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AliEmcalJetTask Class Reference

#include <AliEmcalJetTask.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliEmcalJetTask:

Public Types

typedef AliJetContainer::EJetType_t EJetType_t
typedef AliJetContainer::EJetAlgo_t EJetAlgo_t
typedef fastjet::JetAlgorithm FJJetAlgo
- Public Types inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
enum  BeamType { kNA = -1, kpp = 0, kAA = 1, kpA = 2 }
 Switch for the beam type. More...
enum  TriggerType {
  kND = -1, kJ1 = 0, kJ2 = 1, kG1 = 2,
  kG2 = 3, kL0 = 4
 Switch for EMCAL trigger types. More...
enum  TriggerCategory {
  kTriggerLevel0 = 0, kTriggerLevel1Jet = 1, kTriggerLevel1Gamma = 2, kTriggerRecalcJet = 3,
  kTriggerRecalcGamma = 4
 Online trigger categories. More...
enum  EMCalTriggerMode_t { kNoSpecialTreatment, kOverlapWithLowThreshold }
 Handling of the EMCAL trigger thresholds. More...

Public Member Functions

 AliEmcalJetTask ()
 AliEmcalJetTask (const char *name)
virtual ~AliEmcalJetTask ()
Bool_t Run ()
void SetGhostArea (Double_t gharea)
void SetJetsName (const char *n)
void SetJetEtaRange (Double_t emi, Double_t ema)
void SetJetPhiRange (Double_t pmi, Double_t pma)
void SetJetAlgo (EJetAlgo_t a)
void SetJetType (EJetType_t t)
void SetLocked ()
void SetMinJetArea (Double_t a)
void SetMinJetPt (Double_t j)
void SetRecombScheme (ERecoScheme_t scheme)
void SetTrackEfficiency (Double_t t)
void SetLegacyMode (Bool_t mode)
void SetFillGhost (Bool_t b=kTRUE)
void SetRadius (Double_t r)
void SetEtaRange (Double_t emi, Double_t ema)
void SetMinJetClusPt (Double_t min)
void SetMinJetClusE (Double_t min)
void SetMinJetTrackPt (Double_t min)
void SetPhiRange (Double_t pmi, Double_t pma)
AliEmcalJetUtilityAddUtility (AliEmcalJetUtility *utility)
Double_t GetGhostArea ()
const char * GetJetsName ()
Double_t GetJetEtaMin ()
Double_t GetJetEtaMax ()
Double_t GetJetPhiMin ()
Double_t GetJetPhiMax ()
UInt_t GetJetType ()
UInt_t GetJetAlgo ()
Bool_t GetLegacyMode ()
Double_t GetMinJetArea ()
Double_t GetMinJetPt ()
Int_t GetMinMCLabel ()
Double_t GetRadius ()
Int_t GetRecombScheme ()
Double_t GetTrackEfficiency ()
TClonesArray * GetJets ()
TObjArray * GetUtilities ()
void FillJetConstituents (AliEmcalJet *jet, std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet > &constituents, std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet > &constituents_sub, Int_t flag=0, TClonesArray *particles_sub=0)
Int_t GetIndexSub (Double_t phi_sub, std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet > &constituents_unsub)
Bool_t IsLocked () const
void SelectCollisionCandidates (UInt_t offlineTriggerMask=AliVEvent::kMB)
void SetType (Int_t t)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcal ()
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcal (const char *name, Bool_t histo=kFALSE)
virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskEmcal ()
AliParticleContainerAddParticleContainer (const char *n)
AliTrackContainerAddTrackContainer (const char *n)
AliMCParticleContainerAddMCParticleContainer (const char *n)
AliClusterContainerAddClusterContainer (const char *n)
void AdoptParticleContainer (AliParticleContainer *cont)
void AdoptTrackContainer (AliTrackContainer *cont)
void AdoptMCParticleContainer (AliMCParticleContainer *cont)
void AdoptClusterContainer (AliClusterContainer *cont)
AliParticleContainerGetParticleContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliParticleContainerGetParticleContainer (const char *name) const
AliClusterContainerGetClusterContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliClusterContainerGetClusterContainer (const char *name) const
AliMCParticleContainerGetMCParticleContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliMCParticleContainerGetMCParticleContainer (const char *name) const
AliTrackContainerGetTrackContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliTrackContainerGetTrackContainer (const char *name) const
void RemoveParticleContainer (Int_t i=0)
void RemoveClusterContainer (Int_t i=0)
void SetCaloCellsName (const char *n)
void SetCaloTriggerPatchInfoName (const char *n)
void SetCaloTriggersName (const char *n)
void SetCentRange (Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetCentralityEstimator (const char *c)
void SetClusName (const char *n)
void SetClusPtCut (Double_t cut, Int_t c=0)
void SetClusTimeCut (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
void SetEventPlaneVsEmcal (Double_t ep)
void SetForceBeamType (BeamType f)
void SetHistoBins (Int_t nbins, Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetIsEmbedded (Bool_t i)
void SetIsPythia (Bool_t i)
void SetMakeGeneralHistograms (Bool_t g)
void SetMCLabelShift (Int_t s)
void SetMinMCLabel (Int_t s)
void SetMinNTrack (Int_t min)
void SetZvertexDiffValue (Double_t cut)
void SetMinPtTrackInEmcal (Double_t min)
virtual void SetNCentBins (Int_t n)
void SetNeedEmcalGeom (Bool_t n)
void SetOffTrigger (UInt_t t)
void SetTrackEtaLimits (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
void SetTrackPhiLimits (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
void SetTrackPtCut (Double_t cut, Int_t c=0)
void SetTracksName (const char *n)
void SetTrigClass (const char *n)
void SetTriggerTypeSel (TriggerType t)
void SetUseAliAnaUtils (Bool_t b, Bool_t bRejPilup=kTRUE)
void SetVzRange (Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetUseSPDTrackletVsClusterBG (Bool_t b)
void SetEMCalTriggerMode (EMCalTriggerMode_t m)
void SetUseNewCentralityEstimation (Bool_t b)
void SetGeneratePythiaInfoObject (Bool_t b)
void SetPythiaInfoName (const char *n)
const TString & GetPythiaInfoName () const
const AliEmcalPythiaInfoGetPythiaInfo () const

