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1 /*************************************************************************
2  * Copyright(c) 1998-2008, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
3  * *
4  * Author: The ALICE Off-line Project. *
5  * Contributors are mentioned in the code where appropriate. *
6  * *
7  * Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and its *
8  * documentation strictly for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted *
9  * without fee, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all *
10  * copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice *
11  * appear in the supporting documentation. The authors make no claims *
12  * about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It is *
13  * provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. *
14  **************************************************************************/
16 /********************************
17  * analysis task for CRC *
18  * *
19  * author: Jacopo Margutti *
20  * ( *
21  * ******************************/
26 #include "AliAnalysisTaskSE.h"
27 #include "AliFlowCommonConstants.h"
29 class TString;
30 class TList;
31 class AliFlowEventSimple;
32 class AliFlowEvent;
33 class AliFlowAnalysisCRC;
35 //==============================================================================================================
38 public:
40  AliAnalysisTaskCRC(const char *name, Bool_t useParticleWeights=kFALSE);
41  virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskCRC(){};
43  virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects();
44  virtual void UserExec(Option_t *option);
45  virtual void Terminate(Option_t *);
47  // Common:
48  void SetBookOnlyBasicCCH(Bool_t const bobcch) {this->fBookOnlyBasicCCH = bobcch;};
49  Bool_t GetBookOnlyBasicCCH() const {return this->fBookOnlyBasicCCH;};
52  void SetHarmonic(Int_t const harmonic) {this->fHarmonic = harmonic;};
53  Int_t GetHarmonic() const {return this->fHarmonic;};
54  void SetApplyCorrectionForNUA(Bool_t const applyCorrectionForNUA) {this->fApplyCorrectionForNUA = applyCorrectionForNUA;};
56  void SetApplyCorrectionForNUAVsM(Bool_t const applyCorrectionForNUAVsM) {this->fApplyCorrectionForNUAVsM = applyCorrectionForNUAVsM;};
58  void SetPropagateErrorAlsoFromNIT(Bool_t const peafNIT) {this->fPropagateErrorAlsoFromNIT = peafNIT;};
60  void SetCalculateDiffFlow(Bool_t const calculateDiffFlow) {this->fCalculateDiffFlow = calculateDiffFlow;};
62  void SetCalculate2DDiffFlow(Bool_t const calculate2DDiffFlow) {this->fCalculate2DDiffFlow = calculate2DDiffFlow;};
64  void SetCalculateDiffFlowVsEta(Bool_t const cdfve) {this->fCalculateDiffFlowVsEta = cdfve;};
66  void SetStoreDistributions(Bool_t const storeDistributions) {this->fStoreDistributions = storeDistributions;};
68  void SetCalculateCumulantsVsM(Bool_t const ccvm) {this->fCalculateCumulantsVsM = ccvm;};
82  void SetStoreVarious(Bool_t const spdfoe) {this->fStoreVarious = spdfoe;};
83  Bool_t GetStoreVarious() const {return this->fStoreVarious;};
84  void SetExactNoRPs(Int_t const enr) {this->fExactNoRPs = enr;};
85  Int_t GetExactNoRPs() const {return this->fExactNoRPs;};
86  void SetUse2DHistograms(Bool_t const u2dh){this->fUse2DHistograms = u2dh;if(u2dh){this->fStoreControlHistograms = kTRUE;}};
87  Bool_t GetUse2DHistograms() const {return this->fUse2DHistograms;};
90  void SetUseQvectorTerms(Bool_t const uqvt){this->fUseQvectorTerms = uqvt;if(uqvt){this->fStoreControlHistograms = kTRUE;}};
