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DrawUA5Ratios.C File Reference

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TObjectGetObject (const TObject *l, const char *name)
TH1DGetHist (TDirectory *dir, const char *which, const char *sub, const char *hname)
TH1DGetHist (TDirectory *dir, const char *which, UShort_t rebin, const char *sub="all")
TH1Merge (const TH1 *cen, const TH1 *fwd, Double_t &xlow, Double_t &xhigh)
Double_t myFunc (Double_t *xp, Double_t *pp)
Double_t myRatio (Double_t *xp, Double_t *pp)
TF1 * FitMerged (TH1 *tmp, Double_t xlow, Double_t xhigh)
void MakeSysError (TH1 *tmp, TF1 *fit)
TH1Graph2Hist (const TGraphAsymmErrors *g)
TH1Ratio (TH1 *h, TF1 *f, const char *title)
TH1DGetUA5Data (UShort_t type, TH1 *&p, TH1 *&n, Double_t &xlow, Double_t &xhigh)
void DrawUA5Ratios (const char *fname="forward_dndeta.root", UShort_t rebin=5)