Static Public Member Functions

static FJJetAlgo ConvertToFJAlgo (EJetAlgo_t algo)
static FJRecoScheme ConvertToFJRecoScheme (ERecoScheme_t reco)

Protected Member Functions

Int_t FindJets ()
void FillJetBranch ()
void ExecOnce ()
void InitUtilities ()
void PrepareUtilities ()
void ExecuteUtilities (AliEmcalJet *jet, Int_t ij)
void TerminateUtilities ()
Bool_t GetSortedArray (Int_t indexes[], std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet > array) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
void LoadPythiaInfo (AliVEvent *event)
void SetRejectionReasonLabels (TAxis *axis)
Bool_t AcceptCluster (AliVCluster *clus, Int_t c=0) const
Bool_t AcceptTrack (AliVParticle *track, Int_t c=0) const
void AddObjectToEvent (TObject *obj, Bool_t attempt=kFALSE)
AliVParticle * GetAcceptParticleFromArray (Int_t p, Int_t c=0) const
AliVCluster * GetAcceptClusterFromArray (Int_t cl, Int_t c=0) const
TClonesArray * GetArrayFromEvent (const char *name, const char *clname=0)
BeamType GetBeamType ()
TClonesArray * GetParticleArray (Int_t i=0) const
TClonesArray * GetClusterArray (Int_t i=0) const
Int_t GetNParticles (Int_t i=0) const
Int_t GetNClusters (Int_t i=0) const
AliEMCALTriggerPatchInfo * GetMainTriggerPatch (TriggerCategory triggersel=kTriggerLevel1Jet, Bool_t doOfflinSimple=kFALSE)
Bool_t HasTriggerType (TriggerType triggersel)
ULong_t GetTriggerList ()
Bool_t PythiaInfoFromFile (const char *currFile, Float_t &fXsec, Float_t &fTrials, Int_t &pthard)
Bool_t IsTrackInEmcalAcceptance (AliVParticle *part, Double_t edges=0.9) const
void GeneratePythiaInfoObject (AliMCEvent *mcEvent)
void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
void UserExec (Option_t *option)
Bool_t UserNotify ()
virtual Bool_t FillGeneralHistograms ()
virtual Bool_t IsEventSelected ()
virtual Bool_t RetrieveEventObjects ()
virtual Bool_t FillHistograms ()