91  Bool_t GetUseQvectorTerms() const {return this->fUseQvectorTerms;};
92  void SetWeightsList(TList* const kList) {this->fWeightsList = kList;};
93  TList* GetWeightsList() const {return this->fWeightsList;};
95  // Multiparticle correlations vs multiplicity:
96  void SetnBinsMult(Int_t const nbm) {this->fnBinsMult = nbm;};
97  Int_t GetnBinsMult() const {return this->fnBinsMult;};
98  void SetMinMult(Double_t const minm) {this->fMinMult = minm;};
99  Double_t GetMinMult() const {return this->fMinMult;};
100  void SetMaxMult(Double_t const maxm) {this->fMaxMult = maxm;};
101  Double_t GetMaxMult() const {return this->fMaxMult;};
103  // Particle weights:
104  void SetUsePhiWeights(Bool_t const uPhiW) {this->fUsePhiWeights = uPhiW;};
105  Bool_t GetUsePhiWeights() const {return this->fUsePhiWeights;};
106  void SetUsePtWeights(Bool_t const uPtW) {this->fUsePtWeights = uPtW;};
107  Bool_t GetUsePtWeights() const {return this->fUsePtWeights;};
108  void SetUseEtaWeights(Bool_t const uEtaW) {this->fUseEtaWeights = uEtaW;};
109  Bool_t GetUseEtaWeights() const {return this->fUseEtaWeights;};
110  void SetUseTrackWeights(Bool_t const uTrackW) {this->fUseTrackWeights = uTrackW;};
111  Bool_t GetUseTrackWeights() const {return this->fUseTrackWeights;};
112  void SetUsePhiEtaWeights(Bool_t const uPhiEtaW) {this->fUsePhiEtaWeights = uPhiEtaW;};
114  void SetUseZDCESEMulWeights(Bool_t const uPhiEtaW) {this->fUseZDCESEMulWeights = uPhiEtaW;};
116  void SetUseZDCESESpecWeights(Bool_t const uPhiEtaW) {this->fUseZDCESESpecWeights = uPhiEtaW;};
119  // Event weights:
120  void SetMultiplicityWeight(const char *multiplicityWeight) {*this->fMultiplicityWeight = multiplicityWeight;};
122  // # of bins for correlation axis in fDistributions[4], fCorrelation2468VsMult[4] and fCorrelationProduct2468VsMult[1]
126  // Boundaries for distributions of correlations:
127  void SetMinValueOfCorrelation(Int_t const ci, Double_t const minValue) {this->fMinValueOfCorrelation[ci] = minValue;};
129  void SetMaxValueOfCorrelation(Int_t const ci, Double_t const maxValue) {this->fMaxValueOfCorrelation[ci] = maxValue;};
132  // min and max values of correlation products:
133  void SetMinValueOfCorrelationProduct(Int_t const cpi, Double_t const minValue) {this->fMinValueOfCorrelationProduct[cpi] = minValue;};
135  void SetMaxValueOfCorrelationProduct(Int_t const cpi, Double_t const maxValue) {this->fMaxValueOfCorrelationProduct[cpi] = maxValue;};
138  // min and max values of QvectorTerms:
139  void SetMinValueOfQvectorTerms(Int_t const qvti, Double_t const minValue) {this->fMinValueOfQvectorTerms[qvti] = minValue;};
141  void SetMaxValueOfQvectorTerms(Int_t const qvti, Double_t const maxValue) {this->fMaxValueOfQvectorTerms[qvti] = maxValue;};
144  // bootstrap:
145  void SetUseBootstrap(Bool_t const ub) {this->fUseBootstrap = ub;};
146  Bool_t GetUseBootstrap() const {return this->fUseBootstrap;};
147  void SetUseBootstrapVsM(Bool_t const ubVsM) {this->fUseBootstrapVsM = ubVsM;};
148  Bool_t GetUseBootstrapVsM() const {return this->fUseBootstrapVsM;};
149  void SetnSubsamples(Int_t const ns) {this->fnSubsamples = ns;};
150  Int_t GetnSubsamples() const {return this->fnSubsamples;};
152  // Charge-Rapidity Correlations:
153  void SetCalculateCRC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateCRC = cCRC;};
154  Bool_t GetCalculateCRC() const {return this->fCalculateCRC;};
155  void SetCalculateCRCPt(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateCRCPt = cCRC;};
156  Bool_t GetCalculateCRCPt() const {return this->fCalculateCRCPt;};
