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AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP Class Reference

Class to do some fast QA of the EMCal trigger (pp collisions). Useful also to tune trigger thresholds. More...

#include <AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP:

Public Member Functions

 AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP ()
 AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP (const char *name)
virtual ~AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP ()
void SetTriggerPatchesName (const char *name)
void SetADCperBin (Int_t n)
void SetMinAmplitude (Int_t m)
AliEmcalTriggerQAPPGetTriggerQA (Int_t i=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcal ()
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcal (const char *name, Bool_t histo=kFALSE)
virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskEmcal ()
AliParticleContainerAddParticleContainer (const char *n)
AliTrackContainerAddTrackContainer (const char *n)
AliMCParticleContainerAddMCParticleContainer (const char *n)
AliClusterContainerAddClusterContainer (const char *n)
void AdoptParticleContainer (AliParticleContainer *cont)
void AdoptClusterContainer (AliClusterContainer *cont)
AliParticleContainerGetParticleContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliParticleContainerGetParticleContainer (const char *name) const
AliClusterContainerGetClusterContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliClusterContainerGetClusterContainer (const char *name) const
AliMCParticleContainerGetMCParticleContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliMCParticleContainerGetMCParticleContainer (const char *name) const
AliTrackContainerGetTrackContainer (Int_t i=0) const
AliTrackContainerGetTrackContainer (const char *name) const
void RemoveParticleContainer (Int_t i=0)
void RemoveClusterContainer (Int_t i=0)
void SetCaloCellsName (const char *n)
void SetCaloTriggerPatchInfoName (const char *n)
void SetCaloTriggersName (const char *n)
void SetCentRange (Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetCentralityEstimator (const char *c)
void SetClusName (const char *n)
void SetClusPtCut (Double_t cut, Int_t c=0)
void SetClusTimeCut (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
void SetEventPlaneVsEmcal (Double_t ep)
void SetForceBeamType (BeamType f)
void SetHistoBins (Int_t nbins, Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetIsEmbedded (Bool_t i)
void SetIsPythia (Bool_t i)
void SetMakeGeneralHistograms (Bool_t g)
void SetMCLabelShift (Int_t s)
void SetMinMCLabel (Int_t s)
void SetMinNTrack (Int_t min)
void SetMinPtTrackInEmcal (Double_t min)
virtual void SetNCentBins (Int_t n)
void SetNeedEmcalGeom (Bool_t n)
void SetOffTrigger (UInt_t t)
void SetTrackEtaLimits (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
void SetTrackPhiLimits (Double_t min, Double_t max, Int_t c=0)
void SetTrackPtCut (Double_t cut, Int_t c=0)
void SetTracksName (const char *n)
void SetTrigClass (const char *n)
void SetTriggerTypeSel (TriggerType t)
void SetUseAliAnaUtils (Bool_t b, Bool_t bRejPilup=kTRUE)
void SetVzRange (Double_t min, Double_t max)
void SetUseSPDTrackletVsClusterBG (Bool_t b)
void SetEMCalTriggerMode (EMCalTriggerMode_t m)
void SetUseNewCentralityEstimation (Bool_t b)
void SetGeneratePythiaInfoObject (Bool_t b)
void SetPythiaInfoName (const char *n)
const TString & GetPythiaInfoName () const
const AliEmcalPythiaInfoGetPythiaInfo () const

Protected Member Functions

void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
void ExecOnce ()
Bool_t Run ()
Bool_t FillHistograms ()
void FillEventQA ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
void LoadPythiaInfo (AliVEvent *event)
void SetRejectionReasonLabels (TAxis *axis)
Bool_t AcceptCluster (AliVCluster *clus, Int_t c=0) const
Bool_t AcceptTrack (AliVParticle *track, Int_t c=0) const
void AddObjectToEvent (TObject *obj, Bool_t attempt=kFALSE)
AliVParticle * GetAcceptParticleFromArray (Int_t p, Int_t c=0) const
AliVCluster * GetAcceptClusterFromArray (Int_t cl, Int_t c=0) const
TClonesArray * GetArrayFromEvent (const char *name, const char *clname=0)
BeamType GetBeamType ()
TClonesArray * GetParticleArray (Int_t i=0) const
TClonesArray * GetClusterArray (Int_t i=0) const
Int_t GetNParticles (Int_t i=0) const
Int_t GetNClusters (Int_t i=0) const
AliEMCALTriggerPatchInfo * GetMainTriggerPatch (TriggerCategory triggersel=kTriggerLevel1Jet, Bool_t doOfflinSimple=kFALSE)
Bool_t HasTriggerType (TriggerType triggersel)
ULong_t GetTriggerList ()
Bool_t PythiaInfoFromFile (const char *currFile, Float_t &fXsec, Float_t &fTrials, Int_t &pthard)
Bool_t IsTrackInEmcalAcceptance (AliVParticle *part, Double_t edges=0.9) const
void GeneratePythiaInfoObject (AliMCEvent *mcEvent)
void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
void UserExec (Option_t *option)
Bool_t UserNotify ()
virtual Bool_t FillGeneralHistograms ()
virtual Bool_t IsEventSelected ()
virtual Bool_t RetrieveEventObjects ()