Protected Attributes

TString fJetsTag
EJetType_t fJetType
EJetAlgo_t fJetAlgo
ERecoScheme_t fRecombScheme
Double_t fRadius
Double_t fMinJetArea
Double_t fMinJetPt
Double_t fJetPhiMin
Double_t fJetPhiMax
Double_t fJetEtaMin
Double_t fJetEtaMax
Double_t fGhostArea
Double_t fTrackEfficiency
TObjArray * fUtilities
Bool_t fLocked
TString fJetsName
Bool_t fIsInit
 name of jet collection More...
Bool_t fIsPSelSet
 =true if already initialized More...
Bool_t fIsEmcPart
 =true if physics selection was set More...
Bool_t fLegacyMode
 =true if emcal particles are given as input (for clusters) More...
Bool_t fFillGhost
 =true to enable FJ 2.x behavior More...
TClonesArray * fJets
 =true ghost particles will be filled in AliEmcalJet obj More...
AliFJWrapper fFastJetWrapper
 jet collection More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
TString fPythiaInfoName
 name of pythia info object More...
BeamType fForceBeamType
 forced beam type More...
Bool_t fGeneralHistograms
 whether or not it should fill some general histograms More...
Bool_t fInitialized
 whether or not the task has been already initialized More...
Bool_t fCreateHisto
 whether or not create histograms More...
TString fCaloCellsName
 name of calo cell collection More...
TString fCaloTriggersName
 name of calo triggers collection More...
TString fCaloTriggerPatchInfoName
 trigger patch info array name More...
Double_t fMinCent
 min centrality for event selection More...
Double_t fMaxCent
 max centrality for event selection More...
Double_t fMinVz
 min vertex for event selection More...
Double_t fMaxVz
 max vertex for event selection More...
Double_t fTrackPtCut
 cut on track pt in event selection More...
Int_t fMinNTrack
 minimum nr of tracks in event with pT>fTrackPtCut More...
Double_t fZvertexDiff
 upper limit for distance between primary and SPD vertex More...
Bool_t fUseAliAnaUtils
 used for LHC13* data: z-vtx, Ncontributors, z-vtx resolution cuts More...
Bool_t fRejectPileup
 Reject pilup using function AliAnalysisUtils::IsPileUpEvent() More...
Bool_t fTklVsClusSPDCut
 Apply tracklet-vs-cluster SPD cut to reject background events in pp. More...
UInt_t fOffTrigger
 offline trigger for event selection More...
TString fTrigClass
 trigger class name for event selection More...
TriggerType fTriggerTypeSel
 trigger type to select based on trigger patches More...
Int_t fNbins
 no. of pt bins More...
Double_t fMinBinPt
 min pt in histograms More...
Double_t fMaxBinPt
 max pt in histograms More...
Double_t fMinPtTrackInEmcal
 min pt track in emcal More...
Double_t fEventPlaneVsEmcal
 select events which have a certain event plane wrt the emcal More...
Double_t fMinEventPlane
 minimum event plane value More...
Double_t fMaxEventPlane
 maximum event plane value More...
TString fCentEst
 name of V0 centrality estimator More...
Bool_t fIsEmbedded
 trigger, embedded signal More...
Bool_t fIsPythia
 trigger, if it is a PYTHIA production More...
Int_t fSelectPtHardBin
 select one pt hard bin for analysis More...
Int_t fMinMCLabel
 minimum MC label value for the tracks/clusters being considered MC particles More...
Int_t fMCLabelShift
 if MC label > fMCLabelShift, MC label -= fMCLabelShift More...
Int_t fNcentBins
 how many centrality bins More...
Bool_t fNeedEmcalGeom
 whether or not the task needs the emcal geometry More...
TObjArray fParticleCollArray
 particle/track collection array More...
TObjArray fClusterCollArray
 cluster collection array More...
ULong_t fTriggers
 list of fired triggers More...
EMCalTriggerMode_t fEMCalTriggerMode
 EMCal trigger selection mode. More...
Bool_t fUseNewCentralityEstimation
 Use new centrality estimation (for 2015 data) More...
Bool_t fGeneratePythiaInfoObject
 Generate Pythia info object. More...
AliAnalysisUtils * fAliAnalysisUtils
 !vertex selection (optional) More...
Bool_t fIsEsd
 !whether it's an ESD analysis More...
AliEMCALGeometry * fGeom
 !emcal geometry More...
TClonesArray * fTracks
 !tracks More...
TClonesArray * fCaloClusters
 !clusters More...
AliVCaloCells * fCaloCells
 !cells More...
AliVCaloTrigger * fCaloTriggers
 !calo triggers More...
TClonesArray * fTriggerPatchInfo
 !trigger patch info array More...
Double_t fCent
 !event centrality More...
Int_t fCentBin
 !event centrality bin More...
Double_t fEPV0
 !event plane V0 More...
Double_t fEPV0A
 !event plane V0A More...
Double_t fEPV0C
 !event plane V0C More...
Double_t fVertex [3]
 !event vertex More...
Double_t fVertexSPD [3]
 !event Svertex More...
Int_t fNVertCont
 !event vertex number of contributors More...
Int_t fNVertSPDCont
 !event SPD vertex number of contributors More...
BeamType fBeamType
 !event beam type More...
AliGenPythiaEventHeader * fPythiaHeader
 !event Pythia header More...
Double_t fPtHard
 !event pt hard More...
Int_t fPtHardBin
 !event pt hard bin More...
Int_t fNTrials
 !event trials More...
Float_t fXsection
 !x-section from pythia header More...
 !event parton info More...
TList * fOutput
 !output list More...
TH1 * fHistEventCount
 !incoming and selected events More...
TH1 * fHistTrialsAfterSel
 !total number of trials per pt hard bin after selection More...
TH1 * fHistEventsAfterSel
 !total number of events per pt hard bin after selection More...
TProfile * fHistXsectionAfterSel
 !x section from pythia header More...
TH1 * fHistTrials
 !trials from pyxsec.root More...
TH1 * fHistEvents
 !total number of events per pt hard bin More...
TProfile * fHistXsection
 !x section from pyxsec.root More...
TH1 * fHistPtHard
 !pt hard distribution More...
TH1 * fHistCentrality
 !event centrality distribution More...
TH1 * fHistZVertex
 !z vertex position More...
TH1 * fHistEventPlane
 !event plane distribution More...
TH1 * fHistEventRejection
 !book keep reasons for rejecting event More...
TH1 * fHistTriggerClasses
 !number of events in each trigger class More...

