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AddTaskLambdacTMVA.C File Reference

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AliAnalysisTaskSEAddTaskLambdacTMVA (TString finname, Int_t storeNtuple, Bool_t readMC, Bool_t MCPid, Bool_t realPid, Bool_t resPid, Bool_t keepLcNoQuark, Bool_t isHijing, Int_t syst=0, Int_t bit=0, TString postname="", Int_t useNtrkWeight=0, Int_t storeNtupleReco=0)

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskSE* AddTaskLambdacTMVA ( TString  finname,
Int_t  storeNtuple,
Bool_t  readMC,
Bool_t  MCPid,
Bool_t  realPid,
Bool_t  resPid,
Bool_t  keepLcNoQuark,
Bool_t  isHijing,
Int_t  syst = 0,
Int_t  bit = 0,
TString  postname = "",
Int_t  useNtrkWeight = 0,
Int_t  storeNtupleReco = 0 

Definition at line 1 of file AddTaskLambdacTMVA.C.