Protected Attributes

TString fTriggerPatchesName
 name of input trigger array More...
TObjArray * fEMCALTriggerQA
 produces the QA histograms More...
Int_t fADCperBin
 ADC counts per bin. More...
Int_t fMinAmplitude
 Minimum trigger patch amplitude. More...
AliEMCALTriggerChannelContainer fBadChannels
 Container of bad channels. More...
TClonesArray * fTriggerPatches
 ! trigger array in More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
TString fPythiaInfoName
BeamType fForceBeamType
Bool_t fGeneralHistograms
Bool_t fInitialized
Bool_t fCreateHisto
TString fCaloCellsName
TString fCaloTriggersName
TString fCaloTriggerPatchInfoName
Double_t fMinCent
Double_t fMaxCent
Double_t fMinVz
Double_t fMaxVz
Double_t fTrackPtCut
Int_t fMinNTrack
Bool_t fUseAliAnaUtils
Bool_t fRejectPileup
Bool_t fTklVsClusSPDCut
UInt_t fOffTrigger
TString fTrigClass
TriggerType fTriggerTypeSel
Int_t fNbins
Double_t fMinBinPt
Double_t fMaxBinPt
Double_t fMinPtTrackInEmcal
Double_t fEventPlaneVsEmcal
Double_t fMinEventPlane
Double_t fMaxEventPlane
TString fCentEst
Bool_t fIsEmbedded
Bool_t fIsPythia
Int_t fSelectPtHardBin
Int_t fMinMCLabel
Int_t fMCLabelShift
Int_t fNcentBins
Bool_t fNeedEmcalGeom
TObjArray fParticleCollArray
TObjArray fClusterCollArray
ULong_t fTriggers
EMCalTriggerMode_t fEMCalTriggerMode
Bool_t fUseNewCentralityEstimation
Bool_t fGeneratePythiaInfoObject
AliAnalysisUtils * fAliAnalysisUtils
Bool_t fIsEsd
 vertex selection (optional) More...
AliEMCALGeometry * fGeom
 whether it's an ESD analysis More...
TClonesArray * fTracks
 emcal geometry More...
TClonesArray * fCaloClusters
 tracks More...
AliVCaloCells * fCaloCells
 clusters More...
AliVCaloTrigger * fCaloTriggers
 cells More...
TClonesArray * fTriggerPatchInfo
 calo triggers More...
Double_t fCent
 trigger patch info array More...
Int_t fCentBin
 event centrality More...
Double_t fEPV0
 event centrality bin More...
Double_t fEPV0A
 event plane V0 More...
Double_t fEPV0C
 event plane V0A More...
Double_t fVertex [3]
 event plane V0C More...
Int_t fNVertCont
 event vertex More...
BeamType fBeamType
 event vertex number of contributors More...
AliGenPythiaEventHeader * fPythiaHeader
 event beam type More...
Double_t fPtHard
 event Pythia header More...
Int_t fPtHardBin
 event pt hard More...
Int_t fNTrials
 event pt hard bin More...
Float_t fXsection
 event trials More...
 x-section from pythia header More...
TList * fOutput
 event parton info More...
TH1 * fHistEventCount
 output list More...
TH1 * fHistTrialsAfterSel
 incoming and selected events More...
TH1 * fHistEventsAfterSel
 total number of trials per pt hard bin after selection More...
TProfile * fHistXsectionAfterSel
 total number of events per pt hard bin after selection More...
TH1 * fHistTrials
 x section from pythia header More...
TH1 * fHistEvents
 trials from pyxsec.root More...
TProfile * fHistXsection
 total number of events per pt hard bin More...
TH1 * fHistPtHard
 x section from pyxsec.root More...
TH1 * fHistCentrality
 pt hard distribution More...
TH1 * fHistZVertex
 event centrality distribution More...
TH1 * fHistEventPlane
 z vertex position More...
TH1 * fHistEventRejection
 event plane distribution More...
TH1 * fHistTriggerClasses
 book keep reasons for rejecting event More...