157  void SetCalculateCME(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateCME = cCRC;};
158  Bool_t GetCalculateCME() const {return this->fCalculateCME;};
159  void SetCalculateCRC2(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateCRC2 = cCRC;};
160  Bool_t GetCalculateCRC2() const {return this->fCalculateCRC2;};
161  void SetCalculateCRCVZ(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateCRCVZ = cCRC;};
162  Bool_t GetCalculateCRCVZ() const {return this->fCalculateCRCVZ;};
163  void SetCalculateCRCZDC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateCRCZDC = cCRC;};
164  Bool_t GetCalculateCRCZDC() const {return this->fCalculateCRCZDC;};
165  void SetCalculateEbEFlow(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateEbEFlow = cCRC;};
167  void SetCRC2nEtaBins(Int_t NB) {this->fCRC2nEtaBins = NB;};
169  void SetCalculateFlowQC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateFlowQC = cCRC;};
170  Bool_t GetCalculateFlowQC() const {return this->fCalculateFlowQC;};
171  void SetCalculateFlowZDC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateFlowZDC = cCRC;};
173  void SetCalculateFlowVZ(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCalculateFlowVZ = cCRC;};
174  Bool_t GetCalculateFlowVZ() const {return this->fCalculateFlowVZ;};
175  void SetUseVZERO(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fUseVZERO = cCRC;};
176  Bool_t GetUseVZERO() const {return this->fUseVZERO;};
177  void SetUseZDC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fUseZDC = cCRC;};
178  Bool_t GetUseZDC() const {return this->fUseZDC;};
179  void SetRecenterZDC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fRecenterZDC = cCRC;};
180  Bool_t GetRecenterZDC() const {return this->fRecenterZDC;};
181  void SetDivSigma(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fDivSigma = cCRC;};
182  Bool_t GetDivSigma() const {return this->fDivSigma;};
183  void SetInvertZDC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fInvertZDC = cCRC;};
184  Bool_t GetInvertZDC() const {return this->fInvertZDC;};
185  void SetTestSin(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fCRCTestSin = cCRC;};
186  Bool_t GetTestSin() const {return this->fCRCTestSin;};
187  void SetNUAforCRC(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fUseNUAforCRC = cCRC;};
188  Bool_t GetNUAforCRC() const {return this->fUseNUAforCRC;};
189  void SetUseCRCRecenter(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fUseCRCRecenter = cCRC;};
190  Bool_t GetUseCRCRecenter() const {return this->fUseCRCRecenter;};
192  void SetQVecList(TList* const kList) {this->fQVecList = kList;};
193  TList* GetQVecList() const {return this->fQVecList;};
194  void SetZDCESEList(TList* const kList) {this->fZDCESEList = kList;};
195  TList* GetZDCESEList() const {return this->fZDCESEList;};
196  void SetCRCZDCCalibList(TList* const wlist) {this->fCRCZDCCalibList = wlist;}
197  TList* GetCRCZDCCalibList() const {return this->fCRCZDCCalibList;}
198  void SetnCenBin(Int_t const n) {this->fnCenBin = n;};
199  Int_t GetnCenBin() const {return this->fnCenBin;};
200  void SetFlowQCCenBin(Int_t const TL) {this->fFlowQCCenBin = TL;};
201  Int_t GetFlowQCCenBin() const {return this->fFlowQCCenBin;};
202  void SetFlowQCDeltaEta(Double_t const TL) {this->fFlowQCDeltaEta = TL;};
203  Double_t GetFlowQCDeltaEta() const {return this->fFlowQCDeltaEta;};
204  void SetCenBinWidth(Double_t const n) {this->fCenBinWidth = n;};
205  Double_t GetCenBinWidth() const {return this->fCenBinWidth;};
