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AliEmcalTriggerSetupInfo.h File Reference

Manager for constants used in the trigger maker. More...

#include "TNamed.h"
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class  AliEmcalTriggerSetupInfo
 Settings manager for the trigger patch algorithm. More...


static const Double_t kEMCL1ADCtoGeV = 0.07874
 Conversion from EMCAL Level1 ADC to energy. More...
static const Double_t kEMCL1ADCtoADCSum = 3.40

Detailed Description

Manager for constants used in the trigger maker.

Jiri Kral <>, University of Jyv&aumlskul&auml
Jun 26, 2013

Definition in file AliEmcalTriggerSetupInfo.h.

Variable Documentation

const Double_t kEMCL1ADCtoADCSum = 3.40

Definition at line 16 of file AliEmcalTriggerSetupInfo.h.