Static Protected Attributes

static const Int_t fgkConstIndexShift
 fastjet wrapper More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
static Double_t fgkEMCalDCalPhiDivide = 4.
 phi value used to distinguish between DCal and EMCal More...

Private Member Functions

 AliEmcalJetTask (const AliEmcalJetTask &)
 contituent index shift More...
AliEmcalJetTaskoperator= (const AliEmcalJetTask &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
static void GetEtaPhiDiff (const AliVTrack *t, const AliVCluster *v, Double_t &phidiff, Double_t &etadiff)
static Byte_t GetTrackType (const AliVTrack *t)
static Byte_t GetTrackType (const AliAODTrack *aodTrack, UInt_t filterBit1, UInt_t filterBit2)
static Double_t DeltaPhi (Double_t phia, Double_t phib, Double_t rMin=-TMath::Pi()/2, Double_t rMax=3 *TMath::Pi()/2)
static Double_t * GenerateFixedBinArray (Int_t n, Double_t min, Double_t max)
static void GenerateFixedBinArray (Int_t n, Double_t min, Double_t max, Double_t *array)
static Double_t GetParallelFraction (AliVParticle *part1, AliVParticle *part2)
static Double_t GetParallelFraction (const TVector3 &vect1, AliVParticle *part2)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef fastjet::JetAlgorithm AliEmcalJetTask::FJJetAlgo