206  void SetDataSet(TString const n) {this->fDataSet = n;};
207  TString GetDataSet() const {return this->fDataSet;};
208  void SetCorrWeight(TString const n) {this->fCorrWeight = n;};
209  TString GetCorrWeight() const {return this->fCorrWeight;};
210  void SetCenWeightsHist(TH1D* const n) {this->fCenWeightsHist = n;};
211  TH1D* GetCenWeightsHist() const {return this->fCenWeightsHist;};
212  void SetPtWeightsHist(TH1D* const n, Int_t c) {this->fPtWeightsHist[c] = n;};
213  TH1D* GetPtWeightsHist(Int_t c) const {return this->fPtWeightsHist[c];};
214  void SetEtaWeightsHist(TH1D* const n, Int_t h, Int_t b, Int_t c) {this->fEtaWeightsHist[h][b][c] = n;};
215  TH1D* GetEtaWeightsHist(Int_t h, Int_t b, Int_t c) const {return this->fEtaWeightsHist[h][b][c];};
216  void SetZDCESEMultWeightsHist(TH2F* const n, Int_t h) {this->fZDCESEMultWeightsHist[h] = n;};
218  void SetZDCESESpecWeightsHist(TH2F* const n, Int_t h) {this->fZDCESESpecWeightsHist[h] = n;};
220  void SetNvsCenCut(TH1D* const n, Int_t c, Int_t h) {this->fNvsCenCut[c][h] = n;};
221  TH1D* GetNvsCenCut(Int_t c, Int_t h) const {return this->fNvsCenCut[c][h];};
222  void SetQAZDCCuts(Bool_t const cCRC) {this->fQAZDCCuts = cCRC;};
223  Bool_t GetQAZDCCuts() const {return this->fQAZDCCuts;};
224  void SetMinMulZN(Int_t weights) {this->fMinMulZN = weights;};
225  Int_t GetMinMulZN() const {return this->fMinMulZN;};
226  void SetMaxDevZN(Float_t weights) {this->fMaxDevZN = weights;};
227  Float_t GetMaxDevZN() const {return this->fMaxDevZN;};
229 private:
233  AliFlowEvent *fEvent; // the input event
234  AliFlowAnalysisCRC *fQC; // CRC object
235  TList *fListHistos; // collection of output
236  // Common:
237  Bool_t fBookOnlyBasicCCH; // book only basis common control histrograms (by default book them all)
238  Bool_t fFillMultipleControlHistograms; // fill separately control histos for events with >= 2, 4, 6 and 8 particles
239  Int_t fHarmonic; // harmonic
240  Bool_t fApplyCorrectionForNUA; // apply correction for non-uniform acceptance
241  Bool_t fApplyCorrectionForNUAVsM; // apply correction for non-uniform acceptance versus M
242  Bool_t fPropagateErrorAlsoFromNIT; // propagate error by taking into account also non-isotrpic terms
243  Bool_t fCalculateDiffFlow; // calculate differential flow in pt or eta
244  Bool_t fCalculate2DDiffFlow; // calculate differential flow in (pt,eta) (Remark: this is very expensive in terms of CPU time)
245  Bool_t fCalculateDiffFlowVsEta; // if you set kFALSE only differential flow vs pt is calculated
246  Bool_t fStoreDistributions; // store or not distributions of correlations
247  Bool_t fCalculateCumulantsVsM; // calculate cumulants versus multiplicity
248  Bool_t fCalculateAllCorrelationsVsM; // calculate all correlations versus multiplicity
249  Bool_t fCalculateMixedHarmonics; // calculate all mixed harmonics correlations
250  Bool_t fCalculateMixedHarmonicsVsM; // calculate all mixed harmonics correlations versus multiplicity
251  Bool_t fStoreControlHistograms; // store or not control histograms
252  Bool_t fMinimumBiasReferenceFlow; // store as reference flow in AliFlowCommonHistResults the minimum bias result (kFALSE by default)
253  Bool_t fForgetAboutCovariances; // when propagating error forget about the covariances
254  Bool_t fStoreVarious; // store phi distribution for one event to illustrate flow
255  Int_t fExactNoRPs; // when shuffled, select only this number of RPs for the analysis
256  Bool_t fUse2DHistograms; // use TH2D instead of TProfile to improve numerical stability in reference flow calculation
