults () const
const char * GetResultName (const char *postfix="") const
TH1GetResult (const char *postfix="", Bool_t verbose=true) const
void SetDebugLevel (Int_t lvl)
void SetSatelliteVertices (Bool_t satVtx)
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const
const SumGetSum (Bool_t mc=false) const
SumGetSum (Bool_t mc=false)
const TH1IGetTriggers () const
TH1IGetTriggers ()
const TH1IGetStatus () const
TH1IGetStatus ()

Protected Member Functions

TH1EmpiricalCorrection (TList *results)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask::CentralityBin
virtual Bool_t ReadSum (TList *list, bool mc=false)
virtual void CreateSums (const TH2D *data, const TH2D *mc)
virtual Bool_t CheckEvent (const AliAODForwardMult *forward, Int_t triggerMask, Double_t vzMin, Double_t vzMax, Int_t filter)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from AliBasedNdetaTask::CentralityBin
Float_t fLow
Float_t fHigh
Bool_t fDoFinalMCCorrection
Bool_t fSatelliteVertices
Int_t fDebug
Color_t fColor

Detailed Description

A structure holding the per-centrality bin information. These objects are only used internally and are never streamed. We do not make dictionaries for this (and derived) classes as they are constructed on the fly.

Definition at line 107 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin::CentralityBin ( )


Definition at line 113 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.h.

AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin::CentralityBin ( const char *  name,
Float_t  low,
Float_t  high 


nameName used for histograms (e.g., Forward)
lowLower centrality cut in percent
highUpper centrality cut in percent

Definition at line 121 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.h.

AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin::CentralityBin ( const CentralityBin other)

Copy constructor

otherObject to copy from

Definition at line 129 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.h.

virtual AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin::~CentralityBin ( )


Reimplemented from AliBasedNdetaTask::CentralityBin.

Definition at line 133 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.h.

Member Function Documentation

TH1 * AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin::EmpiricalCorrection ( TList results)

Possibly apply empirical correction to result

resultsList to find information in
Corrected histogram or null

Definition at line 314 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.cxx.

void AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin::End ( TList sums,
TList results,
UShort_t  scheme,
Double_t  trigEff,
Double_t  trigEff0,
Bool_t  rootProj,
Bool_t  corrEmpty,
Int_t  triggerMask,
Int_t  marker,
Int_t  color,
TList mclist,
TList truthlist 

End of processing

sumsList of sums
resultsOutput list of results
schemeNormalisation scheme options
trigEffTrigger efficiency
trigEff00-bin trigger efficiency
rootProjIf true, use TH2::ProjectionX
corrEmptyWhether to correct for empty bins
triggerMaskTrigger mask
colorMarker colour
markerMarker style
mclistList of MC results
truthlistList of MC truth results

Reimplemented from AliBasedNdetaTask::CentralityBin.

Definition at line 370 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.cxx.

CentralityBin& AliForwarddNdetaTask::CentralityBin::operator= ( const CentralityBin )

Assignement operator


Definition at line 140 of file AliForwarddNdetaTask.h.

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