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AliEmcalTriggerMakerTask.h File Reference
#include "AliEmcalTriggerMakerKernel.h"
#include "AliAnalysisTaskEmcal.h"
#include <TString.h>
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class  AliEmcalTriggerMakerTask
 EMCAL trigger maker taskThe EMCAL trigger maker task steers the process building trigger patches, performed via the trigger maker kernel, and provides the interface to the user. As this, it forwards necessary data like FASTor amplitudes and time sums as well as cell data to the trigger maker kernel and reads out the patches. The patches as type of raw patches are converted into full patches (AliEMCALTriggerPatchInfo) and stored in a TClonesArray which is added to the input event. On user request it can also fill QA histograms which are added to the common root file. More...