257  Bool_t fFillProfilesVsMUsingWeights; // if the width of multiplicity bin is 1, weights are not needed
258  Bool_t fUseQvectorTerms; // use TH2D with separate Q-vector terms instead of TProfile to improve numerical stability in reference flow calculation
259  // Multiparticle correlations vs multiplicity:
260  Int_t fnBinsMult; // number of multiplicity bins for flow analysis versus multiplicity
261  Double_t fMinMult; // minimal multiplicity for flow analysis versus multiplicity
262  Double_t fMaxMult; // maximal multiplicity for flow analysis versus multiplicity
263  // Particle weights:
264  Bool_t fUseParticleWeights; // use any particle weights
265  Bool_t fUsePhiWeights; // use phi weights
266  Bool_t fUsePtWeights; // use pt weights
267  Bool_t fUseEtaWeights; // use eta weights
268  Bool_t fUseTrackWeights; // use track weights (e.g. VZERO sector weights)
269  Bool_t fUsePhiEtaWeights; // use phi,eta weights
270  Bool_t fUseZDCESEMulWeights; // use ZDC-ESE mult. weights
271  Bool_t fUseZDCESESpecWeights; // use ZDC-ESE mult. weights
272  TList *fWeightsList; // list with weights
273  // Event weights:
274  TString *fMultiplicityWeight; // event-by-event weights for multiparticle correlations ("combinations","unit" or "multiplicity")
275  AliFlowCommonConstants::ERefMultSource fMultiplicityIs; // by default "#RPs", other supported options are "RefMultFromESD" = ref. mult. from ESD, and "#POIs"
276  Int_t fnBinsForCorrelations; // # of bins for correlation axis in fDistributions[4], fCorrelation2468VsMult[4] and fCorrelationProduct2468VsMult[1]
277  // Boundaries for distributions of correlations:
278  Double_t fMinValueOfCorrelation[4]; // min values of <2>, <4>, <6> and <8>
279  Double_t fMaxValueOfCorrelation[4]; // max values of <2>, <4>, <6> and <8>
280  Double_t fMinValueOfCorrelationProduct[1]; // min values of <2><4>, <2><6>, <2><8>, <4><6> etc. TBI add the other ones when needed first time
281  Double_t fMaxValueOfCorrelationProduct[1]; // max values of <2><4>, <2><6>, <2><8>, <4><6> etc. TBI add the other ones when needed first time
282  Double_t fMinValueOfQvectorTerms[4]; // min value of Q-vector terms
283  Double_t fMaxValueOfQvectorTerms[4]; // max value of Q-vector terms
284  // Bootstrap:
285  Bool_t fUseBootstrap; // use bootstrap to estimate statistical spread
286  Bool_t fUseBootstrapVsM; // use bootstrap to estimate statistical spread for results vs M
287  Int_t fnSubsamples; // number of subsamples (SS), by default 10
288  // Charge-Eta Asymmetry
289  Bool_t fCalculateCRC; // calculate CRC quantities
296  Int_t fCRC2nEtaBins; // CRC2 n eta bins
316  TList *fQVecList; // list with weights
317  TList *fCRCZDCCalibList; // ZDC calibration
318  TList *fZDCESEList; // list with weights
321  TH1D* fEtaWeightsHist[10][21][2];
322  TH1D* fNvsCenCut[2][2];
330 };
332 //================================================================================================================
334 #endif
void SetMultiplicityIs(AliFlowCommonConstants::ERefMultSource mi)
void SetMinMulZN(Int_t weights)
TH2F * GetZDCESEMultWeightsHist(Int_t h) const
Int_t GetnBinsMult() const
Int_t GetHarmonic() const
Bool_t GetUseEtaWeights() const
virtual void UserExec(Option_t *option)
void SetCRCZDCCalibList(TList *const wlist)
Double_t GetCenBinWidth() const
void SetUseBootstrapVsM(Bool_t const ubVsM)
virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects()
void SetStoreVarious(Bool_t const spdfoe)
double Double_t
Definition: External.C:58
TH2F * fZDCESEMultWeightsHist[5]
ZDC mult cuts.
