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4 /* Copyright(c) 1998-2006, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7 /* $Id$ */
9 //***********************************************************
15 #include <TString.h>
16 #include <TH1F.h>
17 #include <TObject.h>
18 #include "AliAODTrack.h"
19 #include "AliPIDResponse.h"
20 #include "AliPIDCombined.h"
21 #include "AliPID.h"
23 class AliAODPidHF : public TObject{
25 public:
32  };
34  AliAODPidHF();
35  AliAODPidHF(const AliAODPidHF& pid);
36  virtual ~AliAODPidHF();
38  //Setters
39  void SetSigma(Double_t *sigma){
40  for(Int_t i=0; i<fnNSigma; i++) fnSigma[i]=sigma[i];
41  }
42  void SetSigma(Int_t idet,Double_t sigma){fnSigma[idet]=sigma;return;}
43  void SetSigmaForTPC(Double_t *sigma){for(Int_t i=0;i<3;i++) fnSigma[i]=sigma[i];return;}
44  void SetSigmaForTPCCompat(Double_t sigma){fnSigmaCompat[0]=sigma;return;}
45  void SetSigmaForTOFCompat(Double_t sigma){fnSigmaCompat[1]=sigma;return;}
46  void SetSigmaForTOF(Double_t sigma){fnSigma[3]=sigma;return;}
47  void SetSigmaForITS(Double_t sigma){fnSigma[4]=sigma;return;}
48  void SetTofSigma(Double_t sigma){fTOFSigma=sigma;return;}
50  void SetCutOnTOFmismatchProb(Double_t cut=0.01){fCutTOFmismatch=cut;}
53  void SetMinNClustersTPCPID(Int_t minc) {fMinNClustersTPCPID=minc;}
55  void SetCombinednSigmaCutForPiKP(Float_t sigpi, Float_t sigk, Float_t sigp){
56  fMaxnSigmaCombined[0]=sigpi;
57  fMaxnSigmaCombined[1]=sigk;
58  fMaxnSigmaCombined[2]=sigp;
59  }
60  void SetTPCnSigmaRangeForPions(Float_t smin, Float_t smax){
61  fMinnSigmaTPC[0]=smin;
62  fMaxnSigmaTPC[0]=smax;
63  }
64  void SetTOFnSigmaRangeForPions(Float_t smin, Float_t smax){
65  fMinnSigmaTOF[0]=smin;
66  fMaxnSigmaTOF[0]=smax;
67  }
68  void SetTPCnSigmaRangeForKaons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax){
69  fMinnSigmaTPC[1]=smin;
70  fMaxnSigmaTPC[1]=smax;
71  }
72  void SetTOFnSigmaRangeForKaons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax){
73  fMinnSigmaTOF[1]=smin;
74  fMaxnSigmaTOF[1]=smax;
75  }
76  void SetTPCnSigmaRangeForProtons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax){
77  fMinnSigmaTPC[2]=smin;
78  fMaxnSigmaTPC[2]=smax;
79  }
80  void SetTOFnSigmaRangeForProtons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax){
81  fMinnSigmaTOF[2]=smin;
82  fMaxnSigmaTOF[2]=smax;
83  }
85  void SetPriors(Double_t *priors, Int_t npriors);
86  void SetPLimit(Double_t *plim, Int_t npLim);
88  void SetAsym(Bool_t asym){fAsym=asym;return;}
89  void SetUseAsymmnSigmaTOF(Double_t nsmin, Double_t nsmax, Double_t nscompmin, Double_t nscompmax){
90  fUseAsymTOF=kTRUE;
91  fLownSigmaTOF=nsmin; fUpnSigmaTOF=nsmax;
92  fLownSigmaCompatTOF=nscompmin; fUpnSigmaCompatTOF=nscompmax;
93  }
94  void SetTPC(Bool_t tpc){fTPC=tpc;return;}
95  void SetTOF(Bool_t tof){fTOF=tof;return;}
96  void SetITS(Bool_t its){fITS=its;return;}
97  void SetTRD(Bool_t trd){fTRD=trd;return;}
98  void SetMatch(Int_t match){fMatch=match;return;}
99  void SetForceTOFforKaons(Bool_t forceTOF){fForceTOFforKaons=forceTOF;return;}
100  void SetCompat(Bool_t comp){fCompat=comp;return;}
101  void SetMC(Bool_t mc){fMC=mc;return;}
102  void SetMClowenpp2011(Bool_t mc){fMCLowEn2011=mc;return;}
103  void SetOnePad(Bool_t onepad){fOnePad=onepad;return;}
104  void SetppLowEn2011(Bool_t opt){fppLowEn2011=opt;return;}
105  void SetPbPb(Bool_t pbpb){fPbPb=pbpb;return;}
106  void SetPCompatTOF(Double_t pTOF){fPCompatTOF=pTOF;return;}
