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3 /* Copyright(c) 1998-2010, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6 /* $Id$ */
8 //***********************************************************
11 //***********************************************************
13 #include "AliRDHFCuts.h"
16 {
17  public:
24  };
26  AliRDHFCutsXictoeleXifromAODtracks(const char* name="CutsXictoeleXi");
32  virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt(AliAODRecoDecayHF *d,Float_t *vars,Int_t nvars,Int_t *pdgdaughters);
35  virtual Int_t IsSelected(TObject* obj,Int_t selectionLevel);
37  virtual Int_t IsSelectedPID(AliAODRecoDecayHF* obj);
39  Bool_t IsSelectedeID(AliAODTrack* trk);
40  Bool_t IsSelectedCustomizedeID(AliAODTrack* trk);
41  Bool_t IsSelectedCustomizedPtDepeID(AliAODTrack* trk);
42  Bool_t IsSelectedCombinedeID(AliAODTrack* trk);
44  void SetPIDStrategy(EPIDStrategy pidStrategy){fPIDStrategy=pidStrategy;}
50  Bool_t SingleTrkCuts(AliAODTrack *trk, AliAODVertex *primvert);
51  Bool_t SingleTrkCutsNoPID(AliAODTrack *trk, AliAODVertex *primvert);
52  Bool_t SingleCascadeCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, Double_t *vert);
53  Bool_t SelectWithRoughCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, AliAODTrack *trk1);
60  void SetProdMassTolXi(Double_t a){fProdMassTolXi=a;}
62  void SetProdRfidMinV0(Double_t a){fProdRfidMinV0=a;}
63  void SetProdRfidMaxV0(Double_t a){fProdRfidMaxV0=a;}
64  void SetProdRfidMinXi(Double_t a){fProdRfidMinXi=a;}
65  void SetProdRfidMaxXi(Double_t a){fProdRfidMaxXi=a;}
76  void SetProdCascEtaRange(Double_t a, Double_t b){fProdCascEtaMin=a;fProdCascEtaMax=b;}
77  void SetProdCascRapRange(Double_t a, Double_t b){fProdCascRapMin=a;fProdCascRapMax=b;}
79  void SetProdRoughPtMin(Double_t a){fProdRoughPtMin=a;}
86  Double_t GetProdMassTolXi(){return fProdMassTolXi;}
88  Double_t GetProdRfidMinV0(){return fProdRfidMinV0;}
89  Double_t GetProdRfidMaxV0(){return fProdRfidMaxV0;}
90  Double_t GetProdRfidMinXi(){return fProdRfidMinXi;}
91  Double_t GetProdRfidMaxXi(){return fProdRfidMaxXi;}
102  Double_t GetProdRoughPtMin(){return fProdRoughPtMin;}
104  void GetProdCascEtaRange(Double_t &a, Double_t &b){a=fProdCascEtaMin;b=fProdCascEtaMax;}
105  void GetProdCascRapRange(Double_t &a, Double_t &b){a=fProdCascRapMin;b=fProdCascRapMax;}
108  void SetUseCascadePID(Bool_t a){fUseCascadePID=a;}
109  void SetPidCascPi(AliAODPidHF* pidPion) {
110  if(fPidObjCascPi) delete fPidObjCascPi;
111  fPidObjCascPi=new AliAODPidHF(*pidPion);
112  }
114  void SetPidCascPr(AliAODPidHF* pidProton) {
115  if(fPidObjCascPr) delete fPidObjCascPr;
116  fPidObjCascPr=new AliAODPidHF(*pidProton);
117  }
135  Bool_t IsPeakRegion(AliAODcascade *c);
136  Bool_t IsPeakRegion(TLorentzVector *c);
137  Bool_t IsSideBand(AliAODcascade *c);
138  Bool_t IsSideBand(TLorentzVector *c);
140  protected:
142  private:
146  Bool_t fUseCascadePID;
149 // Bool_t fUseOnTheFlyV0; /// Flag to check if we use on-the-fly v0
156  Double_t fProdMassTolXi;
157  Double_t fProdMassRejOmega;
158  Double_t fProdRfidMinV0;
159  Double_t fProdRfidMaxV0;
160  Double_t fProdRfidMinXi;
161  Double_t fProdRfidMaxXi;
172  Double_t fProdCascEtaMin;
173  Double_t fProdCascEtaMax;
174  Double_t fProdCascRapMin;
175  Double_t fProdCascRapMax;
176  Double_t fProdRoughMassTol;
177  Double_t fProdRoughPtMin;
196 };
198 #endif
virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt(AliAODRecoDecayHF *d, Float_t *vars, Int_t nvars, Int_t *pdgdaughters)=0
Double_t fSigmaElectronTPCMax
nSigma electron lower limit (par2)
AliRDHFCutsXictoeleXifromAODtracks(const char *name="CutsXictoeleXi")
Bool_t fExcludePionTPC
pT cut for Lc used before object creation
Double_t fProdRfidMaxV0
Minimum Decay vertex of V0.
