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helperMacrosOADBBC.C File Reference

Macro to test the files on OADB. More...

#include <Riostream.h>
#include <TH2D.h>
#include <TFile.h>
#include <TCanvas.h>
#include <TLatex.h>
#include <TLegend.h>
#include <TStyle.h>
#include <TROOT.h>
#include "AliEMCALGeometry.h"
#include "AliCalorimeterUtils.h"
#include "AliAODEvent.h"
#include "AliOADBContainer.h"
#include "AliDataFile.h"
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void SetHisto (TH1 *Histo, TString Xtitel, TString Ytitel)
void CanvasPartition (TCanvas *C, const Int_t Nx=2, const Int_t Ny=2, Float_t lMargin=0.15, Float_t rMargin=0.05, Float_t bMargin=0.15, Float_t tMargin=0.05)
Bool_t Plot_BCMap (TString runList="", TString pathOADB="")
void Test_OADB (TString period="LHC15n", Int_t trainNo=603, TString version="INT7Emc", TString runList="")
void Plot_CellList (TString period="LHC15n", Int_t trainNo=603, TString cellList="")

Detailed Description

Macro to test the files on OADB.

See for general documentation

Running the macro

use root -b to speed up (no canvas drawn)
IMPORTANT dont forget to update your local OADB copy!
rsync -av –delete $ALICE_DATA
To run the macro you have to compile it first
root [0] .L $ALICE_WORK_DIR/../ali-master/AliPhysics/PWGPP/EMCAL/BCMacros/helperMacrosOADBBC.C++
root [0] .L $ALICE_WORK_DIR/../AliPhysics/PWGPP/EMCAL/BCMacros/helperMacrosOADBBC.C++
Then you can execute the function in it
This is a function for everyone interested:
root [1] Plot_BCMap("runList.txt") In case your local copy is in $ALICE_DATA/OADB/EMCAL/..
root [1] Plot_BCMap("runList.txt","pathToYourOtherOADBCopy") If you have an OADB copy other than in $ALICE_DATA/ you can add an explicit path here
These are functions for BC exerts:
root [1] Test_OADB("LHC16k",804,0,"runList16k.txt")
root [1] Plot_CellList("LHC15o",771,"List115o.txt")

Eliane Epple, Yale University
June 29, 2017

Definition in file helperMacrosOADBBC.C.

Function Documentation

void CanvasPartition ( TCanvas *  C,
const Int_t  Nx,
const Int_t  Ny,
Float_t  lMargin,
Float_t  rMargin,
Float_t  bMargin,
Float_t  tMargin 

Function to set up canvas pads such that they share a common axis

Definition at line 750 of file helperMacrosOADBBC.C.

Referenced by Plot_CellList().

Bool_t Plot_BCMap ( TString  runList = "",
TString  pathOADB = "" 

-Function for everyone who wants to plot bad maps- Test how the bad channel map looks like for a given run

Definition at line 56 of file helperMacrosOADBBC.C.

void Plot_CellList ( TString  period = "LHC15n",
Int_t  trainNo = 603,
TString  cellList = "" 

-Function for Bad Channel experts- After OADB maps are online you will get suggestions from other users that think certain channels should be masked. You can look at them here

Definition at line 479 of file helperMacrosOADBBC.C.

void SetHisto ( TH1 Histo,
TString  Xtitel,
TString  Ytitel 

Function to set TH1 histograms to a similar style

Definition at line 720 of file helperMacrosOADBBC.C.

Referenced by Plot_CellList().

void Test_OADB ( TString  period = "LHC15n",
Int_t  trainNo = 603,
TString  version = "INT7Emc",
TString  runList = "" 

-Function for Bad Channel experts- Test if the file committed to OADB is correct look at your local .root file with the bad maps inside and see what the bad map looks at a certain runNumber. If everything is committed correctly they should show the same

Definition at line 269 of file helperMacrosOADBBC.C.