Definition at line 30 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

typedef fastjet::RecombinationScheme AliEmcalJetTask::FJRecoScheme

Definition at line 31 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliEmcalJetTask::AliEmcalJetTask ( )
AliEmcalJetTask::AliEmcalJetTask ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 70 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

AliEmcalJetTask::~AliEmcalJetTask ( )

Definition at line 102 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

AliEmcalJetTask::AliEmcalJetTask ( const AliEmcalJetTask )

contituent index shift

Member Function Documentation

AliEmcalJetUtility * AliEmcalJetTask::AddUtility ( AliEmcalJetUtility utility)

Definition at line 108 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

fastjet::JetAlgorithm AliEmcalJetTask::ConvertToFJAlgo ( EJetAlgo_t  algo)
fastjet::RecombinationScheme AliEmcalJetTask::ConvertToFJRecoScheme ( ERecoScheme_t  reco)
void AliEmcalJetTask::ExecOnce ( )

Perform steps needed to initialize the analysis. This function relies on the presence of an input event (ESD or AOD event). Consequently it is called internally by UserExec for the first event.

This function connects all containers attached to this task to the corresponding arrays in the input event. Furthermore it initializes the geometry.

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal.

Definition at line 333 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::ExecuteUtilities ( AliEmcalJet jet,
Int_t  ij 

Definition at line 140 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by FillJetBranch().

void AliEmcalJetTask::FillJetBranch ( )

Definition at line 258 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by Run().

void AliEmcalJetTask::FillJetConstituents ( AliEmcalJet jet,
std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet > &  constituents,
std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet > &  constituents_sub,
Int_t  flag = 0,
TClonesArray *  particles_sub = 0 
Int_t AliEmcalJetTask::FindJets ( )

Definition at line 173 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by Run().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetGhostArea ( )

Definition at line 63 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Int_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetIndexSub ( Double_t  phi_sub,
std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet > &  constituents_unsub 

Definition at line 556 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by FillJetConstituents().

UInt_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetJetAlgo ( )

Definition at line 70 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetJetEtaMax ( )

Definition at line 66 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetJetEtaMin ( )

Definition at line 65 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetJetPhiMax ( )

Definition at line 68 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetJetPhiMin ( )

Definition at line 67 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

TClonesArray* AliEmcalJetTask::GetJets ( )

Definition at line 79 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

const char* AliEmcalJetTask::GetJetsName ( )

Definition at line 64 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

UInt_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetJetType ( )

Definition at line 69 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetLegacyMode ( )

Definition at line 71 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetMinJetArea ( )

Definition at line 72 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetMinJetPt ( )

Definition at line 73 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Int_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetMinMCLabel ( )

Definition at line 74 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetRadius ( )

Definition at line 75 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by AliEmcalJetUtilityGenSubtractor::ProcessJet().

Int_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetRecombScheme ( )

Definition at line 76 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetSortedArray ( Int_t  indexes[],
std::vector< fastjet::PseudoJet >  array 
) const

Definition at line 313 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by FillJetBranch().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::GetTrackEfficiency ( )

Definition at line 77 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

TObjArray* AliEmcalJetTask::GetUtilities ( )

Definition at line 80 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::InitUtilities ( )

Definition at line 124 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by ExecOnce().

AliEmcalJetTask& AliEmcalJetTask::operator= ( const AliEmcalJetTask )
void AliEmcalJetTask::PrepareUtilities ( )

Definition at line 132 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by FillJetBranch().

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::Run ( )

Run function. This is the core function of the analysis and contains the user code. Therefore users have to implement this function.

True if event is selected, false otherwise

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal.