107  void SetTOFdecide(Bool_t tOFdecide){fTOFdecide=tOFdecide;return;}
108  void SetOldPid(Bool_t oldPid){fOldPid=oldPid;return;}
109  void SetPtThresholdTPC(Double_t ptThresholdTPC){fPtThresholdTPC=ptThresholdTPC;return;}
111  void SetPidResponse(AliPIDResponse *pidResp) {fPidResponse=pidResp;return;}
113  fCombDetectors=pidComb;
114  }
115  void SetPionPriorHisto(TH1F* histo){
116  if(fPriorsH[AliPID::kPion]) delete fPriorsH[AliPID::kPion];
117  fPriorsH[AliPID::kPion] = new TH1F(*histo);
118  }
119  void SetKaonPriorHisto(TH1F* histo){
120  if(fPriorsH[AliPID::kKaon]) delete fPriorsH[AliPID::kKaon];
121  fPriorsH[AliPID::kKaon] = new TH1F(*histo);
122  }
123  void SetProtonPriorHisto(TH1F* histo){
124  if(fPriorsH[AliPID::kProton]) delete fPriorsH[AliPID::kProton];
125  fPriorsH[AliPID::kProton] = new TH1F(*histo);
126  }
129  //Getters
131  Int_t GetnSigmaTPC(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t species, Double_t &sigma) const;
132  Int_t GetnSigmaTOF(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t species, Double_t &sigma) const;
133  Int_t GetnSigmaITS(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t species, Double_t &sigma) const;
134  Double_t GetSigma(Int_t idet) const{return fnSigma[idet];}
135  Double_t GetTofSigma() const{return fTOFSigma;}
136  //void GetPriors(Double_t *priors) const{priors=fPriors;return;}
137  //void GetPLimit(Double_t *plim) const{plim=fPLimit;}
138  void GetPriors(Double_t *priors) const{for(Int_t i=0;i<fnPriors;i++){priors[i]=fPriors[i];}return;}
139  void GetPLimit(Double_t *plim) const{for(Int_t i=0;i<fnPLimit;i++){plim[i]=fPLimit[i];}return;}
140  Bool_t GetAsym() const{return fAsym;}
141  Bool_t GetTPC() const{return fTPC;}
142  Bool_t GetTOF() const{return fTOF;}
143  Bool_t GetITS() const{return fITS;}
144  Bool_t GetTRD() const{return fTRD;}
145  Int_t GetMatch() const{return fMatch;}
146  Bool_t GetForceTOFforKaons() const{return fForceTOFforKaons;}
147  Bool_t GetCompat() const{return fCompat;}
148  Bool_t GetMC() const{return fMC;}
149  Bool_t GetOnePad() const{return fOnePad;}
150  Bool_t GetppLowEn2011() const {return fppLowEn2011;}
151  Bool_t GetMCLowEn2011() const {return fMCLowEn2011;}
152  Bool_t GetPbPb() const{return fPbPb;}
153  Bool_t GetTOFdecide() const{return fTOFdecide;}
154  Double_t GetPCompatTOF() const{return fPCompatTOF;}
155  Double_t GetnSigmaCompatTPC() const{return fnSigmaCompat[0];}
156  Double_t GetnSigmaCompatTOF() const{return fnSigmaCompat[1];}
157  Bool_t GetOldPid(){return fOldPid;}
158  Double_t GetPtThresholdTPC(){return fPtThresholdTPC;}
160  AliPIDResponse *GetPidResponse() const {return fPidResponse;}
161  AliPIDCombined *GetPidCombined() const {return fPidCombined;}
163  return fCombDetectors;
164  }
165  Bool_t GetUseCombined() {return fUseCombined;}
166  Bool_t GetDefaultPriors() {return fDefaultPriors;}
168  Int_t RawSignalPID (AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const;
169  Bool_t IsKaonRaw (AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const;
170  Bool_t IsPionRaw (AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const;
171  Bool_t IsProtonRaw (AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const;
172  Bool_t IsElectronRaw (AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const;
173  void CombinedProbability(AliAODTrack *track,Bool_t *type) const; //0 = pion, 1 = kaon, 2 = proton
174  Bool_t CheckStatus(AliAODTrack *track,TString detectors) const;
176  Bool_t CheckITSPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const;
