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The core EMCAL framework

The core EMCAL framework. More...

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class  AliEmcalPythiaInfo
 Store some informaion about a Pythia eventThis class is used to store some information about a Pythia event (also for embedding) More...
class  AliEmcalTrackSelection
 Interface for virtual track selectionInterface for track selection within the EMCAL framework. Enables transparent track selection for ESDs and AODs by implementing a wrapper derived from this class. The following abstract functions need to be implemented by inheriting classes: More...
class  AliEmcalTrackSelectionAOD
 Implement virtual track selection for AOD analysisImplementation of track selection in case the analysis runs on AODs For the moment it uses the AliESDtrackCuts and converts AOD tracks to ESD tracks, which might change in the future when an AOD track selection framework becomes available. More...
class  AliEmcalTrackSelectionESD
 Implementation of virtual track selection for ESDsImplementation of the track selection for the analysis on ESDs using AliESDtrackCuts as underlying structure. More...

Detailed Description

The core EMCAL framework.

See The EMCAL core framework