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PWGLF Forward analysis
Collaboration diagram for PWGLF Forward analysis:


 Scripts used in the analysis
 Monte-carlo code
 Mid-rapidity tracklet code for dN/deta


file  AliAODForwardMult.h
 Per-event \( N_{ch}\) per \((\eta,\varphi)\) bin.
file  AliFMDEventPlaneFinder.h
file  AliForwardUtil.h
 Various utilities used in PWGLF/FORWARD.
file  AliLandauGaus.h
 Declaration and implementation of Landau-Gauss distributions.
file  AliLandauGausFitter.h
 Declaration and implementation of fitter of Landau-Gauss distributions to energy loss spectra.


class  AliForwardCreateResponseMatrices
class  AliForwardTriggerBiasCorrection
class  AliForwardUtil
struct  AliForwardUtil::Histos
struct  AliForwardUtil::RingHistos
class  AliLandauGaus
class  AliLandauGausFitter

Detailed Description

Code to do the multiplicity analysis in the forward psuedo-rapidity regions