Bool_t GetCalculateCRCPt() const
Definition: External.C:236
void SetFlowQCDeltaEta(Double_t const TL)
void SetFillMultipleControlHistograms(Bool_t const fmch)
AliFlowAnalysisCRC * fQC
TH1D * GetPtWeightsHist(Int_t c) const
Bool_t GetUsePhiEtaWeights() const
TList * GetCRCZDCCalibList() const
TH2F * GetZDCESESpecWeightsHist(Int_t h) const
void SetQAZDCCuts(Bool_t const cCRC)
Bool_t GetPropagateErrorAlsoFromNIT() const
void SetCalculateCumulantsVsM(Bool_t const ccvm)
Bool_t GetUseTrackWeights() const
Double_t GetMaxMult() const
Bool_t GetCalculateCME() const
void SetUseZDCESEMulWeights(Bool_t const uPhiEtaW)
void SetZDCESEMultWeightsHist(TH2F *const n, Int_t h)
Bool_t GetStoreControlHistograms() const
Double_t GetFlowQCDeltaEta() const
Bool_t GetUsePtWeights() const
Bool_t GetBookOnlyBasicCCH() const
Bool_t GetCalculateEbEFlow() const
void SetInvertZDC(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetCalculateCRCZDC(Bool_t const cCRC)
Bool_t GetCalculateCRC2() const
Bool_t GetApplyCorrectionForNUAVsM() const
void SetCalculateCRCVZ(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetMinValueOfCorrelationProduct(Int_t const cpi, Double_t const minValue)
void SetNUAforCRC(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetZDCESESpecWeightsHist(TH2F *const n, Int_t h)
Bool_t GetCalculateAllCorrelationsVsM() const
void SetDataSet(TString const n)
TCanvas * c
Definition: TestFitELoss.C:172
void SetUseVZERO(Bool_t const cCRC)
Double_t GetMinValueOfCorrelationProduct(Int_t cpi) const
void SetUseTrackWeights(Bool_t const uTrackW)
ClassDef(AliAnalysisTaskCRC, 7)
void SetDivSigma(Bool_t const cCRC)
Bool_t GetUseQvectorTerms() const
void SetCalculateCRCPt(Bool_t const cCRC)
Double_t GetMinValueOfCorrelation(Int_t ci) const
void SetCalculateAllCorrelationsVsM(Bool_t const cacvm)
void SetCRCEtaRange(Double_t const etamin, Double_t const etamax)
void SetPtWeightsHist(TH1D *const n, Int_t c)
Bool_t GetCalculateCRC() const
void SetWeightsList(TList *const kList)
void SetnBinsForCorrelations(Int_t const nb)
void SetCalculateMixedHarmonics(Bool_t const cmh)
TH2F * fZDCESESpecWeightsHist[5]
Bool_t GetApplyCorrectionForNUA() const
Bool_t GetUseZDCESEMulWeights() const
Bool_t GetUseCRCRecenter() const
void SetNvsCenCut(TH1D *const n, Int_t c, Int_t h)
void SetMaxValueOfCorrelation(Int_t const ci, Double_t const maxValue)
const Double_t etamin
Bool_t GetCalculateMixedHarmonics() const
Bool_t GetStoreDistributions() const
void SetUsePtWeights(Bool_t const uPtW)
void SetMinMult(Double_t const minm)
void SetCalculateCME(Bool_t const cCRC)
Bool_t GetUsePhiWeights() const
Double_t fMinValueOfCorrelationProduct[1]
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
Bool_t GetTestSin() const
Double_t GetMinMult() const
Bool_t GetInvertZDC() const
virtual void Terminate(Option_t *)
float Float_t
Definition: External.C:68
void SetStoreDistributions(Bool_t const storeDistributions)
void SetMaxValueOfQvectorTerms(Int_t const qvti, Double_t const maxValue)
void SetEtaWeightsHist(TH1D *const n, Int_t h, Int_t b, Int_t c)
void SetCalculateFlowQC(Bool_t const cCRC)
Int_t GetMinMulZN() const
AliAnalysisTaskCRC & operator=(const AliAnalysisTaskCRC &aatqc)
Bool_t GetQAZDCCuts() const
Double_t fMinValueOfCorrelation[4]
Double_t fMaxValueOfCorrelation[4]
void SetMinValueOfCorrelation(Int_t const ci, Double_t const minValue)
Bool_t GetCalculateCRCVZ() const
void SetUseBootstrap(Bool_t const ub)
Definition: External.C:212
void SetUse2DHistograms(Bool_t const u2dh)
void SetZDCESEList(TList *const kList)
Double_t fMinValueOfQvectorTerms[4]
Double_t fMaxValueOfQvectorTerms[4]
void SetFlowQCCenBin(Int_t const TL)
Bool_t GetUse2DHistograms() const
void SetCalculateDiffFlowVsEta(Bool_t const cdfve)
