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AddTaskNucleiYield.C File Reference

Simple macro to add the task to a grid job. More...

#include <Rtypes.h>
#include <TString.h>
#include "AliAnalysisTaskNucleiYield.h"
#include "AliAnalysisManager.h"
#include "AliAnalysisDataContainer.h"
#include "AliPID.h"
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AliAnalysisTaskNucleiYieldAddTaskNucleiYield (Bool_t isMC=kFALSE, AliPID::EParticleType part=AliPID::kDeuteron, Int_t pdgCode=1000010020, TString suffix="")

Detailed Description

Simple macro to add the task to a grid job.

The task is here added several times to analyse different particle species and to investigate different set of cuts in only one run.

Maximiliano Puccio, University and INFN Torino
Feb 19th, 2015

Definition in file AddTaskNucleiYield.C.

Function Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskNucleiYield* AddTaskNucleiYield ( Bool_t  isMC = kFALSE,
AliPID::EParticleType  part = AliPID::kDeuteron,
Int_t  pdgCode = 1000010020,
TString  suffix = "" 

Definition at line 19 of file AddTaskNucleiYield.C.