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AddTaskLc2V0bachelor.C File Reference

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AliAnalysisTaskSELc2V0bachelorAddTaskLc2V0bachelor (TString finname="Lc2V0bachelorCuts.root", Bool_t theMCon=kFALSE, Bool_t onTheFly=kFALSE, Bool_t writeVariableTree=kTRUE, Int_t nTour=0, Bool_t additionalChecks=kFALSE, Bool_t trackRotation=kFALSE, Int_t nRot=9, Double_t pTmin=0., Double_t pTmax=999., Double_t minRotAngle=5.*TMath::Pi()/6., Double_t maxRotAngle=7.*TMath::Pi()/6., Bool_t useTPCpidToFillTree=kFALSE, Char_t sign=2, Bool_t origin=kFALSE, Bool_t recSecVtx=kFALSE)

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskSELc2V0bachelor* AddTaskLc2V0bachelor ( TString  finname = "Lc2V0bachelorCuts.root",
Bool_t  theMCon = kFALSE,
Bool_t  onTheFly = kFALSE,
Bool_t  writeVariableTree = kTRUE,
Int_t  nTour = 0,
Bool_t  additionalChecks = kFALSE,
Bool_t  trackRotation = kFALSE,
Int_t  nRot = 9,
Double_t  pTmin = 0.,
Double_t  pTmax = 999.,
Double_t  minRotAngle = 5.*TMath::Pi()/6.,
Double_t  maxRotAngle = 7.*TMath::Pi()/6.,
Bool_t  useTPCpidToFillTree = kFALSE,
Char_t  sign = 2,
Bool_t  origin = kFALSE,
Bool_t  recSecVtx = kFALSE 

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