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Multiplicity Distributions
Collaboration diagram for Multiplicity Distributions:


 Sketch of @f$ P(N_{ch})@f$ analysis
 UnfoldMult stuff


file  AliBaseMultTask.cxx
 Base class for multiplicity distribution tasks.
file  AliForwardCreateResponseMatrices.cxx
file  AliForwardCreateResponseMatrices.h
 Task to make the reponse matrices used by the multiplicity distibution analysis.
file  AliForwardMultiplicityDistribution.cxx
file  AliForwardMultiplicityDistribution.h
 Task to do the multiplicity distibution.
file  AliForwardTriggerBiasCorrection.h
file  RunUnfoldMult.C
 Run the unfolding.
file  UnfoldMult.C
 Bayesian Method Unfolding Script.
file  UnfoldMultDists.C
 A class to do unfolding.
file  MakeMultTrain.C
file  MakeRespMatrTrain.C
 Make response matrices.
file  MakeTriggerBiasTrain.C
 Train to analyse for trigger bias.


class  AliForwardCreateResponseMatrices
class  AliForwardMultiplicityDistribution
class  AliForwardTriggerBiasCorrection
struct  OtherPNch
struct  SummaryUnfoldedDrawer
struct  Unfolder
class  MakeMultTrain
class  MakeRespMatrTrain
class  MakeTriggerBiasTrain


void RunUnfoldMult ()

Detailed Description

Code to do with \(P(N_{ch})\) analysis - based on Valentina's code

Function Documentation

void RunUnfoldMult ( )

Run the unfolding

Definition at line 18 of file RunUnfoldMult.C.