177  Bool_t CheckTPCPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const;
178  Bool_t CheckTOFPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const;
179  Bool_t CheckTRDPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const;
181  Bool_t TPCRawAsym(AliAODTrack* track,Int_t specie) const;
182  Int_t MatchTPCTOF(AliAODTrack *track,Int_t specie);
184  Int_t MatchTPCTOFMin(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie);
186  Int_t MakeRawPid(AliAODTrack *track,Int_t specie);
188  Bool_t IsTOFPiKexcluded(AliAODTrack *track,Double_t nsigmaK);
190  Bool_t IsExcluded(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t labelTrack, Double_t nsigmaCut, TString detector);
192  void GetTPCBetheBlochParams(Double_t alephParameters[5]) const;
193  void SetBetheBloch();
195  void SetSelectedSpecies(Int_t ispecies = AliPID::kSPECIES){GetPidCombined()->SetSelectedSpecies(ispecies);};
196  void SetPriorDistribution(AliPID::EParticleType type,TH1F *prior);
197  void DrawPrior(AliPID::EParticleType type);
198  void SetPriorsHistos(TString priorFileName);
199  void SetUpCombinedPID();
200  void SetUseCombined(Bool_t useCombined=kTRUE) {fUseCombined=useCombined;}
201  void SetUseDefaultPriors(Bool_t defaultP) {fDefaultPriors=defaultP;}
202  Int_t ApplyPidTPCRaw(AliAODTrack *track,Int_t specie) const;
203  Int_t ApplyPidTOFRaw(AliAODTrack *track,Int_t specie) const;
204  Int_t ApplyPidITSRaw(AliAODTrack *track,Int_t specie) const;
205  Int_t ApplyTOFCompatibilityBand(AliAODTrack *track,Int_t specie) const;
207  void PrintAll() const;
210  void SetIdBand(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, TH1F *min, TH1F *max);
211  void SetIdBand(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, TF1 *min, TF1 *max);
212  void SetCompBand(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, TH1F *min, TH1F *max);
213  void SetCompBand(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, TF1 *min, TF1 *max);
214  Bool_t CheckDetectorPIDStatus(AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, AliAODTrack *track);
215  Float_t NumberOfSigmas(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, AliAODTrack *track);
216  Int_t CheckBands(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, AliAODTrack *track);
217  TF1 *GetIdBandMin(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector) { return fIdBandMin[((int) specie)][((int) detector)]; }
218  TF1 *GetIdBandMax(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector) { return fIdBandMax[((int) specie)][((int) detector)]; }
219  TF1 *GetCompBandMin(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector) { return fCompBandMin[((int) specie)][((int) detector)]; }
220  TF1 *GetCompBandMax(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector) { return fCompBandMax[((int) specie)][((int) detector)]; }
224  void SetIdAsymmetricPID();
225  void SetIdCompAsymmetricPID();
227 protected:
230 private:
232  AliAODPidHF& operator=(const AliAODPidHF& pid);
234  Int_t fnNSigma;
235  Double_t *fnSigma; // [fnNSigma], sigma for the raw signal PID: 0-2 for TPC, 3 for TOF, 4 for ITS
237  Double_t fTOFSigma;
238  Double_t fCutTOFmismatch;
240  Int_t fnPriors;
241  Double_t *fPriors; // [fnPriors], set of priors
243  Int_t fnPLimit;
244  Double_t *fPLimit; // [fnPLimit], limit of p intervals for asimmetric PID: fPLimit<p[0], fPLimit[0]<p<fPLimit[1], p>fPLimit[1]
246  Bool_t fAsym;
247  Bool_t fTPC;
248  Bool_t fTOF;