Private Member Functions

 AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP (const AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP &)
AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPPoperator= (const AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
enum  BeamType { kNA = -1, kpp = 0, kAA = 1, kpA = 2 }
enum  TriggerType {
  kND = -1, kJ1 = 0, kJ2 = 1, kG1 = 2,
  kG2 = 3, kL0 = 4
enum  TriggerCategory {
  kTriggerLevel0 = 0, kTriggerLevel1Jet = 1, kTriggerLevel1Gamma = 2, kTriggerRecalcJet = 3,
  kTriggerRecalcGamma = 4
enum  EMCalTriggerMode_t { kNoSpecialTreatment, kOverlapWithLowThreshold }
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
static void GetEtaPhiDiff (const AliVTrack *t, const AliVCluster *v, Double_t &phidiff, Double_t &etadiff)
static Byte_t GetTrackType (const AliVTrack *t)
static Byte_t GetTrackType (const AliAODTrack *aodTrack, UInt_t filterBit1, UInt_t filterBit2)
static Double_t DeltaPhi (Double_t phia, Double_t phib, Double_t rMin=-TMath::Pi()/2, Double_t rMax=3 *TMath::Pi()/2)
static Double_t * GenerateFixedBinArray (Int_t n, Double_t min, Double_t max)
static void GenerateFixedBinArray (Int_t n, Double_t min, Double_t max, Double_t *array)
static Double_t GetParallelFraction (AliVParticle *part1, AliVParticle *part2)
static Double_t GetParallelFraction (const TVector3 &vect1, AliVParticle *part2)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal
static Double_t fgkEMCalDCalPhiDivide = 4.

Detailed Description

Class to do some fast QA of the EMCal trigger (pp collisions). Useful also to tune trigger thresholds.

Class to do some fast QA of the EMCal trigger. Useful also to tune trigger thresholds. The input for the process are the trigger patches AliEmcalTriggerPatchInfo produced by the AliEmcalTriggerMaker class. This task is optimized for pp collisions.

The output is a bunch of histograms

Salvatore Aiola, Yale University
Feb 20, 2016

Definition at line 48 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP ( )

Dummy constructor

Definition at line 35 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP ( const char *  name)

Named constructor.

nameName of the trigger QA task

Definition at line 50 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::~AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP ( )


Definition at line 74 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP ( const AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP )

Member Function Documentation

void AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::ExecOnce ( )

Init the analysis.

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal.

Definition at line 82 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

void AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::FillEventQA ( )
Bool_t AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::FillHistograms ( )

Fill QA histograms

Always true.

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal.

Definition at line 139 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

AliEmcalTriggerQAPP* AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::GetTriggerQA ( Int_t  i = 0)

Definition at line 59 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Referenced by FillHistograms(), SetADCperBin(), and UserCreateOutputObjects().

AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP& AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::operator= ( const AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP )
Bool_t AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::Run ( )

Run analysis.

Always true.

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskEmcal.

Definition at line 129 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

void AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::SetADCperBin ( Int_t  n)

Set number of ADC per bin in all the trigger QA

inumber of ADC per bin.

Definition at line 204 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

void AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::SetMinAmplitude ( Int_t  m)

Definition at line 57 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

void AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::SetTriggerPatchesName ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 55 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

void AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::UserCreateOutputObjects ( )

Create objects, histograms

Definition at line 110 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

Int_t AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::fADCperBin

ADC counts per bin.

Definition at line 70 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Referenced by SetADCperBin().

AliEMCALTriggerChannelContainer AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::fBadChannels

Container of bad channels.

Definition at line 72 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Referenced by FillHistograms().

TObjArray* AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::fEMCALTriggerQA

produces the QA histograms

Definition at line 69 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Referenced by AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP(), GetTriggerQA(), and ~AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP().

Int_t AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::fMinAmplitude

Minimum trigger patch amplitude.

Definition at line 71 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Referenced by FillHistograms(), and SetMinAmplitude().

TClonesArray* AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::fTriggerPatches

! trigger array in

Definition at line 74 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), and FillHistograms().

TString AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP::fTriggerPatchesName

name of input trigger array

Definition at line 68 of file AliEmcalTriggerQATaskPP.h.

Referenced by ExecOnce(), and SetTriggerPatchesName().

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