Bool_t SingleCascadeCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, Double_t *vert)
AliRDHFCutsXictoeleXifromAODtracks & operator=(const AliRDHFCutsXictoeleXifromAODtracks &source)
Double_t fProdDcaV0PrToPrimVertexMin
Min Dca between v0 and PV.
Bool_t fExcludeKaonTPC
Flag wheter to exlude proton band.
Double_t fProdV0CosineOfPoiningAngleXiMin
Min Xi cos pointing angle to PV.
Double_t fExcludenSigmaPionTPC
Flag wheter to exlude proton band.
virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt(AliAODRecoDecayHF *d, Float_t *vars, Int_t nvars, Int_t *pdgdaughters)
Double_t fProdCascEtaMin
Minimum number of TPC clusters.
Double_t fProdMassTolXi
Tolerance of Xi mass from PDG value (including sideband)
Double_t fProdDcaBachToPrimVertexMin
Max Dca between V0 daughters.
Double_t fProdMassRejOmega
Tolerance of Xi mass from PDG value.
Double_t fProdTrackTPCNclsRatioMin
Min. Number of TPC PID cluster.
Double_t fProdDcaV0DaughtersMax
Max Dca between Xi daughters.
virtual Int_t IsSelectedPID(AliAODRecoDecayHF *obj)
Double_t fExcludenSigmaKaonTPC
nSigma to exclude for proton band
Double_t fProdRfidMaxXi
Minimum Decay vertex of Xi.
Double_t fSigmaElectronTPCMin
nSigma to exclude for Kaon band
Double_t fProdDcaV0ToPrimVertexMin
Min Dca between Bachelor and PV.
Bool_t fExcludeProtonTPC
Flag wheter to exlude pion band.
Double_t fProdRoughMassTol
Maximum rapidity of cascade.
AliAODPidHF * fPidObjCascPr
PID object for cascade-pion.
Bool_t fUseCascadePID
Threshold used in IsSelectedCombinedPID.
Double_t fSigmaElectronTOFMin
nSigma to exclude for Kaon band
void GetSigmaElectronTPCRange(Double_t &a, Double_t &b)
virtual Int_t IsSelectedPID(AliAODRecoDecayHF *)
Definition: AliRDHFCuts.h:281
Double_t fProdDcaV0PiToPrimVertexMin
Min Dca between v0-proton and PV.
Double_t fProdMassTolLambda
Flag for AOD filter Bit used before object creation.
Bool_t SingleTrkCuts(AliAODTrack *trk, AliAODVertex *primvert)
Bool_t SelectWithRoughCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, AliAODTrack *trk1)
Double_t fSigmaElectronTPCPtDepPar1
nSigma electron lower limit (par0)
Double_t fSigmaElectronTPCPtDepPar0
nSigma to exclude for Kaon band
virtual Int_t IsSelected(TObject *obj, Int_t selectionLevel)
Double_t fSigmaElectronTPCPtDepPar2
nSigma electron lower limit (par1)
void SetSigmaElectronTPCPtDepPars(Double_t a, Double_t b, Double_t c)
Double_t fSigmaElectronTOFMax
nSigma to exclude for Kaon band
Int_t fProdTrackTPCNclsPIDMin
PID object for cascade-proton.
Double_t fProdMassTolXiRough
Tolerance of Lambda mass from PDG value.
Double_t fProdXiCosineOfPoiningAngleMin
Min Dca between v0-pion and PV.
Double_t fProdCascProperDecayLengthMax
Max Decay vertex of Xi.
Double_t fProdCascNTPCClustersMin
Min V0 cos pointing angle to Xi vertex.
Double_t fProdCascRapMax
Minimum rapidity of cascade.
void GetSigmaElectronTPCPtDepPars(Double_t &a, Double_t &b, Double_t &c)
Bool_t fProdUseAODFilterBit
Min. Number of TPC PID cluster.
AliAODPidHF * fPidObjCascPi
Use PID for cascade or not.
Double_t fProdRfidMinV0
Rejection range of Omega mass from PDG value.
Double_t fExcludenSigmaProtonTPC
nSigma to exclude for pion band
Bool_t IsSelected(TObject *obj)
Definition: AliRDHFCuts.h:274
Bool_t SingleTrkCutsNoPID(AliAODTrack *trk, AliAODVertex *primvert)
void GetSigmaElectronTOFRange(Double_t &a, Double_t &b)
Double_t fProdRoughPtMin
Mass cut for Lc used before object creation.
void GetSigmaElectronTPCPtDepPars(Double_t &a, Double_t &b)