249  Bool_t fITS;
250  Bool_t fTRD;
251  Int_t fMatch;
253  Bool_t fCompat;
254  Double_t fPCompatTOF;
255  Bool_t fUseAsymTOF;
256  Double_t fLownSigmaTOF;
257  Double_t fUpnSigmaTOF;
261  Double_t *fnSigmaCompat; //[fnNSigmaCompat] 0: n sigma for TPC compatibility band, 1: for TOF
263  Double_t fMaxnSigmaCombined[3];
264  Double_t fMinnSigmaTPC[3];
265  Double_t fMaxnSigmaTPC[3];
266  Double_t fMinnSigmaTOF[3];
267  Double_t fMaxnSigmaTOF[3];
268  Bool_t fMC;
269  Bool_t fOnePad;
270  Bool_t fMCLowEn2011;
271  Bool_t fppLowEn2011;
272  Bool_t fPbPb;
273  Bool_t fTOFdecide;
274  Bool_t fOldPid;
275  Double_t fPtThresholdTPC;
277  AliPIDResponse *fPidResponse;
278  AliPIDCombined* fPidCombined;
280  AliTPCPIDResponse* fTPCResponse;
282  TH1F* fPriorsH[AliPID::kSPECIES];
284  Bool_t fUseCombined;
285  Bool_t fDefaultPriors;
288  TF1 *fIdBandMin[AliPID::kSPECIES][4];
289  TF1 *fIdBandMax[AliPID::kSPECIES][4];
290  TF1 *fCompBandMin[AliPID::kSPECIES][4];
291  TF1 *fCompBandMax[AliPID::kSPECIES][4];
294  ClassDef(AliAODPidHF,24);
297 };
299 struct HistFunc {
300  HistFunc(TH1F *f): fHist(f) {}
301  double operator() (double *x, double * ) const {
302  TAxis *axis = fHist->GetXaxis();
303  Int_t bin = axis->FindBin(x[0]);
304  if (x[0] == axis->GetXmax()) {
305  bin = axis->GetNbins();
306  }
307  return fHist->GetBinContent(bin);
309  }
310  TH1F *fHist;
311 };
313 #endif
void SetIdAsymmetricPID()
Double_t GetnSigmaCompatTOF() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:156
double operator()(double *x, double *) const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:301
void SetTPCnSigmaRangeForKaons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:68
void SetPriorsHistos(TString priorFileName)
Int_t fnNSigmaCompat
upper nsigma TOF (for fUseAsymTOF)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:260
void SetTOFnSigmaRangeForKaons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:72
void SetAsym(Bool_t asym)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:88
Double_t fLownSigmaTOF
flag for using asymmetrig nSigmaCut in TOF for fMatch==1
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:256
Bool_t fppLowEn2011
MC for low energy MC.
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:271
void SetKaonPriorHisto(TH1F *histo)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:119
Bool_t fUseCombined
detectors to be involved for combined PID
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:284
Bool_t CheckITSPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const
Bool_t IsTOFPiKexcluded(AliAODTrack *track, Double_t nsigmaK)
general method to perform PID using raw signals
Double_t GetPCompatTOF() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:154
void GetPriors(Double_t *priors) const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:138
Double_t fPtThresholdTPC
old PID method implemented
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:275
Int_t GetnSigmaTOF(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t species, Double_t &sigma) const
void SetTRD(Bool_t trd)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:97
Bool_t GetITS() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:143
TF1 * GetCompBandMin(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:219
void SetForceTOFforKaons(Bool_t forceTOF)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:99
Double_t * fPLimit
limit of p intervals for asimmetric PID: fPLimit<p[0], fPLimit[0]<p<fPLimit[1], p>fPLimit[1] ...
