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AddTaskEMCALTimeCalibration.C File Reference

Configuration of task AliAnalysisTaskEMCALTimeCalib. More...

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AliAnalysisTaskEMCALTimeCalibAddTaskEMCALTimeCalibration (TString outputFile="", TString geometryName="", Double_t minClusterEne=1.0, Double_t maxClusterEne=500, Int_t minNcells=2, Int_t maxNcells=200, Double_t minLambda0LG=0.1, Double_t maxLambda0LG=4.0, Double_t minLambda0=0.1, Double_t maxLambda0=0.4, Double_t maxRtrack=0.025, Double_t minCellEne=0.4, Double_t minTime=-20., Double_t maxTime=20., Bool_t pileupFromSPDFlag=kFALSE, TString referenceFileName="", TString referenceSMFileName="")

Detailed Description

Configuration of task AliAnalysisTaskEMCALTimeCalib.

Configuration of task AliAnalysisTaskEMCALTimeCalib

The parameters for the analysis are:

outputFileTString, output file name
geometryNameTString, geometry name
minClusterEneDouble_t, minimum cluster energy
maxClusterEneDouble_t, maximum cluster energy
minNcellsInt_t, minimum number of cells in cluster
maxNcellsInt_t, maximum number of cells in cluster
minLambda0LGDouble_t, minimum cluster lambda0 for cluster with low gain cell
maxLambda0LGDouble_t, maximum cluster lambda0 for cluster with low gain cell
minLambda0Double_t, minimum cluster lambda0
maxLambda0Double_t, maximum cluster lambda0
maxRtrackDouble_t, maximum cluster track distance
minCellEneDouble_t, minimum cell energy
referenceFileNameTString, name of reference file
referenceSMFileNameTString, name of reference file for SM by SM calib.
Adam Matyja, INP PAN Cracow

Definition in file AddTaskEMCALTimeCalibration.C.

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskEMCALTimeCalib* AddTaskEMCALTimeCalibration ( TString  outputFile = "",
TString  geometryName = "",
Double_t  minClusterEne = 1.0,
Double_t  maxClusterEne = 500,
Int_t  minNcells = 2,
Int_t  maxNcells = 200,
Double_t  minLambda0LG = 0.1,
Double_t  maxLambda0LG = 4.0,
Double_t  minLambda0 = 0.1,
Double_t  maxLambda0 = 0.4,
Double_t  maxRtrack = 0.025,
Double_t  minCellEne = 0.4,
Double_t  minTime = -20.,
Double_t  maxTime = 20.,
Bool_t  pileupFromSPDFlag = kFALSE,
TString  referenceFileName = "",
TString  referenceSMFileName = "" 

Definition at line 25 of file AddTaskEMCALTimeCalibration.C.