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AliEmcalTrackSelection Class Referenceabstract

Interface for virtual track selection. More...

#include <AliEmcalTrackSelection.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliEmcalTrackSelection:

Public Member Functions

 AliEmcalTrackSelection ()
 AliEmcalTrackSelection (const AliEmcalTrackSelection &ref)
AliEmcalTrackSelectionoperator= (const AliEmcalTrackSelection &ref)
virtual ~AliEmcalTrackSelection ()
virtual TObjArray * GetAcceptedTracks (const TClonesArray *const tracks)=0
virtual TObjArray * GetAcceptedTracks (const AliVEvent *const event)=0
virtual bool IsTrackAccepted (AliVTrack *const trk)=0
void AddTrackCuts (AliVCuts *cuts)
Int_t GetNumberOfCutObjects () const
AliVCuts * GetTrackCuts (Int_t icut)
void SetSelectionModeAny ()
void SetSelectionModeAll ()

Protected Attributes

TObjArray * fListOfTracks
 TObjArray with accepted tracks. More...
TObjArray * fListOfCuts
 List of track cut objects. More...
Bool_t fSelectionModeAny
 Accept track if any of the cuts is fulfilled. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for virtual track selection.

Interface for track selection within the EMCAL framework. Enables transparent track selection for ESDs and AODs by implementing a wrapper derived from this class. The following abstract functions need to be implemented by inheriting classes:

  • GetAcceptedTracks (with TClonesArray and AliVEvent as parameters)
  • IsTrackAccepted (with AliVTrackCuts)

Definition at line 35 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliEmcalTrackSelection::AliEmcalTrackSelection ( )

Default consturctor, initialising objects with NULL, sets acception mode to ALL

Definition at line 27 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.cxx.

AliEmcalTrackSelection::AliEmcalTrackSelection ( const AliEmcalTrackSelection ref)

Copy constructor, performing a flat copy


Definition at line 39 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.cxx.

AliEmcalTrackSelection::~AliEmcalTrackSelection ( )

Destructor, deletes track and track cut arrays In case the object has ownership over the track cuts itself, it also deletes those

Definition at line 78 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.cxx.

Referenced by operator=().

Member Function Documentation

void AliEmcalTrackSelection::AddTrackCuts ( AliVCuts *  cuts)

Add new track cuts to the list of cuts. Takes ownership over the cuts

cutsNew cuts to add

Definition at line 87 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.cxx.

Referenced by AliEmcalTrackSelectionAOD::AliEmcalTrackSelectionAOD(), and AliEmcalTrackSelectionESD::AliEmcalTrackSelectionESD().

virtual TObjArray* AliEmcalTrackSelection::GetAcceptedTracks ( const TClonesArray *const  tracks)
pure virtual
virtual TObjArray* AliEmcalTrackSelection::GetAcceptedTracks ( const AliVEvent *const  event)
pure virtual
Int_t AliEmcalTrackSelection::GetNumberOfCutObjects ( ) const

Get the number of cut objects assigned.

The number of cut objects

Definition at line 99 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.cxx.

AliVCuts * AliEmcalTrackSelection::GetTrackCuts ( Int_t  icut)

Access to track cuts at a given position

icutCut at position in array
The cuts (NULL for invalid positions)

Definition at line 109 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.cxx.

virtual bool AliEmcalTrackSelection::IsTrackAccepted ( AliVTrack *const  trk)
pure virtual
AliEmcalTrackSelection & AliEmcalTrackSelection::operator= ( const AliEmcalTrackSelection ref)

Assingment operator, makes a flat copy

refReference for the copy
Result of the copy

Definition at line 59 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.cxx.

void AliEmcalTrackSelection::SetSelectionModeAll ( )

Definition at line 51 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.h.

void AliEmcalTrackSelection::SetSelectionModeAny ( )

Definition at line 50 of file AliEmcalTrackSelection.h.

Member Data Documentation

TObjArray* AliEmcalTrackSelection::fListOfTracks
Bool_t AliEmcalTrackSelection::fSelectionModeAny

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