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:245
Int_t RawSignalPID(AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const
void SetTPCnSigmaRangeForProtons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:76
void SetSigmaForTPC(Double_t *sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:43
Double_t GetSigma(Int_t idet) const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:134
AliTPCPIDResponse * fTPCResponse
! TPC response
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:280
Bool_t IsKaonRaw(AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const
Double_t fMaxnSigmaCombined[3]
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:263
Bool_t fMCLowEn2011
real data with one pad clusters
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:270
Float_t NumberOfSigmas(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, AliAODTrack *track)
Bool_t GetUseCombined()
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:165
TF1 * GetIdBandMin(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:217
Int_t GetnSigmaTPC(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t species, Double_t &sigma) const
Bool_t CheckTOFPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const
ECombDetectors GetCombDetectors() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:162
void SetSigmaForTOF(Double_t sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:46
Bool_t CheckTPCPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const
void SetMClowenpp2011(Bool_t mc)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:102
void SetPriors(Double_t *priors, Int_t npriors)
TF1 * fIdBandMax[AliPID::kSPECIES][4]
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:289
void SetPCompatTOF(Double_t pTOF)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:106
Bool_t GetTOFdecide() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:153
Bool_t IsElectronRaw(AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const
TF1 * fIdBandMin[AliPID::kSPECIES][4]
use default priors for combined PID
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:288
Bool_t fMC
max. of nSigma range for pi,K,p in TOF (match==5)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:268
Bool_t GetppLowEn2011() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:150
void SetTofSigma(Double_t sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:48
void SetppLowEn2011(Bool_t opt)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:104
Bool_t fCompat
force TOF for kaons in mode fMatch==5
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:253
Int_t fnNSigma
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:234
void SetMinNClustersTPCPID(Int_t minc)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:53
Bool_t fITS
switch to include or exclude TOF
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:249
Int_t ApplyPidTPCRaw(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie) const
Double_t fMaxnSigmaTOF[3]
min. of nSigma range for pi,K,p in TOF (match==5)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:267
Int_t ApplyPidITSRaw(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie) const
void SetCompBand(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, TH1F *min, TH1F *max)
Double_t GetPtThresholdTPC()
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:158
Double_t GetMaxTrackMomForCombinedPID()
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:159
TH1F * fPriorsH[AliPID::kSPECIES]
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:282
Bool_t GetTRD() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:144
Int_t MatchTPCTOFMin(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie)
PID nSigma strategy closer to the Bayesian approach with Max. prob.
void PrintAll() const
Double_t fMaxTrackMomForCombinedPID
pT threshold to use TPC PID
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:276
Double_t fMinnSigmaTOF[3]
max. of nSigma range for pi,K,p in TPC (match==5)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:266
Bool_t GetOldPid()
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:157
Double_t fMinnSigmaTPC[3]
nSigma cut for pi,K,p (TPC^2+TOF^2)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:264
TF1 * fCompBandMin[AliPID::kSPECIES][4]
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:290
void SetTOF(Bool_t tof)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:95
void SetTPCnSigmaRangeForPions(Float_t smin, Float_t smax)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:60
TF1 * GetIdBandMax(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:218
Bool_t GetForceTOFforKaons() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:146
Int_t fnPLimit
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:243
void SetUseCombined(Bool_t useCombined=kTRUE)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:200
Bool_t fOnePad
MC(kTRUE) or real data (kFALSE, default option)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:269
void SetUseDefaultPriors(Bool_t defaultP)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:201
Double_t * sigma
void SetIdBand(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, TH1F *min, TH1F *max)
Assymetric PID using histograms.
void SetCombDetectors(ECombDetectors pidComb)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:112
Double_t fTOFSigma
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:237
Int_t CheckBands(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, AliAODTrack *track)
void SetTOFnSigmaRangeForProtons(Float_t smin, Float_t smax)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:80
AliPIDResponse * fPidResponse
momentum threshold to use PID
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:277
void DrawPrior(AliPID::EParticleType type)
Double_t * fPriors
set of priors
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:242
virtual ~AliAODPidHF()
AliPIDCombined * GetPidCombined() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:161
TH1F * fHist
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:310
void GetTPCBetheBlochParams(Double_t alephParameters[5]) const
void SetPbPb(Bool_t pbpb)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:105
void SetSigmaForITS(Double_t sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:47
Bool_t fOldPid
real data PbPb
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:274
void SetPtThresholdTPC(Double_t ptThresholdTPC)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:109
void SetShiftedAsymmetricPID()
Some suggested asymmetric PID.
Bool_t fDefaultPriors
detectors to be involved for combined PID
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:285
void SetSigma(Int_t idet, Double_t sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:42
Bool_t GetAsym() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:140
Bool_t CheckStatus(AliAODTrack *track, TString detectors) const
Double_t GetTofSigma() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:135
Double_t fPCompatTOF
compatibility region : useful only if fMatch=1
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:254
Bool_t IsExcluded(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t labelTrack, Double_t nsigmaCut, TString detector)
AliAODPidHF & operator=(const AliAODPidHF &pid)
Bool_t fForceTOFforKaons
switch to combine the info from more detectors: 1 = || , 2 = &, 3 = p region
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:252
void SetCombinednSigmaCutForPiKP(Float_t sigpi, Float_t sigk, Float_t sigp)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:55
void SetPionPriorHisto(TH1F *histo)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:115
void SetUseAsymmnSigmaTOF(Double_t nsmin, Double_t nsmax, Double_t nscompmin, Double_t nscompmax)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:89
Bool_t GetTPC() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:141
void GetPLimit(Double_t *plim) const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:139
Bool_t fTOF
switch to include or exclude TPC
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:248
void SetCutOnTOFmismatchProb(Double_t cut=0.01)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:50
void SetUpCombinedPID()
Bool_t GetTOF() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:142
Bool_t GetMC() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:148
Int_t MakeRawPid(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie)
AliPIDResponse * GetPidResponse() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:160
Int_t fMatch
switch to include or exclude TRD
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:251
Int_t MatchTPCTOF(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie)
void SetIdCompAsymmetricPID()
void SetSigma(Double_t *sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:39
void SetSigmaForTOFCompat(Double_t sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:45
void SetSigmaForTPCCompat(Double_t sigma)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:44
void SetMaxTrackMomForCombinedPID(Double_t mom)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:110
Bool_t GetDefaultPriors()
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:166
Int_t fnPriors
Minimum TPC PID clusters cut.
