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AddTaskESDFilterEMCALEventSelect.C File Reference

Configuration of EMCal filtering task. More...

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Bool_t AddTrackCutsLHC10h (AliAnalysisTaskESDfilter *esdFilter)
Bool_t AddTrackCutsLHC11h (AliAnalysisTaskESDfilter *esdFilter)
AliAnalysisTaskESDfilter * AddTaskESDFilterEMCALEventSelect (Float_t energyCut=10, Int_t ncellsCut=2, Int_t runNumber=170000, Bool_t useKineFilter=kTRUE, Int_t tofTimeZeroType=AliESDpid::kTOF_T0, Bool_t enableTPCOnlyAODTracks=kFALSE, Bool_t disableCascades=kFALSE, Bool_t disableKinks=kFALSE, Int_t runFlag=1100)


Bool_t enableTPCOnlyAODTracksLocalFlag =kFALSE

Detailed Description

Configuration of EMCal filtering task.

This task reclusterizes on the fly EMCal clusters, creates a new branch with those clusters so that it can be used by another analysis task accessing this cluster branch.

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: Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS) and ??

Definition in file AddTaskESDFilterEMCALEventSelect.C.

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskESDfilter* AddTaskESDFilterEMCALEventSelect ( Float_t  energyCut = 10,
Int_t  ncellsCut = 2,
Int_t  runNumber = 170000,
Bool_t  useKineFilter = kTRUE,
Int_t  tofTimeZeroType = AliESDpid::kTOF_T0,
Bool_t  enableTPCOnlyAODTracks = kFALSE,
Bool_t  disableCascades = kFALSE,
Bool_t  disableKinks = kFALSE,
Int_t  runFlag = 1100 

Definition at line 17 of file AddTaskESDFilterEMCALEventSelect.C.

Bool_t AddTrackCutsLHC10h ( AliAnalysisTaskESDfilter *  esdFilter)
Bool_t AddTrackCutsLHC11h ( AliAnalysisTaskESDfilter *  esdFilter)

Variable Documentation

Bool_t enableTPCOnlyAODTracksLocalFlag =kFALSE