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AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy Class Reference

#include <AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy:

Public Member Functions

 AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy ()
virtual ~AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy ()
Bool_t Initialize ()
Bool_t Run ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent
 AliEmcalCorrectionComponent ()
 AliEmcalCorrectionComponent (const char *name)
virtual ~AliEmcalCorrectionComponent ()
virtual void ExecOnce ()
virtual Bool_t UserNotify ()
void GetEtaPhiDiff (const AliVTrack *t, const AliVCluster *v, Double_t &phidiff, Double_t &etadiff)
void UpdateCells ()
Bool_t RunChanged ()
void GetPass ()
void FillCellQA (TH1F *h)
AliClusterContainerGetClusterContainer ()
AliParticleContainerGetParticleContainer ()
AliVCaloCells * GetCaloCells ()
TListGetOutputList ()
void SetClusterContainer (AliClusterContainer *cont)
void SetParticleContainer (AliParticleContainer *cont)
void SetCaloCells (AliVCaloCells *cells)
void SetRecoUtils (AliEMCALRecoUtils *ru)
void SetEvent (AliVEvent *event)
void SetMCEvent (AliMCEvent *mcevent)
void SetEMCALGeometry (AliEMCALGeometry *geometry)
void SetCentralityBin (Int_t bin)
void SetCentrality (Double_t cent)
void SetNcentralityBins (Int_t n)
void SetUserConfiguration (YAML::Node &node)
 Make copy to ensure that the nodes do not point to each other (?) More...
void SetDefaultConfiguration (YAML::Node &node)
template<typename T >
void GetProperty (std::string propertyName, T &property, bool requiredProperty=true, std::string correctionName="")
 Retrieve property. More...

Protected Attributes

TH1F * fCellEnergyDistBefore
TH1F * fCellEnergyDistAfter
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent
YAML::Node fUserConfiguration
YAML::Node fDefaultConfiguration
Bool_t fCreateHisto
Int_t fRun
TString fFilepass
 run number More...
Bool_t fGetPassFromFileName
AliVEvent * fEvent
Bool_t fEsdMode
AliMCEvent * fMCEvent
Double_t fCent
 !event centrality More...
Int_t fNcentBins
 how many centrality bins (this member copied from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal) More...
Int_t fCentBin
 !event centrality bin More...
Int_t fNbins
 no. of pt bins More...
Double_t fMinBinPt
 min pt in histograms More...
Double_t fMaxBinPt
 max pt in histograms More...
Double_t fVertex [3]
 !event vertex More...
AliEMCALGeometry * fGeom
 !geometry object More...
Bool_t fIsEmbedded
 trigger, embedded signal More...
Int_t fMinMCLabel
 minimum MC label value for the tracks/clusters being considered MC particles More...
 ! pointer to the cluster container More...
 ! pointer to the track/particle container More...
AliVCaloCells * fCaloCells
 ! pointer to calo cells More...
AliEMCALRecoUtils * fRecoUtils
 ! pointer to reco utils More...
 ! list of output histograms More...
TString fBasePath

Private Member Functions

Int_t InitRecalib ()
Int_t InitRunDepRecalib ()
 AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy (const AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy &)
AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergyoperator= (const AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy &)

Private Attributes

Bool_t fUseAutomaticRecalib
Bool_t fUseAutomaticRunDepRecalib

Static Private Attributes

< AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent
enum  inputObjectType { kCaloCells = 0, kCluster = 1, kTrack = 2 }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent
template<typename T >
static void GetProperty (std::string propertyName, T &property, const YAML::Node &userConfiguration, const YAML::Node &defaultConfiguration, bool requiredProperty=true, std::string correctionName="")
 Retrieve property driver function. It is static so that it can be used by other classes. More...
static bool IsSharedValue (std::string &value)
static std::string DetermineUseDefaultName (inputObjectType contType, Bool_t esdMode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent
void AddContainer (inputObjectType type)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent
template<typename T >
static bool GetPropertyFromNodes (const YAML::Node &node, const YAML::Node &sharedParametersNode, std::string propertyName, T &property, const std::string correctionName, const std::string configurationType, int nodesDeep=0)
template<typename T >
static bool GetPropertyFromNode (const YAML::Node &node, std::string propertyName, T &property)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 6 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy ( )

Definition at line 33 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.cxx.

AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::~AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy ( )

Definition at line 45 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.cxx.

AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy ( const AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy )

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::Initialize ( )

Initialize basic variables in the correction component, including the input file type, pass, and output list.

Reimplemented from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent.

Definition at line 51 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.cxx.

Int_t AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::InitRecalib ( )

Definition at line 175 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.cxx.

Referenced by Run().

Int_t AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::InitRunDepRecalib ( )

Definition at line 270 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.cxx.

Referenced by Run().

AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy& AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::operator= ( const AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy )
Bool_t AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::Run ( )

Run every event, where the user implements their main analysis. Similar to Run() in AliAnalysisTaskEmcal

Reimplemented from AliEmcalCorrectionComponent.

Definition at line 83 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

TH1F* AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::fCellEnergyDistAfter

Definition at line 17 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.h.

Referenced by Initialize(), and Run().

TH1F* AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::fCellEnergyDistBefore

Definition at line 16 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.h.

Referenced by Initialize(), and Run().

Bool_t AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::fUseAutomaticRecalib

Definition at line 24 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.h.

Referenced by Initialize(), and Run().

Bool_t AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::fUseAutomaticRunDepRecalib

Definition at line 25 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.h.

Referenced by Run().

RegisterCorrectionComponent< AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy > AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy::reg
Deepa Thomas (Utrecht University)
Jiri Kral (University of Jyvaskyla), mods/rewrite
Salvatore Aiola, make it work for AODs
C. Loizides, make it work for AODs
Gustavo Conesa, LPSC-Grenoble, several mods.

Definition at line 31 of file AliEmcalCorrectionCellEnergy.h.

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