Definition at line 156 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SelectCollisionCandidates ( UInt_t  offlineTriggerMask = AliVEvent::kMB)

Definition at line 583 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetEtaRange ( Double_t  emi,
Double_t  ema 

Definition at line 596 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetFillGhost ( Bool_t  b = kTRUE)

Definition at line 52 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetGhostArea ( Double_t  gharea)

Definition at line 40 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetJetAlgo ( EJetAlgo_t  a)

Definition at line 44 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetJetEtaRange ( Double_t  emi,
Double_t  ema 

Definition at line 42 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetJetPhiRange ( Double_t  pmi,
Double_t  pma 

Definition at line 43 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetJetsName ( const char *  n)

Definition at line 41 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetJetType ( EJetType_t  t)

Definition at line 45 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetLegacyMode ( Bool_t  mode)

Definition at line 51 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetLocked ( )

Definition at line 46 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetMinJetArea ( Double_t  a)

Definition at line 47 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetMinJetClusE ( Double_t  min)

Definition at line 620 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetMinJetClusPt ( Double_t  min)

Definition at line 608 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetMinJetPt ( Double_t  j)

Definition at line 48 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetMinJetTrackPt ( Double_t  min)

Definition at line 632 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetPhiRange ( Double_t  pmi,
Double_t  pma 

Definition at line 644 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetRadius ( Double_t  r)

Definition at line 53 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetRecombScheme ( ERecoScheme_t  scheme)

Definition at line 49 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetTrackEfficiency ( Double_t  t)

Definition at line 50 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

void AliEmcalJetTask::SetType ( Int_t  t)
void AliEmcalJetTask::TerminateUtilities ( )

Definition at line 148 of file AliEmcalJetTask.cxx.

Referenced by FillJetBranch().

Member Data Documentation

AliFJWrapper AliEmcalJetTask::fFastJetWrapper

jet collection

Definition at line 132 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), ExecuteUtilities(), FillJetBranch(), FindJets(), PrepareUtilities(), and TerminateUtilities().

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::fFillGhost

=true to enable FJ 2.x behavior

Definition at line 129 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetConstituents(), and SetFillGhost().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fGhostArea

Definition at line 119 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), GetGhostArea(), and SetGhostArea().

const Int_t AliEmcalJetTask::fgkConstIndexShift

fastjet wrapper

Definition at line 134 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetConstituents(), and FindJets().

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::fIsEmcPart

=true if physics selection was set

Definition at line 127 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::fIsInit

name of jet collection

Definition at line 125 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::fIsPSelSet

=true if already initialized

Definition at line 126 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by SelectCollisionCandidates().

EJetAlgo_t AliEmcalJetTask::fJetAlgo

Definition at line 110 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), GetJetAlgo(), and SetJetAlgo().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fJetEtaMax

Definition at line 118 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetBranch(), GetJetEtaMax(), and SetJetEtaRange().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fJetEtaMin

Definition at line 117 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetBranch(), GetJetEtaMin(), and SetJetEtaRange().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fJetPhiMax

Definition at line 116 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetBranch(), GetJetPhiMax(), and SetJetPhiRange().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fJetPhiMin

Definition at line 115 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetBranch(), GetJetPhiMin(), and SetJetPhiRange().

TClonesArray* AliEmcalJetTask::fJets

=true ghost particles will be filled in AliEmcalJet obj

Definition at line 131 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), GetJets(), and Run().

TString AliEmcalJetTask::fJetsName

Definition at line 124 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), and GetJetsName().

TString AliEmcalJetTask::fJetsTag

Definition at line 107 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), and SetJetsName().

EJetType_t AliEmcalJetTask::fJetType

Definition at line 109 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), FindJets(), GetJetType(), and SetJetType().

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::fLegacyMode

=true if emcal particles are given as input (for clusters)

Definition at line 128 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), GetLegacyMode(), and SetLegacyMode().

Bool_t AliEmcalJetTask::fLocked

Definition at line 122 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by IsLocked(), and SetLocked().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fMinJetArea

Definition at line 113 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetBranch(), GetMinJetArea(), and SetMinJetArea().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fMinJetPt

Definition at line 114 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by FillJetBranch(), GetMinJetPt(), and SetMinJetPt().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fRadius

Definition at line 112 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), GetRadius(), and SetRadius().

ERecoScheme_t AliEmcalJetTask::fRecombScheme

Definition at line 111 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), GetRecombScheme(), and SetRecombScheme().

Double_t AliEmcalJetTask::fTrackEfficiency

Definition at line 120 of file AliEmcalJetTask.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), FindJets(), GetTrackEfficiency(), and SetTrackEfficiency().

TObjArray* AliEmcalJetTask::fUtilities

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