void SetCRC2nEtaBins(Int_t NB)
Bool_t GetUseZDCESESpecWeights() const
Double_t GetMinValueOfQvectorTerms(Int_t qvti) const
void SetRecenterZDC(Bool_t const cCRC)
Bool_t GetCalculateFlowQC() const
void SetUsePhiWeights(Bool_t const uPhiW)
void SetCalculateCRC2(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetMaxMult(Double_t const maxm)
void SetCorrWeight(TString const n)
Bool_t GetCalculateFlowVZ() const
TList * GetZDCESEList() const
Bool_t GetCalculateFlowZDC() const
Int_t GetnBinsForCorrelations() const
void SetPropagateErrorAlsoFromNIT(Bool_t const peafNIT)
Bool_t GetUseZDC() const
void SetUseCRCRecenter(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetCalculateFlowZDC(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetCalculateCRC(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetCenWeightsHist(TH1D *const n)
TString GetDataSet() const
void SetCalculateEbEFlow(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetUseQvectorTerms(Bool_t const uqvt)
void SetUsePhiEtaWeights(Bool_t const uPhiEtaW)
void SetCalculateMixedHarmonicsVsM(Bool_t const cmhvm)
void SetnSubsamples(Int_t const ns)
void SetCalculate2DDiffFlow(Bool_t const calculate2DDiffFlow)
Bool_t GetCalculateDiffFlow() const
TH1D * GetEtaWeightsHist(Int_t h, Int_t b, Int_t c) const
TList * GetQVecList() const
Bool_t GetDivSigma() const
Int_t GetFlowQCCenBin() const
TH1D * GetCenWeightsHist() const
Int_t GetnSubsamples() const
Int_t GetExactNoRPs() const
Bool_t GetFillProfilesVsMUsingWeights() const
void SetUseEtaWeights(Bool_t const uEtaW)
Bool_t GetRecenterZDC() const
Int_t GetnCenBin() const
void SetnBinsMult(Int_t const nbm)
TH1D * fEtaWeightsHist[10][21][2]
Double_t fMaxValueOfCorrelationProduct[1]
void SetUseZDCESESpecWeights(Bool_t const uPhiEtaW)
Bool_t GetCalculateCumulantsVsM() const
Bool_t GetUseBootstrap() const
AliFlowCommonConstants::ERefMultSource fMultiplicityIs
void SetMinValueOfQvectorTerms(Int_t const qvti, Double_t const minValue)
void SetHarmonic(Int_t const harmonic)
void SetMaxValueOfCorrelationProduct(Int_t const cpi, Double_t const maxValue)
Bool_t GetCalculateDiffFlowVsEta() const
Float_t GetMaxDevZN() const
Bool_t GetUseBootstrapVsM() const
Bool_t GetFillMultipleControlHistograms() const
const Double_t etamax
void SetApplyCorrectionForNUA(Bool_t const applyCorrectionForNUA)
void SetForgetAboutCovariances(Bool_t const fac)
void SetMultiplicityWeight(const char *multiplicityWeight)
void SetnCenBin(Int_t const n)
Double_t GetMaxValueOfCorrelationProduct(Int_t cpi) const
Bool_t GetMinimumBiasReferenceFlow() const
void SetUseZDC(Bool_t const cCRC)
void SetStoreControlHistograms(Bool_t const sch)
const char Option_t
Definition: External.C:48
void SetCalculateFlowVZ(Bool_t const cCRC)
Double_t GetMaxValueOfCorrelation(Int_t ci) const
void SetMinimumBiasReferenceFlow(Bool_t const mmrf)
void SetFillProfilesVsMUsingWeights(Bool_t const fpvmuw)
bool Bool_t
Definition: External.C:53
Bool_t GetStoreVarious() const
void SetBookOnlyBasicCCH(Bool_t const bobcch)
Bool_t GetCalculateCRCZDC() const
TList * GetWeightsList() const
void SetTestSin(Bool_t const cCRC)
TH1D * GetNvsCenCut(Int_t c, Int_t h) const
Bool_t GetNUAforCRC() const
Bool_t GetCalculate2DDiffFlow() const
void SetExactNoRPs(Int_t const enr)
void SetCalculateDiffFlow(Bool_t const calculateDiffFlow)
void SetCenBinWidth(Double_t const n)
Bool_t GetForgetAboutCovariances() const
Bool_t GetCalculateMixedHarmonicsVsM() const
void SetApplyCorrectionForNUAVsM(Bool_t const applyCorrectionForNUAVsM)
Double_t GetMaxValueOfQvectorTerms(Int_t qvti) const
TString GetCorrWeight() const
Bool_t GetUseVZERO() const
void SetMaxDevZN(Float_t weights)
void SetQVecList(TList *const kList)