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oNEMCalTriggerPtAnalysisAnalysis of high- \( p_{t} \) tracks in triggered events
|oCAliAnalysisTaskPtEMCalTriggerV1Re-structured analysis task of high- \( p_{t} \) tracks in triggered events
|oCAliEMCalPtTaskTrackSelectionAODImplement virtual track selection for AOD analysis
|oCAliEMCalPtTaskTrackSelectionESDImplementation of virtual track selection for ESDs
|oCAliEMCalPtTaskVTrackSelectionInterface for virtual track selection
|oCAliEMCalTriggerAnaTriggerDecisionClass performing the selection of triggered events
|oCAliEMCalTriggerClusterAnalysisComponentAnalysis component for EMCAL clusters in events
|oCAliEMCalTriggerEventCounterAnalysisComponentEvent counter analysis component for the trigger analysis
|oCAliEMCalTriggerExtraCutsExtra track selection cuts for the high- \( p_{t} \) track analysis
|oCAliEMCalTriggerMCJetAnalysisComponentAnalysis component for particles in jets at generator level
|oCAliEMCalTriggerPatchAnalysisComponentAnalysis component for EMCAL trigger patches
||\CAliEmcalTriggerPatchHandlerFactoryFactory class handling the identification of trigger patches as a given type
|| oCAliEmcalTriggerPatchHandlerBase class for trigger patch handlers in the trigger patch analysis component
|| oCAliEmcalTriggerPatchHandlerGammaHighPatch handler implementation of the gamma high trigger
|| oCAliEmcalTriggerPatchHandlerGammaLowPatch handler implementation of the gamma low trigger
|| oCAliEmcalTriggerPatchHandlerJetHighPatch handler implementation of the jet high trigger
|| oCAliEmcalTriggerPatchHandlerJetLowPatch handler implementation of the jet low trigger
|| \CAliEmcalTriggerPatchHandlerLevel0Patch handler implementation of the level0 trigger
|oCAliEMCalTriggerRecJetAnalysisComponentAnalysis component for tracks in reconstructed jets
|oCAliEMCalTriggerRecTrackAnalysisComponentAnalysis component for reconstructed tracks
|oCAliEMCalTriggerTaskGroupContainer class for analysis components with common event selection
|oCAliEMCalTriggerTracksAnalysisComponentBase class for analysis components in the analysis of EMCAL-triggered events
|\CAliEMCalTriggerWeightHandlerWeight handler
oNHighPtTracksNamespace for classes creating trees of events with jets
|oCAliHighPtReconstructionEfficiencyAnalysis task producing filtered trees with reconstructed jets at generator level
|oCAliParticleListContainer of reconstructed particles
|oCAliReconstructedParticlePairPair of a Monte-Carlo true particle and the associated reconstructed information
|oCAliParticleMapMap of reconstructed particles which share the same Monte-Carlo label
|oCAliReducedClusterParticleMC true contributor to a reconstructed EMCAL cluster
|oCAliReducedEmcalClusterReduced EMCAL cluster information
|oCAliReducedGeneratedParticleStructure for reduced particle information at generator level
|oCAliReducedHighPtEventEvent structure for high-pt analysis
|oCAliReducedJetConstituentMinimal stucture for jet constituents associated to a jet by the jet clustering algorithm
|oCAliReducedJetEventEvent structure containing reduced jet information
|oCAliReducedJetInfoReduced information about a reconstructed jet
|oCAliReducedJetParticleReduced information set of particles associated with a jet
|oCAliReducedMatchedTrackClass with reduced track information at reconstruction level
|oCAliReducedMCHeaderA reduced event header with MC information for the reduced event structure
|oCAliReducedPatchContainerContainer structure for reduced trigger patches
|oCAliReducedPatchInfoReduced information of EMCAL trigger patches
|\CAliReducedReconstructedTrackStructure for reconstructed track information
oCAliAnaCaloTrackCorrBaseClassBase class for CaloTrackCorr analysis algorithms
oCAliAnaCaloTrackCorrMakerSteering class of package CaloTrackCorrelartions
oCAliAnalysisTaskCaloTrackCorrelationMain class conecting the CaloTrackCorrelations package and Analysis Frame
oCAliAnalysisTaskCaloTrackCorrelationMMain class conecting the CaloTrackCorrelations package and Analysis Mixing Frame
oCAliAnalysisTaskCounterCount events with different selection criteria
oCAliAnalysisTaskMuonFakesMuon task to study fake tracks
oCAliAnalysisTaskMuonPerformanceAnalysis task for
oCAliAnalysisTaskMuonQAQuality assurance of MUON ESDs
oCAliAnalysisTaskMuonResolutionMuon spectrometer resolution
oCAliAnalysisTaskMuonTrackingEffTracking chamber efficiency from ESD data
oCAliAnalysisTaskNucleiYieldThis task fills histograms required to perform the analysis on the light nuclei yield
oCAliAnalysisTaskTriggerRatesTask to study online/offline trigger combinations
oCAliAnaScaleScale input histograms
oCAliAnaWeightsCalculate the weight to the event to be applied when filling histograms
oCAliCaloPIDClass for PID selection with calorimeters
oCAliCalorimeterUtilsClass with utils specific to calorimeter clusters/cells
oCAliCaloTrackAODReaderClass for event, clusters and tracks filtering and preparation for the AOD analysis
oCAliCaloTrackESDReaderClass for event, clusters and tracks filtering and preparation for the ESD analysis
oCAliCaloTrackMCReaderClass for filtering generated MC particles and prepare them as input for the analysis
oCAliCaloTrackReaderBase class for event, clusters and tracks filtering and preparation for the analysis
oCAliFiducialCutStore the acceptance cuts for clusters and tracks or particle objects
oCAliHistogramRangesClass containing more common histogram axis types
oCAliIsolationCutClass with utils to perform Isolation Cuts
oCAliMCAnalysisUtilsClass with analysis utils for simulations
\CAliNeutralMesonSelectionClass that contains methods to select candidate cluster pairs to neutral meson