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:240
Bool_t fTOFdecide
real data PbPb
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:273
void SetProtonPriorHisto(TH1F *histo)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:123
Int_t ApplyPidTOFRaw(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie) const
void SetPriorDistribution(AliPID::EParticleType type, TH1F *prior)
void SetSelectedSpecies(Int_t ispecies=AliPID::kSPECIES)
method for AliPIDCombined object
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:195
Double_t fMaxnSigmaTPC[3]
min. of nSigma range for pi,K,p in TPC (match==5)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:265
void SetBetheBloch()
UInt_t fMinNClustersTPCPID
Cut of TOF mismatch probability.
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:239
Double_t GetnSigmaCompatTPC() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:155
Double_t fLownSigmaCompatTOF
upper nsigma TOF (for fUseAsymTOF)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:258
Int_t GetnSigmaITS(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t species, Double_t &sigma) const
AliPIDCombined * fPidCombined
! combined PID object
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:278
TF1 * GetCompBandMax(AliPID::EParticleType specie, AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:220
Bool_t IsPionRaw(AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const
Bool_t GetOnePad() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:149
void SetMC(Bool_t mc)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:101
Bool_t CheckDetectorPIDStatus(AliPIDResponse::EDetector detector, AliAODTrack *track)
Int_t ApplyTOFCompatibilityBand(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie) const
Double_t * fnSigma
sigma for the raw signal PID: 0-2 for TPC, 3 for TOF, 4 for ITS
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:236
Bool_t fTPC
asimmetric PID required
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:247
Bool_t fUseAsymTOF
compatibility p limit for TOF
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:255
Bool_t GetMCLowEn2011() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:151
Bool_t GetCompat() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:147
void SetOldPid(Bool_t oldPid)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:108
Double_t fUpnSigmaCompatTOF
lower nsigma TOF (for fUseAsymTOF)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:259
Bool_t fTRD
switch to include or exclude ITS
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:250
Bool_t GetPbPb() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:152
Int_t GetMatch() const
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:145
void DisableCutOnTOFmismatchProb()
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:51
void SetITS(Bool_t its)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:96
void SetTOFdecide(Bool_t tOFdecide)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:107
void SetMatch(Int_t match)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:98
void SetPLimit(Double_t *plim, Int_t npLim)
HistFunc(TH1F *f)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:300
Bool_t TPCRawAsym(AliAODTrack *track, Int_t specie) const
void SetTPC(Bool_t tpc)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:94
Bool_t fAsym
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:246
void SetCompat(Bool_t comp)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:100
Bool_t fPbPb
Data for low energy pp 2011.
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:272
Double_t fUpnSigmaTOF
lower nsigma TOF (for fUseAsymTOF)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:257
ECombDetectors fCombDetectors
priors histos
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:283
void CombinedProbability(AliAODTrack *track, Bool_t *type) const
Bool_t IsProtonRaw(AliAODTrack *track, TString detector) const
Double_t * fnSigmaCompat
0: n sigma for TPC compatibility band, 1: for TOF
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:262
Double_t fCutTOFmismatch
TOF precision.
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:238
Bool_t CheckTRDPIDStatus(AliAODTrack *track) const
void SetOnePad(Bool_t onepad)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:103
TF1 * fCompBandMax[AliPID::kSPECIES][4]
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:291
void SetTOFnSigmaRangeForPions(Float_t smin, Float_t smax)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:64
void SetPidResponse(AliPIDResponse *pidResp)
Definition: AliAODPidHF.h:111